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August 11, 2013

The Power of Artistic Acts: A Case Of Yohei Miyake’s Election In Japan, The Election Campaign Done In The Most Artistic, Fashionable and Underground Way Possible


Highly unexpected, extraordinarily artistic and poignant events sometimes liberate people from repressed situation. Sometimes artistic acts reveal how people unconsciously self-regulate and mindlessly accept repressing status quo. And it ends up hardening the already rigid view of the reality. It often takes extraordinary courage and action to breakthrough the firm situation.

In Japan, recently Yohei Miyake, a candidate from Greens Japan, did something extraordinary. In July, he utilized an Upper House election to pull out a major political and artistic act in the national scale and it ended up being a movement. He used music to the fullest, and sent out political messages mainly about environmental concerns and world peace artistically and he even weaved some spirituality into it. His decision to put aside his music career to run for election was out of a strong sense of crisis he had since 3.11 nuclear disaster in Japan. His determination, courage, strong will, consistency in his words and actions and sophisticated messages moved many people.

He defined the election as “festival” and brought up a bunch of his fellow musicians from underground music scene and toured all over Japan during the election campaign. He used the network that he built all over Japan through his music career in the last 15 years. He called his campaign “Election Fest,” used it to promote democracy and participation in the politics. It succeeded in getting attention from wide demographics including the so-called most apathetic, or desperate young generation who never were able to expect anything from the politicians.

He didn’t wear a suit, didn’t shave, didn’t even wear shoes on the stage sometimes. He wore shorts and T-shirt and a green cap. He refused to be a preexisting someone in order to be consistent with his belief which respects diversity. If the politicians reflect the diversity, it shouldn’t be such a big deal if a politician don’t wear a suit.

His election campaign was one of the lowest budget campaign supported by donation and a couple of thousand of volunteers.

He was bluntly honest and had intelligence to back up his points. And he had an excellent communication skill. He said many things that typical politicians don’t dare to say. His contested grounds were the world peace and environmental issues especially regarding the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis and 400 nuclear power plants in the world. These are serious concerns shared by many in Japan.

Throughout the campaign, he kept bringing up the repressed issues on the table, showed people how to face and deal with those issues, and ended up changing the conversation and atmosphere. Even though he didn’t win, he got 17,6970 votes which was 26th place among 162 candidates. There were 48 seats. But the current system didn’t allow him to win a seat.

What was played out seemed like a revolution, a movement, a shift of age, or an epic joke. It probably was a little bit of everything. Mr. Miyake somehow managed to leave a texture and iconic impression in Japan, and he is not stopping.

Followings videos are some of the musicians who played at the “election fest” to support Yohei Miyake.

June 11, 2013

Jill Holslin Party Harder Than Her Son Peter On The Both Sides Of The Boarder

June 12, 2013 -Tijuana

Jill Holslin, a professor, writer, photographer, mother, evidently party harder than her son Peter Holslin. Peter and his friends realized that recently. Jill Holslin, an intelligent, bright, curious and energetic lady is currently living in a house in Tijuana, actively writing, working and documenting the both sides of the boarder. She has a blog called At the Edges that features the boarder cultures, the boarder issues and such with her profound knowledge about San Diego/ Tijuana culture.


Peter and his friends at a house party

Last year, Peter invited his friends, co-workers and family members to his birthday party but Jill didn’t show up because she had “an event that she couldn’t miss in TJ.” That was the moment when Peter and his friends started to suspect that Jill might be partying harder than her 27-year-old son.

However, her son Peter also is quite a trooper. He worked for San Diego Citybeat as a music editor for the last couple of years and went to countless live music shows and wrote massive amount of music articles. He probably knows the most of the San Diego musicians in the music scene, their egos, struggles, charms, uniqueness and talents.

He recently left Citybeat because of his chronic headache. “I’m tired. Now I just want to work a really easy job,” Peter said. Now Peter is visiting his father in New Mexico and chilling super hard after a couple of years of non-stop hardworking as a music editor. “I honestly don’t remember much what happened during 2010 to 2013, so much had happened and it was just kinda crazy,” Peter’s close friend said.

Meanwhile, Jill Holslin is soaking up the happening culture on the both sides of the boarder.

March 9, 2013

Local Artists And Musicians Will Blast The Habitat House With Colorful Art And Music

March 9th, 2013- San Diego

On Saturday, March 9th, a group of local San Diego artists and musicians will blast the Habitat House (1008 21st Street, San Diego)  with colorful art and music. The initial plan was to charter a helicopter and dump 100 gallons of paints from the sky onto the house, then have people dance on the roof, have them walk around and leave the colorful footprints all over. However, it was way out of the budget and also Zack, an owner of Habitat House, declined the plan. Now the plan is to respect the house, art, music and the people and give out a good vibration and provide warm, fun and inspiring time.


Artists showing their work are Shoko Hachiya, Danica Molenaar, Hugo Fernando Fierro and Keith Milgaten. Hachiya is about to going back to her home country Japan to utilize the universal healthcare to fix her teeth and save her people from nuclear bullshit. “Japan needs me and my teeth need an affordable dentist,” she says. She also made two adorable stop motion animation flyers for this show. Molenaar, known for dark and psychedelic narrative pieces, will be showing her brand new pieces that are more experimental and abstract.

Three electronic music acts will be also very colorful. Keith Sweaty will blast his intricate party techno. Mystery Cave will take you to a magical mystery tour, and Recycled Dolphin (Balloons) has an elaborate plan to blow your mind with gameboy music and multi-media visual he is creating for this show. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Citybeat article about the show:

February 8, 2013

Neighbors Do Perfect 180° Flip With Their Opinion About A Band After The Band Became Famous

February 8th, 2013 -San Diego

Neighbors completely changed their opinions after San Diego based psychedelic band JOY got famous. Neighbors used to call police on the band all the time when the band was practicing. “It was just so loud when the band was playing music and I couldn’t watch FOX news in a quiet room. I don’t give a damn about those crazy musician kids making music. I just wanted to watch TV in a quiet environment, and I know I am entitled to watch TV because I am so special and have a right to watch TV,” Jayson Major says in 2011. Now Mr. Major says, “I love those guys. Their music is great, reminds me of Jimi Hendrix.”


An expert say “This is a terrifying thing. This proves that human beings are so natural at changing their opinions based on someone’s fame or power. There is no consistency or ideology or thought process that makes their opinions. Their intelligence is so damned down by mainstream media throughout their lives, now they have no brains or capability to think on their own. They are not capable of understanding what they are seeing right in front of their eyes. “They instinctively know it is safe to agree with the majority,” she says.

Cultural psychologist Paul Mayson says, “American people who are raised in heavy individualistic culture are sometimes a pain in the ass because their opinions are so mediocre and lacking in thought but they feel compelled to scream their opinions to the world just to prove that they have a damn opinion.” When people think they are “extra special”, it makes it harder for them to realize that they are contradicting themselves. “Oh yeah, JOY shreds so hard. They are legit,” Mayson says.

JOY, originally started with Zack Oakley (guitar and vocal) , Trevor Mast (bass) and Taylor Charter (drums) finished their first album last year. Now the band has a new bassist, Justin Hulson, and a drummer, Paul Marrone. “This band will keep evolving no matter how much culturally ignorant and boring their neighbors are. They are unstoppable.” a culture writer from New York Times says. Oakley also plays in a band Shaking Pyramid with Mike Eginton, a bassist from Earthless, and Paul Marrone. Currently Paul Marrone is on European tour with Radio Moscow.

February 6, 2013

Cuckoo Chaos Inspires The Shit Out Of West Coast Concert Goers

February 5th, 2013 – Seattle

Cuckoo Chaos has been on West Coast tour with Incan Abraham, and they are inspiring the shit out of concert goers constantly. Cuckoo Chaos’ intricate and sophisticated sound is made possible by 5 talented and hard-working well-rounded gentlemen, Dave Mead, Jackson Milgaten, Scott Wheeler, Jeremy Scott and Garrett Prange. Solid and creative rhythm section, dreamy vocal harmony, whimsical and accurate guitar play of Cuckoo Chaos are not to be missed if you are near their path.


Cuckoo Chaos kicks off the tour at Soda Bar, San Diego

During the Cuckoo Chaos show, kids got high without abusing substances, grandmas danced and hugged their grand children in tears, bartenders took their ear plugs out and a young novelist came up with the greatest plot. After the show, dazed and confused high school kids said now they want to learn how to play instruments and groove.

Tonight the band plays at Barboza in Seattle. Mississippi Studios in Portland tomorrow. The New Parish in Oakland on 2/8 and finishes the tour at The Satellite, Los Angeles on 2/9.

On the band’s about page, Cuckoo Chaos says:

“On the fringes of the southwesternmost corner of culture and smart in these United States, Cuckoo Chaos is the Richard Nixon of disco dancing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Henry Ford of Dada. Cuckoo Chaos is the John The Baptist of cunnilingus. The Pontius Pilot of lamb skin condoms. Cuckoo Chaos is a nice, firm ass in the palm of your hands. Cuckoo Chaos is a tarred and feathered Hugh Hefner screaming at something… you know what I mean. Cuckoo Chaos is not milk. Cuckoo Chaos is the rusty trombone you’ve always wanted. Cuckoo Chaos is the Rasputin of children’s birthday parties and the Richard Simmons of carpet bombing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Nobel Peace Prize of bukkake. Cuckoo Chaos is the Huey Newton of cribbage and the Britney Spears of British teeth. Cuckoo Chaos has the Lindbergh baby. Cuckoo Chaos is the Abbie Hoffman of the Tea Party Movement. Cuckoo Chaos wants you to want. Cuckoo Chaos is sleazy. Cuckoo Chaos wants Obama to come out of the closet. Cuckoo Chaos capitalizes. We’re chewin’ the fat. Cuckoo Chaos wishes you’dstop bragging about your nightmares. Cuckoo Chaos knows you’re fucked up, but loves you. Your mom likes Cuckoo Chaos. Cuckoo Chaos is awaiting your scrutiny. Cuckoo Chaos is the John McEnroe of meditation. Cuckoo Chaos is Andy Warhol… if he could shut his mouth. Cuckoo Chaos tastes like your sister’s lips (even though you’re afraid to admit it.) Cuckoo Chaos is the semen on the mountain top. Cuckoo Chaos is the West Coast of wet dreams.

Chew on that, sucka.”

January 31, 2013

Purple//Image Trancends To A Super Saiyan

January 30th, 2013 -San Diego

Purple//Image, Alex Gray from Sun Araw, demolished walls, floor, ceiling, bottles of liquor with a single sampler at the venue he played last night. When he screamed, “My girlfriend just broke up with me!!!!!” in a brief silent moment between demolishing loud sound he was projecting, he transcended to a super Saiyan.

An expert says that sometimes strong emotional reaction brings out the human strength in unexplainable high level. When Goku transcended to a super Saiyan, the situation involved a death of his great friend Kuririn. “I think a similar emotional reaction happened to  Purple//Image during his set.”

Audience experienced a very untypical musical experience during the set. “It felt like I was an astronaut clinging to my seat waiting for the space shuttle to finally reach the space for like 30 minutes. It was like future of music. I was in an awe.” Jamaal Clarke said.


January 18, 2013

Good Ideas, Music and Art Are Brewing Harder in San Diego This Year

January 17, 2013 -San Diego


A mood to keep working toward transcending bullshit that humanity inherited from the past is brewing even harder in San Diego this year. Since the dark and gloomy year 2012 ended, young, talented, intelligent and beautiful artists, musicians and writers are preparing to thrive and “explode.” Here are some fresh voices from visionaries in San Diego.

Jordan Hammond, a guitarist from Primitive Noyes suggests one of the reasons why 2013 is going to be explosively awsome is something to do with a fact the age of Pisces is over, and cats are creating universe from the bottom up, and oysters also are rebuilding their kingdom up. His band Primitive Noyes also recently finished their finely produced 2nd album Slow Emergency ( The band plans to camp on some mountain peaks this year.

An anonymous medical marijuana patient profoundly says, “everything will be OK. At least people are realizing that the current world is the dystopia they fear so much. It’s time to make moves.” He recently made a confession that he was planning to slip DMT into major American corporate CEOs’ drinks in order to make them realize that there was no need to do evil deeds for profits and demolish ethics and human qualities. He made this conspiracy when he lived in San Francisco during the 80’s, but he got married and eventually forgot about the plan. His poetry book about Cold War is finally coming together.

City’s spokesman Josue Sunny Diego, who recently became a legal citizen after working below minimum wage for American Apparel and Forever 21, says the best live show he went this year so far was Jan 11th’s show at Bar Eleven with the Line up of Primitive Noyes, Psicomagia, Colony and Mystery Cave. It was actually the day his wife became a legal citizen and crossed the boarder, so he took her on a date to a local concert. He said Mystery Cave’s sound melted all the hardship away from his shoulders. His wife said all the American music was bullshit until she saw Psicomagia that night. She is very hopeful about her new life in San Diego and especially looking forward to going to see Studio Ghibli collections at Ken Cinema. “I was an fearless activist like Princess Mononoke when I was young,” she brightly said.

And of course there are more great events coming up in San Diego this weekend. Tomorrow Friday Jan 18th, JOY, Harsh Toke, Primitive Noyes are playing at the Tin Can (1863 5th Ave). DOODS FOODS’ (located inside the Tin Can) special for this week is LSDelicious sweet and spicy pulled pork sandwich, this highly creative sandwich is a collaborative effort of JOY and DOODS FOODS. On Sunday, Hostelling International downtown SD (521 Market Street) is having their first Hostel Takeover show of 2013. There will be hundreds of local art all over the hostel. Stay cultured San Diegans!

December 10, 2012

“Head Space” art show/ film screening

Good evening people floating in the blog-sphere in the global village. I have news for you regarding the cultural event in San Diego region. Tin Can, one of my favorite music venues in San Diego, is hosting an art opening for my very first solo art show on Tuesday December 11th. On opening night, I am screening my new short film at 9:30 p.m. I spent so many hours on making this film so now my biological clock is so off-synched with the earth’s rotation and most of the responsible people. I hope that made this film good at least. The film is an experimental film (check out the trailer!) that I shot in NYC in October earlier this year. I am curious to see what people think about it.

And of course there will be art. The theme of the show is “Head Space.” You can read my interview with Magic Brotherhood here if you are interested  (

And the night is also the first ever Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam hosted by Magic Brotherhood. All Welcome! Doods Foods will be serving great foods till 10 p.m. My personal favorite from them is Grilled cheese with tomatos. They make it with sourdough bread and it’s crispy like early summer day in San Diego.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends, meeting new people, drinking and releasing all the stress that I built up preparing for this show on Tuesday 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Tin Can: 1863 5th Avenue, San Diego CA 92103

December 5, 2012

JOY: Casbah 8/31/12

Eagles Nest Productions hour long psychedelic music video project with JOY is done!


Congrats JOY for their first record release!

JOY: Zack Oakley, Paul Marrone, Justin Hulson

filmed by: Ayari Kanezashi, Shoko Hachiya, Tom Rowden

sound recording by: Glendon Romett

sound mix by: Chris Grundy

lighting by: Operation Mind Blow

edited by: Shoko Hachiya, Glendon Romett

Produced by: Eagles Nest Productions

Thank you everyone who helped to make this production possible.

November 5, 2012

Time to handpick underground music

* a diagram of 2 people enjoying underground music

The night I flew back from NYC, I went to a music venue in San Diego and watched a touring band from Portland with lots of synthesizers and a fog machine. As I watched the band, my feeling about indie music solidified. I was sick of indie music (or wussy hipster music, that’s lots of newer indie rock sounds like to me, sorry). It is not as bad as radio stations that’s been playing the same songs for longer than I could remember, there are some great great indie rock bands from 00’s that I still enjoy, but indie rock as a genre is surely wearing off for me right now. I don’t know if this over-saturated indie music attack is a general phenomenon, but one day I felt like “EVERYTHING IS INDIE NOW! And they sound all the same.”

So, listening to music got kind of depressing for a little while. I thought about starting to collect vinyls of progressive rock from 60’s and 70’s or something to get excited about music again. Then I realized that I just need to look for new underground music more actively again like I used to do. Yeah! There are so many musicians making interesting music, there are all kinds of music, and a lot of them are shared on the internet. There is no way not to take advantage of this situation and tap into a digitized music ocean of 00’s. I put some links to the music that I found lately on sound cloud and band camp.

Astronaut moon jam music by Jamaal Clark

Tasteful dark psychedelic jam by Brian Ellis and Danica Molenaar

Dark and textured eerie electronic music by Paul Remund


Pretty electronic/ Gameboy music by Balloons