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March 28, 2013

Dogmatic And Biased San Diego Event Guide For The Next 2 Days By Kajiki Production

March 28th, 2013 -San Diego

Culture in San Diego does seem to hit the ceiling, but somehow sometimes there are too many good cultural events to go to. This Thursday and Friday nights are those nights. Let Kajiki Production help you decide which event and why with our insightful local knowledge.

Thursday, 3/28: “me vs.” vs “Damian vs DKC”

There are 2 conflicting events on Thursday nights. So Say We All‘s VAMP Showcase “me vs” at The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, and a benefit show for a man named Damian who’s fighting rare bone disease DKC, “Damian vs. DKC (Dyskeratosis Congenita)” with a great lineup of local bands, Cuckoo Chaos, Grand Tarantula, and Buddy Banter at the propagandist in downtown.

VAMP Showcase, the last Thursday of every month at the Whistle Stop Bar, is a story telling event that features 8 story tellers each show with a different theme. This month’s theme is “me vs.” You can sip your drink, relax and listen to unique stories told by locals. It’s a humanizing experience to listen to stories of people’s lives. There are writing and performing coaches who help to make sure the stories are polished, so the performers won’t disappoint you. For this showcase, one of the hosts, Nathan Young is going to perform. On top of the writing workshop, revising the story and practicing the performance, he’s been jogging to get in shape for this performance. ($5 suggested donation)

A rivaling event on the same night is a great show as well. Needless to say, Cuckoo Chaos is a great sophisticated band. Even New York Times knows that. If you live in San Diego and haven’t seen them live, you definitely should go see them while you can. Grand Tarantula is also a great rock’n’roll band with a solid vocalist Jordan Clark. Buddy Banter, punk garage band, will show you a fun time for sure. And your donation money will help Damian get much needed marrow transplant. ($5 minimum donation)

A good news is, VAMP Showcase ends early. It ends around 10:30pm. So technically you can go to both events, get good stories, get humanized, get good music, get cultured, party hard and help a guy.

Friday, 3/29: Sioux Magazine’s Southern Sojourn vs. farewell pizza party for Jordan Hammond

Sioux Magazine‘s Southern Sojourn is presenting great psychedelic art & music from Southern California at Gregg’s Art & Surf .Co in Ocean Beach. California 666, JOY, Brian Ellis Group will satisfy your craving for quality psychedelic music. If you are tired of wussy indie rock, this event is for you. Classic Rock Magazine wrote about Brian Ellis’ other band Astra, “Along with the UK’s very own Diagonal, this San Diego quintet represent everything that’s cool about progressive rock in a classic -or should that be ‘timeless’ sense -The musicianship is stunning; lead guitarist Brian Ellis is this generation’s Steve Howe- but beyond. Can someone please tell me why Astra aren’t huge?” So that’s what you are going to see, stunning musicianship, at this event.

But if you are a great friend of Jordan Hammond from Primitive Noyes, you might want to go to his handcrafted vegan pizza party at Tree House to say goodbye to him. Yes, Mr. Hammond is moving to San Francisco. You might wonder, “Didn’t he move to Austin, Texas or something kinda recently?” Yes he did, but he came back to San Diego because he loves San Diego so much. You can read an article about the last time he left San Diego by Seth Comb here.

Again, this pizza party starts early, around 6 p.m. meaning you can go get tasty vegan pizza, say goodbye to Jordan, and go to Ocean Beach to get your mind blown by psychedelic music and art.

February 28, 2013

Five Steps To Spend A Really Fun Thursday Night In San Diego

February 28th, 2013 -San Diego, California

1. Jenga. Start out the night by playing Jenga with good friends to get blood circulation going. Moderate amount of alcohol recommended at this stage. This is a crucial stage to get a momentum going for the night.


2. “Phantom Vernacular” closing reception at Disclosed Unlocation 6-9 p.m.

Disclosed Unlocation: 1925 30th Street, San Diego

After the Jenga session, go see some art, think and play with your perspective. Group Art Installation by Jfre Robot Coad, Andrea Giaier, William Goff, Shoko Hachiya, Daniel Headley, Annie Perkins and Cari Veach ,which had a opening back in December 2012, is going to have a closing reception tonight to say good-bye. J Doerck and Jason Sores are going to be playing audio component for the show.

3. VAMP Showcase “Dirty Talk vol.2” at Whistle Stop Bar 8:30-11p.m.

After getting some wine and cheese and art blast at the gallery, walk to Whistle Stop for some story time. Every last Thursday of the month is So Say We All’s VAMP Showcase at Whistle Stop Bar. Sip your drink, relax and listen to unique stories performed by cute intelligent locals. Tonight’s vamp features David Latham, Juliet Escoria, Marion Wilson, Justin Hudnall, Jennifer Jamall, Eddie Deull, Yesi Padilla, Holland Holzer, Delia Knight.

4. Drinking Whiskey on the beach

VAMP showcase ends early, around 11p.m. So why not go to the beach and drink some whiskey with friends, listen to the ocean, have some intellectual talks and look for UFO.


5. Someone’s birthday party in a random hotel room

After the beach, go to the random hotel birthday party that you were somehow invited to.


December 10, 2012

“Head Space” art show/ film screening

Good evening people floating in the blog-sphere in the global village. I have news for you regarding the cultural event in San Diego region. Tin Can, one of my favorite music venues in San Diego, is hosting an art opening for my very first solo art show on Tuesday December 11th. On opening night, I am screening my new short film at 9:30 p.m. I spent so many hours on making this film so now my biological clock is so off-synched with the earth’s rotation and most of the responsible people. I hope that made this film good at least. The film is an experimental film (check out the trailer!) that I shot in NYC in October earlier this year. I am curious to see what people think about it.

And of course there will be art. The theme of the show is “Head Space.” You can read my interview with Magic Brotherhood here if you are interested  (

And the night is also the first ever Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam hosted by Magic Brotherhood. All Welcome! Doods Foods will be serving great foods till 10 p.m. My personal favorite from them is Grilled cheese with tomatos. They make it with sourdough bread and it’s crispy like early summer day in San Diego.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends, meeting new people, drinking and releasing all the stress that I built up preparing for this show on Tuesday 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Tin Can: 1863 5th Avenue, San Diego CA 92103

April 22, 2012

Peter Holslin

Peter Holslin, one of my best friends in the entire world, a kind friend that you think of when you are at the lowest in your life after several months of doing heroine in NYC, is turning 26 years old in approximately 2 hours.

To express how much I appreciate the friendship, I sent him 2 drawings for his glorious birthday. One is called “chocolatecake on acid” and the other one is called “weather is nasty.”

And I also made a documentary of Mr. Holslin. Happy Birthday Peter.

Peter is an excellent writer, intelligent experimenter and also a raging musician that I believe you will notice in the documentary.

And another extraordinary thing about Holslin family is that nobody is lame or uncool or awkward. I know Peter’s mother, father and brother, and they are immediately likable and intelligent people. I tremendously appreciate the genes Holslin family carrie.

I was at Peter’s party an hour ago. I had to leave because I just got over nasty sickness, and beer was making me nauseous in the stuffy apartment. But I had a blast. I was very impressed with the cake. After people sang a happy birthday to Peter, Peter cut the cake and a miniature goat jumped out from inside the chocolate cake and performed progressive rock music.

Peter is a man full of surprise.

Happy Birthday Peter!

December 30, 2011

Film/Art show @Eagles Nest


Dec 22, Rabbit threw a party.
She showed her 2 hour long hand-made film.
On the day of the party, she almost threw up because she was nervous and drunk too much.


But when Rabbit looked around the house
she saw hand-made film, great food and drinks, and art brought by
many artist friends.


Rabbit thought her family on the moon would be proud of her if they knew that she could throw such an awsome party.