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November 5, 2012

Time to handpick underground music

* a diagram of 2 people enjoying underground music

The night I flew back from NYC, I went to a music venue in San Diego and watched a touring band from Portland with lots of synthesizers and a fog machine. As I watched the band, my feeling about indie music solidified. I was sick of indie music (or wussy hipster music, that’s lots of newer indie rock sounds like to me, sorry). It is not as bad as radio stations that’s been playing the same songs for longer than I could remember, there are some great great indie rock bands from 00’s that I still enjoy, but indie rock as a genre is surely wearing off for me right now. I don’t know if this over-saturated indie music attack is a general phenomenon, but one day I felt like “EVERYTHING IS INDIE NOW! And they sound all the same.”

So, listening to music got kind of depressing for a little while. I thought about starting to collect vinyls of progressive rock from 60’s and 70’s or something to get excited about music again. Then I realized that I just need to look for new underground music more actively again like I used to do. Yeah! There are so many musicians making interesting music, there are all kinds of music, and a lot of them are shared on the internet. There is no way not to take advantage of this situation and tap into a digitized music ocean of 00’s. I put some links to the music that I found lately on sound cloud and band camp.

Astronaut moon jam music by Jamaal Clark

Tasteful dark psychedelic jam by Brian Ellis and Danica Molenaar

Dark and textured eerie electronic music by Paul Remund


Pretty electronic/ Gameboy music by Balloons