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June 11, 2013

Jill Holslin Party Harder Than Her Son Peter On The Both Sides Of The Boarder

June 12, 2013 -Tijuana

Jill Holslin, a professor, writer, photographer, mother, evidently party harder than her son Peter Holslin. Peter and his friends realized that recently. Jill Holslin, an intelligent, bright, curious and energetic lady is currently living in a house in Tijuana, actively writing, working and documenting the both sides of the boarder. She has a blog called At the Edges that features the boarder cultures, the boarder issues and such with her profound knowledge about San Diego/ Tijuana culture.


Peter and his friends at a house party

Last year, Peter invited his friends, co-workers and family members to his birthday party but Jill didn’t show up because she had “an event that she couldn’t miss in TJ.” That was the moment when Peter and his friends started to suspect that Jill might be partying harder than her 27-year-old son.

However, her son Peter also is quite a trooper. He worked for San Diego Citybeat as a music editor for the last couple of years and went to countless live music shows and wrote massive amount of music articles. He probably knows the most of the San Diego musicians in the music scene, their egos, struggles, charms, uniqueness and talents.

He recently left Citybeat because of his chronic headache. “I’m tired. Now I just want to work a really easy job,” Peter said. Now Peter is visiting his father in New Mexico and chilling super hard after a couple of years of non-stop hardworking as a music editor. “I honestly don’t remember much what happened during 2010 to 2013, so much had happened and it was just kinda crazy,” Peter’s close friend said.

Meanwhile, Jill Holslin is soaking up the happening culture on the both sides of the boarder.

August 6, 2012

Videos from Eagles Nest Night

Eagles Nest’s Glen hosted a show at the Tin Can on 7/17.

Line up was

Mystery Cave, Killer Swan, Californino, Rebuilder and The Sound Grove

It was Tuesday night but many friends came out and became a really fun night.

Fernando did live visual for the artists and I filmed the performance and later made videos.

I am happy documenting local music and art, and it is satisfying to consistently making media arts and piling them up 🙂

I made 4 videos from the night. I hope you enjoy watching them.

Mystery Cave + Killer Swan, Californino, Rebuilder and The Sound Grove

May 14, 2012

Kava Lounge/ Pretty Productive Days

It’s been very productive and fun lately. I have a cat for the first time in my life. My new roommate is awsome. I sold a couple of paintings. CRAZY MOTHER’S DAY! I started to work as a translator. My boyfriend bought a vintage drum set and a sampler to level up. THE SUPER MOON completely wrecked me. Did a live painting for the first time. and so on and on.

And one of the highlights from last week was a show Kill Quanti presented at Kava Lounge on Kettner Blvd. (same street as Casbah) I am just gonna share the line-up and the photos from that night.

Line up was

Jonti/ Mystery Cave/ Killer Swan/ Kynan/ Griefshare

Live painting by Andre Power

Visuals by Eagles Nest Productions


January 24, 2012

A Canvas/ Part 3

Part 3 features my friends’ band called Primitive Noyes.
The band consists of a naturally curly haired man, Jordan Hammond, a pizza man that migrated to the South West from Philadelphia, Glendon Romett, and a girl with fairy like face features and beautiful voice, Shannon St.John.


Primitive Noyes is a very special band for me.


Right around the time I was moving from North County to San Diego due to transferring school I met Jordan and Glen at a house show that my friend Jesse threw. And ever since I moved to San Diego, I started to see them almost everyday.


Meeting them simultaneously and inevitably meant meeting music, many fabulous local musicians, and the San Diego music scene. Through meeting them I got a lot of inspiration.


Even though I didn’t paint or draw for really long time, closely watching them putting so much time and energy into making good music
became a trigger for me to start making art again.


I feel very grateful that I met Primitive Noyes
because they changed the course of my life more than a little
and enriched my sensibility.


I hope you enjoy a little bit of their world through this film.
You can download Primitive Noyes 1st album for free here.


This live performance was at Tin Can Ale House on November 3, 2011.
*Shannon didn’t play this show.