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January 26, 2013

34 Year-Old Get Out Of Porn Addiction By Looking At Various Paintings

January 25th, 2013 -Los Angeles

34-Year-Old Porn Addict Matthew Menard succeeds in kicking the porn addiction by looking at various paintings. It started when Menard met a lesbian artist at UCLA, and she introduced him into the art world. Within a year, art helped to change his perspective greatly. Menard was not capable of having a relationship with women because he was heavily addicted to pornography. He had a deep fear for women and a problem of looking at women as objects so that made him incapable of connecting with women. “Ever since I was 14 years old, porn was always around and I just got addicted to it before I realized. In my 20’s, I realized I was just incapable of having a real relationship with women,” he says.


(Photo: One of the paintings that helped Mr. Menard)

The beginning of his breakthrough was when he started seeing paintings of female figures. “I realized that paintings of women are focused on natural beauty of female bodies, not necessarily on sexuality or sex. There are so much nudity in art, but they were not exploitative like pornography,” he says. Menard was able to humanize women by seeing their beauty, their emotions and their expressions described in paintings. Women in paintings were not portrayed as mere sex object.

One of the things art can do to minds is giving new perspectives to viewers. There are always multiple ways to look at the very same thing. “It is about liberation,” art professor at UCLA Sandra Keen says. Art education is very important to nurture minds because it gives students to interpret the reality more flexibly. Skills like that is necessary to humanize the society especially when various industries, authorities and religious groups are spending billions of dollars to eliminate diverse minds and ideas. Art gives power to individuals to nurture their intuition and see through artificial lies, she says.

January 20, 2013

A Boy Get Stolen From A Painting

January 19th, 2013 -San Diego


Photo (a kidnapped boy, looking at raindrops through the window at his house)

A boy got stolen from a painting of San Diego based artist Shoko Hachiya. Kidnapping happened sometime between Dec 11th- Jan 8th while the painting with a boy (6 x 6 mixed medium) was displayed along with her other works at a local venue.

Police are investigating the case. However the investigation has been very difficult since the boy has no name, no personal records on any documents, in fact he is not an American. Since he is not a legal citizen, police suspects that he may be a terrorist or spy.

An expert says that people who steal art works are usually not the ones who enjoy art, but they understand that some people buy them. Sometimes they steal for mere excitement. Thieves usually have internal struggles such as boredom, apathy, obesity and low self-esteem. “Personally I think stealing art from museums is pretty bad-ass, but stealing art from local no-name artists is just lame. There are difference. Shoplifting from corporations that abuse modern-day slaves holds a sense of “taking something back.” But again, stealing things like local art doesn’t do any social justice,” he added.

Miss. Hachiya says, “Maybe he didn’t  even get stolen. He got bored looking at raindrops way too long so decided to leave or something. Next time I should try to animate him so he can move around in the frame at least.” But she plans to cast a spell of obesity and bad teeth at the thief if she ever finds out that someone actually did steal the boy. If the thief has a pre-existing condition of obesity and bad teeth, she’ll put the thief in front of the Shell’s front-line drilling team in Antarctica to prevent Shell from drilling and devastating the environment again. The boy really liked polar-bears and penguins, she says.

A good news is there is a witness of the boy. Ann Hemingway (29) says she saw the boy at a pond in San Diego State University. Apparently he was hanging out with turtles and fish at the pond. He also had a small boat and a binocular.

If you see the boy, please contact Eagles Nest Productions. The boy disappeared in the middle of producing their new short film starring the boy.


The boy at the pond (photo taken by Miss Hemingway)

January 5, 2013

New Works: 3 pieces of abstruct narrative

Here’s my newest series. (mixed medium)


Also check out =

December 17, 2012

“Head Space” Will Be Displayed at Tin Can from 12/11- January

Thank you everyone who came to the opening on 11th. My works will be displayed at the Tin Can till the first week of January. Below are the photos of my works and their prices. (If you are broke, we can talk about the price too 🙂 ) I got lots of compliment for my new short film after the screening. Thank you for encouragement! I will post the short film online very soon too. Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam was amazing. So was DJ. World Wide Music Released in the Last 5 Years. Lastly, thank you Tin Can, Magic Brotherhood, Danica Molenaar, Jordan Hammond, Glendon Romett and musicians who jammed hard! Jena Bogorad will have her works for February‘s show. Second Tuesday of the month is Tin Can’s Art Opening day. Remember that 🙂


December 10, 2012

“Head Space” art show/ film screening

Good evening people floating in the blog-sphere in the global village. I have news for you regarding the cultural event in San Diego region. Tin Can, one of my favorite music venues in San Diego, is hosting an art opening for my very first solo art show on Tuesday December 11th. On opening night, I am screening my new short film at 9:30 p.m. I spent so many hours on making this film so now my biological clock is so off-synched with the earth’s rotation and most of the responsible people. I hope that made this film good at least. The film is an experimental film (check out the trailer!) that I shot in NYC in October earlier this year. I am curious to see what people think about it.

And of course there will be art. The theme of the show is “Head Space.” You can read my interview with Magic Brotherhood here if you are interested  (

And the night is also the first ever Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam hosted by Magic Brotherhood. All Welcome! Doods Foods will be serving great foods till 10 p.m. My personal favorite from them is Grilled cheese with tomatos. They make it with sourdough bread and it’s crispy like early summer day in San Diego.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends, meeting new people, drinking and releasing all the stress that I built up preparing for this show on Tuesday 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Tin Can: 1863 5th Avenue, San Diego CA 92103

October 18, 2012

Head Space Series

I finished a new series called “Head Space” that consists of 5 paintings. When I started painting a few years ago, my approach to visual art was to create something that’s visually pleasing for me because visual art is visual art: it is good if I enjoy making art: putting meanings on paintings are not always necessary. But this time I consciously took a different approach. For this series, I created a main character and made the series around him. The approach was to create (paint) the space that doesn’t physically exist but does exist through his perceptions and experiences. I put commentaries for some of the paintings. Hope you enjoy the series.


(1)Attempt to Organize Information 情報整理の試み

In this painting, boxes and shapes are the information that floats in the reality, but they are unorganized and not making sense. He is reaching for the scene or some sort of point of view or understanding that he might be able to see by trying to connect pieces of information with the telephone-wire like wires.


(2)Resident in the Music 音楽の中の居住者

(3)Rain and the Window 雨と窓

(4)Childhood and Kokoro 子供時代とこころ

I think “Kokoro” is a unique Japanese word. English translation for “kokoro” would be mind or heart, but “kokoro” has a difference nuance and feel.


(5)Unbiased Yet Limited Sight 先入観のない、しかし限られた視覚

He is trying to see the world with unbiased eyes, but his sight is still limited.


If you feel like supporting my art through facebook, I have a page called Space House People.

ちなみに Space House People はフェイスブックでもやってるのでよろしく!

Thank you!

May 6, 2012

Art I sold and bought.

I sold this painting lately.


And I bought this one from my friend Jfre Coad.


We talked about doing collaboration and projects to reflect the community we live in.


To be continued.


March 19, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day and New Projects

(1) I woke up in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day with a news that my roommate Fernando broke a sink in the bathroom and left for work.

(1) 聖パトリックの日の朝、ルームメイトのフェルナンドがバスルームの流しを壊して間もなく仕事へ行ったというニュースと共に目覚めました。

(2) Soon after hearing that news, my friend Sean dressed up in green with a green silk hat on top showed up with his lovely girl friend Tashi.

(2) そのニュースを聞いて間もなく、緑に身を包み頭に緑のシルクハットを乗せたショーンが、かわいらしいガールフレンドのタシと一緒にうちに遊びに来ました。

(3) My boyfriend Glen got really pissed, did a research on World Wide Web, called plumbing company. But nobody answered, and the price was quite expensive. So he started breaking down the sink, and the house started smelling like sewage. He ran to the hardware store, purchased right parts and finally fixed the sink. The sink functions perfect now. Glen proved that he is a true D.I.Y. punk rocker, and Sean and Tashi and I sent him a warm applause.

(3) 私のボーイフレンドのグレンはカンカンに起こり、ワールド・ワイド・ウェブでリサーチをし、配管工事会社に電話をかけました。しかし誰も電話に出ず、値段もなかなか高いのでした。なので彼は自ら流し台を分解し始め、家の中に下水の匂いが立ちこめました。彼はハードウェア・ストアへと走り、正しい部品を購入し、ついに流し台を直したのでした。流し台は今は完璧に機能しています。グレンは真のD.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) パンクロッカーであることを証明し、ショーンとタシと私は彼に温かい拍手を送りました。

(4) Then we enjoyed a good St.Patrick’s Day with Jameson and Guinness.

(4) それから私たちはジェイムソンとギネス・ビールで聖パトリックの日を楽しみました。

(5) Sean and Glen are playing a show at Tin Can Ale House in San Diego tomorrow, March 19th. It’s Glen’s project called Balloons. It is music that built around gameboy sound. Sean will be playing samples, and Fernando will be taking over the visual during the show.

(5) ショーンとグレンは明日3月19日にサンディエゴのTin Can Ale Houseでライブパフォーマンスをします。Balloonsというグレンのプロジェクトで、ゲームボーイ・サウンドを中心に組み立てられた音楽です。ショーンはサンプルを、フェルナンドはショーのビジュアルをパフォーマンスします。

(6) While boys are working on musical projects, I am quietly making art. One of my projects I am working on right now is that mixing up my old drawings on beautiful colored paper I recently purchased.

(6) 男の子達がミュージカル・プロジェクトに取り組んでいる間、私は静かにアートを作っています。今私がやっているプロジェクトの1つは私の古い絵を最近買った色紙の上で組み合わせるというものです。



(7) exciting!

(7) 楽しみ!