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November 25, 2012

Turkey and My Theme

Why would she be so ordinary while the world is filled with infinite things? It might be because she ate turkey every year for last 250 years, even without putting herself in a shoe of turkey once. Of course I do not know how I can precisely put myself in a turkey’s shoe, but at least I know what could happen to a turkey could easily happen to myself. She might have spent a tremendous amount of energy to be ordinary and silently have killed many things. Maybe I should have lowered my flag way earlier and lived earnestly like her. Also she probably could handle various things better than I could.


But I think like this.


I have to release my soul from: the curse of school training, repetitive everyday, simplified thoughts, generalized aspects and standardized themes.


That is my theme.



January 13, 2012

Visual Poem/ Oh Man Poem

This is the second visual poem I made.
The first one is called “Sound of Rain”
Compared to the first one, this one is more fun and humorous.


Hope you enjoy this.