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January 26, 2013

34 Year-Old Get Out Of Porn Addiction By Looking At Various Paintings

January 25th, 2013 -Los Angeles

34-Year-Old Porn Addict Matthew Menard succeeds in kicking the porn addiction by looking at various paintings. It started when Menard met a lesbian artist at UCLA, and she introduced him into the art world. Within a year, art helped to change his perspective greatly. Menard was not capable of having a relationship with women because he was heavily addicted to pornography. He had a deep fear for women and a problem of looking at women as objects so that made him incapable of connecting with women. “Ever since I was 14 years old, porn was always around and I just got addicted to it before I realized. In my 20’s, I realized I was just incapable of having a real relationship with women,” he says.


(Photo: One of the paintings that helped Mr. Menard)

The beginning of his breakthrough was when he started seeing paintings of female figures. “I realized that paintings of women are focused on natural beauty of female bodies, not necessarily on sexuality or sex. There are so much nudity in art, but they were not exploitative like pornography,” he says. Menard was able to humanize women by seeing their beauty, their emotions and their expressions described in paintings. Women in paintings were not portrayed as mere sex object.

One of the things art can do to minds is giving new perspectives to viewers. There are always multiple ways to look at the very same thing. “It is about liberation,” art professor at UCLA Sandra Keen says. Art education is very important to nurture minds because it gives students to interpret the reality more flexibly. Skills like that is necessary to humanize the society especially when various industries, authorities and religious groups are spending billions of dollars to eliminate diverse minds and ideas. Art gives power to individuals to nurture their intuition and see through artificial lies, she says.