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May 22, 2012

Many failed attempts to capture solar eclipse

I heard that we can see very rare solar eclipse on 5/20, I finished up work, bought beer and viewed solar eclipse with friends from the balcony to confirm that we are a part of the space and our existence is in sync with the cosmic rhythm.


While we stared at the sun, the sun slowly got eroded from the right side and became croissant shape, and though I thought it was going to be the ring, the shadow of the erosion moved upward and made a round shadow on the upper part of the sun. And the sun went behind the clouds after a while.


We tried many methods to capture the eclipse that was (supposedly) once every 300 years.


(1) brown beer bottle (2) green beer bottle (3) beer glass (4) sunglasses (5) vinyl painted in black (6) seaweed paper (7) recyclable bag



But every attempt failed.


But fortunately we could capture the eclipse when the clouds came out from nowhere and weakened the sunlight.


During the eclipse, someone who lived across the street from us put up a piece of paper against their window, and when I used zoom-in function of camera, it read “We are neighbors, Let’s be friends!” Then 2 neighbors visited our place later on. For a little while, it felt like the great success of the new communication technology experiment and the beginning of the new era of human race.


Strange things kept happening that night besides that. Unidentified man came over to our house, looking like he was going to cry, saying his girlfriend just cheated on him and she got arrested on his birthday. We were kind enough to let him in, and he drank a beer, but he didn’t cry. Then, another stranger who said he just got out from the jail asked us for a ride to Pacific Beach when we were leaving the house to go out to eat. Strange day.


Anyway, below are photos from the eclipse day (both success and fail)