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March 9, 2013

Local Artists And Musicians Will Blast The Habitat House With Colorful Art And Music

March 9th, 2013- San Diego

On Saturday, March 9th, a group of local San Diego artists and musicians will blast the Habitat House (1008 21st Street, San Diego)  with colorful art and music. The initial plan was to charter a helicopter and dump 100 gallons of paints from the sky onto the house, then have people dance on the roof, have them walk around and leave the colorful footprints all over. However, it was way out of the budget and also Zack, an owner of Habitat House, declined the plan. Now the plan is to respect the house, art, music and the people and give out a good vibration and provide warm, fun and inspiring time.


Artists showing their work are Shoko Hachiya, Danica Molenaar, Hugo Fernando Fierro and Keith Milgaten. Hachiya is about to going back to her home country Japan to utilize the universal healthcare to fix her teeth and save her people from nuclear bullshit. “Japan needs me and my teeth need an affordable dentist,” she says. She also made two adorable stop motion animation flyers for this show. Molenaar, known for dark and psychedelic narrative pieces, will be showing her brand new pieces that are more experimental and abstract.

Three electronic music acts will be also very colorful. Keith Sweaty will blast his intricate party techno. Mystery Cave will take you to a magical mystery tour, and Recycled Dolphin (Balloons) has an elaborate plan to blow your mind with gameboy music and multi-media visual he is creating for this show. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Citybeat article about the show:

January 30, 2013

Local Venue The Void Smells Amazing The Morning After Nite Ritual’s Performance

January 29th, 2013 -Normal Heights, San Diego

Alex Kacha, the new owner of a live music venue The Void, formerly known as Bar Eleven, noticed the venue had an extremely refreshing and delightful scent the morning after Nite Ritual, a local electric music act, performed at the venue.


Nite Ritual used props for the performance such as candles, a red wine glass, a board with symbols and sage burning that enhanced his layered dark electric sound. A local witch said the refreshing scent was from the sage that Nite Ritual burned before his performance. A vampire said he didn’t like it.

Other acts from last night were Polyphase (Brian Ellis), Professor Paradox and the Medicine Machine and Shamu Soul (Jamaal Clarke). This unique line-up brought a wide variety audience such as break dancers, elderly people, UCSD students, functional alcoholics, wizards, dog owners and musicians.

Lately San Diego musicians are taking the visual part of the show more into account. Cathedral X has done a variety of visual performances that involved dancers, artistic props, costumes and lights to the point that their shows were almost like experimental abstract conceptual theatrical pieces. Eagles Nest Productions have been providing live video projections to many musical acts. Operation Mindblow has been providing psychedelic visuals of flowing colors for deserving local bands such as JOY and Dahga Bloom.

Under the new ownership, the Void is starting fresh with a brand-new name and a great scent of sage. If you go to the Void tonight to see Primitive Noyes, Purple // Image (Alex Gray from Sun Araw), Mystery Cave, Asha, Bill Wesley, 100 LBS of Smoke, you will notice the freshness brought by Nite Ritual all around the venue. The show tonight (1/29/13) is FREE. The Void is located at 3519 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego.

January 18, 2013

Good Ideas, Music and Art Are Brewing Harder in San Diego This Year

January 17, 2013 -San Diego


A mood to keep working toward transcending bullshit that humanity inherited from the past is brewing even harder in San Diego this year. Since the dark and gloomy year 2012 ended, young, talented, intelligent and beautiful artists, musicians and writers are preparing to thrive and “explode.” Here are some fresh voices from visionaries in San Diego.

Jordan Hammond, a guitarist from Primitive Noyes suggests one of the reasons why 2013 is going to be explosively awsome is something to do with a fact the age of Pisces is over, and cats are creating universe from the bottom up, and oysters also are rebuilding their kingdom up. His band Primitive Noyes also recently finished their finely produced 2nd album Slow Emergency ( The band plans to camp on some mountain peaks this year.

An anonymous medical marijuana patient profoundly says, “everything will be OK. At least people are realizing that the current world is the dystopia they fear so much. It’s time to make moves.” He recently made a confession that he was planning to slip DMT into major American corporate CEOs’ drinks in order to make them realize that there was no need to do evil deeds for profits and demolish ethics and human qualities. He made this conspiracy when he lived in San Francisco during the 80’s, but he got married and eventually forgot about the plan. His poetry book about Cold War is finally coming together.

City’s spokesman Josue Sunny Diego, who recently became a legal citizen after working below minimum wage for American Apparel and Forever 21, says the best live show he went this year so far was Jan 11th’s show at Bar Eleven with the Line up of Primitive Noyes, Psicomagia, Colony and Mystery Cave. It was actually the day his wife became a legal citizen and crossed the boarder, so he took her on a date to a local concert. He said Mystery Cave’s sound melted all the hardship away from his shoulders. His wife said all the American music was bullshit until she saw Psicomagia that night. She is very hopeful about her new life in San Diego and especially looking forward to going to see Studio Ghibli collections at Ken Cinema. “I was an fearless activist like Princess Mononoke when I was young,” she brightly said.

And of course there are more great events coming up in San Diego this weekend. Tomorrow Friday Jan 18th, JOY, Harsh Toke, Primitive Noyes are playing at the Tin Can (1863 5th Ave). DOODS FOODS’ (located inside the Tin Can) special for this week is LSDelicious sweet and spicy pulled pork sandwich, this highly creative sandwich is a collaborative effort of JOY and DOODS FOODS. On Sunday, Hostelling International downtown SD (521 Market Street) is having their first Hostel Takeover show of 2013. There will be hundreds of local art all over the hostel. Stay cultured San Diegans!

August 6, 2012

Videos from Eagles Nest Night

Eagles Nest’s Glen hosted a show at the Tin Can on 7/17.

Line up was

Mystery Cave, Killer Swan, Californino, Rebuilder and The Sound Grove

It was Tuesday night but many friends came out and became a really fun night.

Fernando did live visual for the artists and I filmed the performance and later made videos.

I am happy documenting local music and art, and it is satisfying to consistently making media arts and piling them up 🙂

I made 4 videos from the night. I hope you enjoy watching them.

Mystery Cave + Killer Swan, Californino, Rebuilder and The Sound Grove

July 17, 2012

7/17: The 1st Eagles Nest Night at the Tin Can

Eagles Nest will be putting together a show tomorrow night at Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego.


You don’t have to underestimate it because it is Tuesday night. Tomorrow night will be a debut for The Sound Grove (Mike Groves). Unfortunately, he is not British Ex-police officer Michel Groves who is chosen for “The Badass of the Week” for fighting off Somali Pirates attacking British cruiser. But this Mike is a musician with high sensibility who starts to bake bread at home out of nowhere because he wanted to be competitive against local Mexican bakery and make a music video its main subject is his own foot. I also owe him because he fixed a dryer of my house. I’m sure he will pull out a great show tomorrow night.


Rebuilder is a mysterious musician. My roommate told me that he is a boy who was wasted and puking in and out of the bar when we all went out to see Matthewdavid, DIVA, Illuminauts and Balloons at Soda Bar. I am very looking forward to seeing him play tomorrow night.

Rebuilderはミステリアスなミュージシャンで、先月皆でSoda BarにMatthewdavid、DIVA、Illuminauts、Balloonsのラインアップのライブを観に行った日に泥酔してバーの外で吐き散らしていた男の子がそれだ、と私のルームメイトが教えてくれました。彼にもおおいに期待しています。

Californino is a solo project of Jesse from D/Wolves, and people say his musical sense is so keen that it makes crying babies shut up. Seeing young fearless talented musicians always makes us feel refreshed, so I highly recommend seeing Californino for people after work. Tin Can also has a great selection of beer and liquor.


Mystery Cave and Killer Swan are critically-acclaimed from local music critics and are necessary musicians for San Diego’s beats scene. They are childhood friends and they are inseparable like tacos and salsa, or pasta and tomato sauce.

Mystery CaveとKiller Swanは地元の音楽批評家からも、クレイジーだと絶賛され、サンディエゴのビートシーンにはなくてはならない存在となりました。彼らは幼なじみであり、タコスとサルサのように、もしくはスパゲティとトマトソースのように切っても離せない存在となっています。

In addition, DJ Recycled Dolphin will be spinning his precious old records, not MP3, and Eagles Nest Productions will be taking over the visual for the show. And Danica Molenaar’s art is on the display at the tine can.

その他にも、DJ Recycled DolphinはMP3ではなく古い彼のとっておきのレコードをDJし、Eagles Nest Productions によるビジュアルも行われます。そしてベニューにはDanica Molenaarのアートが展示されています。

It’s only $5, and it’s a great night to get in touch with local culture in San Diego.


*Reference about Michael Groves, ex-British police officer who fought Somali Pirates

Michael Groves on BBC (

Badass of the Week (


May 14, 2012

Kava Lounge/ Pretty Productive Days

It’s been very productive and fun lately. I have a cat for the first time in my life. My new roommate is awsome. I sold a couple of paintings. CRAZY MOTHER’S DAY! I started to work as a translator. My boyfriend bought a vintage drum set and a sampler to level up. THE SUPER MOON completely wrecked me. Did a live painting for the first time. and so on and on.

And one of the highlights from last week was a show Kill Quanti presented at Kava Lounge on Kettner Blvd. (same street as Casbah) I am just gonna share the line-up and the photos from that night.

Line up was

Jonti/ Mystery Cave/ Killer Swan/ Kynan/ Griefshare

Live painting by Andre Power

Visuals by Eagles Nest Productions


March 29, 2012

Monday after SXSW

About 10days ago, SXSW was over and boys and girls returned home from Austin.


Some of my friends from San Diego did an almost-whole day drive to Texas to join the festival.


Before leaving for Austin, Dave Mead (a drummer from Cuckoo Chaos) coined a beautiful analogy, “Austin during South By Southwest is like North Pole during Christmas.”

「SXSW中のオースティンは、クリスマスのノースポールのようなものだ」と 、オースティンに出発する前に、Cuckoo Chaosのドラマーのデイブ・ミードは美しい例示をしました。

But I didn’t go. However, I went to a show at Tin Can Ale House right here in San Diego on Monday after SXSW.

だけど、私は行きませんでした。が、しかしながら、SXSWの翌日の月曜日、ここサンディエゴでTin Can Ale Houseでのライブに行きました。

Line up: Balloons, Dustin Wong, Woodsman, Mystery Cave.

A show at one venue doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed by quantities, or make you forget which bands you saw, or makes you pass out with free alcohol all day and such as I imagine SXSW probably does to many attendees.  But this show at Tin Can was very satisfying and almost made me glad that I didn’t do 22 hour drive into one of the most awsome musical chaos.


I filmed all the bands played at Tin Can and made a 10 minutes video.


Dustin Wong ans Woodsman are on tour together right now, so they might play at a venue near you.


March 24, 2012

When Radio Sucks

Listen to podcast!  (

Radio almost never plays local music, for some reasons they keep playing cutting edge rock music hits from 20 years ago over and over.


I don’t know how radio people think, but at least one of the stations should reflect more of what’s going on currently and locally. Everyone knows Nirvana, we all have heard their music and they were great.


I like listening old school tunes from radio, but it doesn’t really make sense to me that radio collectively ignores the current local musicians who are currently writing music, playing local shows and touring outside the town. What I know is big portion of Radio company’s revenue comes from advertisement. Maybe they are playing safe to keep their advertisers? They are afraid that listener is going to change the station if they play something too unfamiliar? They don’t care about local culture? I don’t know.


But especially after appearance of myspace music, bandcamp, and other internet places that you can discover new music on your own, discovering new artists has become a new cool and fun thing to do. And I believe many of us are doing that and ditching mainstream music. Many people have tastes for new things and know how to listen and think about music.


Anyway, this podcast saved me from Radio Attack when I was working on stuff at a cafe the other day. It’s all San Diego local music.

とにかく、このポッドキャストは先日私がカフェで仕事をしていたときにかかっていたラジオ攻撃から救ってくれました。音楽は全てサンディエゴのローカルミュージックです。 has played following artists’ music since they started on March 22nd. You can download their music as well.


Adam Chini, Get Off The Map, Brian Ellis, Two Eyes Meets Redux, Neat Beats, Primitive Noyes, Astra, JOY, Sleep Lady, Woodsman, Shamu Soul, Mystery Cave.