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April 18, 2013

Bruisecaster Shows You Proper Music For Dark Times, Dystopian Noise Disco

April 18th- San Diego

If you are an conscious and thoughtful person, it is pretty clear that the things are fucked up. Paying attention, trying to care and take actions aren’t too easy when the ruling class is hijacked by corporate psychopath. Bruisecaster, local San Diego dystopian noise disco band, will show you how to party in such a dark time. Their sound might give you a joy that’s similar to reading Dostoyevsky in the war zone, swimming in the beautiful and radioactive water of the Pacific Ocean or throwing rocks at brain-dead cops in the massive riot to demand human rights.

The bassist Fernando Astorga, the back bone of the band, plays heavy distorted and irresistibly catchy and dancy bass lines. The drummer Glendon Romett’s crisp, punchy and groovy drums make your body and feet move. And the vocalist/ keyboard Peter Holslin’s raw and vigorous performance and lyrics make you feel good, alive and refreshed, in the dark age.

Listen to Bruisecaster.

Bruisecaster performs on April 21st at Griffin with Sound Lupus, Dark Globe, and Hoodrats.

On April 23rd Bruisecaster performs at Casbah with Marriages and Boris.


March 19, 2013

Baby Glendon Turns 30

March 19th, 2013 -San Diego, California

Glendon Romett, known as baby Glendon, turned 30 on March 15th this year. The anticipation for turning 30 was very high. In the days he was still in his late 20’s, he was showing uneasy and pensive feelings and told his girlfriend “I feel like 12” multiple times a week. And he kept changing the name of his music project from Balloons Guy to Balloons to BLLNZ to Recycled Dolphin. Recycled Dolphin is an current official name. “Most men feel like 12-year-old forever, so sometimes men have hard time coping with aging,” Dr. Jordan Peterpan Hammond says. On his birthday, Glendon seemed to be relieved and happy. He ordered a pizza and calzone from Pizzeria Luigi, and gave a fat tip to a delivery guy, and had a relaxing night with his close friends and girlfriend.


General public doesn’t know, but Baby Glendon is a prolific musician. He has been involved in many music projects such as Primitive Noyes, Bruisecaster, Space Chainsaw, and Paper Forest. Recycled Dolphin is his solo project he started to reflect his own ideas more in the music. He started playing drums when he was 12 years old back in Philadelphia. Music is his passion. And he is still going strong even though condescending Bill O’Reilly-type ex co-workers and conservative relatives with shallow perspective they got from watching too much bullshit on TV or something don’t value music and culture when it does not make money.

However Baby Glendon succeeded in surrounding himself with creative and supportive friends in San Diego. He also started Eagles Nest Production, a video production company, and the company produced over 100 videos since it started in 2012. He is currently learning Flash, animation software, and looking to become a multimedia artist.

“Life with passion and OK money is so much better and healthier than life with too much money but no real passion. Sometimes rich people realize that they are rich but they are not going anywhere. A pursuit of material wealth empties people out, make them unable to think profoundly and critically in favor of becoming an ‘economic animal.’ But creative people tend to keep their eyes open and keep learning. They embrace life better and become wiser as they age,” Dr. Hammond says.

Bruisecaster film

March 9, 2013

Local Artists And Musicians Will Blast The Habitat House With Colorful Art And Music

March 9th, 2013- San Diego

On Saturday, March 9th, a group of local San Diego artists and musicians will blast the Habitat House (1008 21st Street, San Diego)  with colorful art and music. The initial plan was to charter a helicopter and dump 100 gallons of paints from the sky onto the house, then have people dance on the roof, have them walk around and leave the colorful footprints all over. However, it was way out of the budget and also Zack, an owner of Habitat House, declined the plan. Now the plan is to respect the house, art, music and the people and give out a good vibration and provide warm, fun and inspiring time.


Artists showing their work are Shoko Hachiya, Danica Molenaar, Hugo Fernando Fierro and Keith Milgaten. Hachiya is about to going back to her home country Japan to utilize the universal healthcare to fix her teeth and save her people from nuclear bullshit. “Japan needs me and my teeth need an affordable dentist,” she says. She also made two adorable stop motion animation flyers for this show. Molenaar, known for dark and psychedelic narrative pieces, will be showing her brand new pieces that are more experimental and abstract.

Three electronic music acts will be also very colorful. Keith Sweaty will blast his intricate party techno. Mystery Cave will take you to a magical mystery tour, and Recycled Dolphin (Balloons) has an elaborate plan to blow your mind with gameboy music and multi-media visual he is creating for this show. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Citybeat article about the show:

August 30, 2012

“Get Sweaty” Album Release Show

I am co-hosting a show with Glendon Romett tonight at the Propagandist (835 5th Ave) in downtown San Diego.


Making an album cover for my friend Keith Milgaten for his new project called “Keith Sweaty”  ( was one of the reasons I ended up hosting this event. Milgaten has been very active in music activity around San Diego, working on many projects such as Jamuel Saxon that is known for its intricate beats, catchy melody and high energy live shows (, and been very productive at making music as well as playing live shows.  If you look at the quality and quantity of music activity, his energy and talents are clearly out of common.


At tonight show, Other than Keith Sweaty, Mike Delgado (Ese & Zain/ Shark Attack) ( , Totescity (LV) ( , COLOUR VISION (Lip-Lock) (, Lion Cut (all vinyl opening set) ( are also going to be playing music for you.


I will be at the show, giving people artsy face painting, and Glen will be making balloon animals for guests. Hope you come to the show and enjoy music and art.



March 19, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day and New Projects

(1) I woke up in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day with a news that my roommate Fernando broke a sink in the bathroom and left for work.

(1) 聖パトリックの日の朝、ルームメイトのフェルナンドがバスルームの流しを壊して間もなく仕事へ行ったというニュースと共に目覚めました。

(2) Soon after hearing that news, my friend Sean dressed up in green with a green silk hat on top showed up with his lovely girl friend Tashi.

(2) そのニュースを聞いて間もなく、緑に身を包み頭に緑のシルクハットを乗せたショーンが、かわいらしいガールフレンドのタシと一緒にうちに遊びに来ました。

(3) My boyfriend Glen got really pissed, did a research on World Wide Web, called plumbing company. But nobody answered, and the price was quite expensive. So he started breaking down the sink, and the house started smelling like sewage. He ran to the hardware store, purchased right parts and finally fixed the sink. The sink functions perfect now. Glen proved that he is a true D.I.Y. punk rocker, and Sean and Tashi and I sent him a warm applause.

(3) 私のボーイフレンドのグレンはカンカンに起こり、ワールド・ワイド・ウェブでリサーチをし、配管工事会社に電話をかけました。しかし誰も電話に出ず、値段もなかなか高いのでした。なので彼は自ら流し台を分解し始め、家の中に下水の匂いが立ちこめました。彼はハードウェア・ストアへと走り、正しい部品を購入し、ついに流し台を直したのでした。流し台は今は完璧に機能しています。グレンは真のD.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) パンクロッカーであることを証明し、ショーンとタシと私は彼に温かい拍手を送りました。

(4) Then we enjoyed a good St.Patrick’s Day with Jameson and Guinness.

(4) それから私たちはジェイムソンとギネス・ビールで聖パトリックの日を楽しみました。

(5) Sean and Glen are playing a show at Tin Can Ale House in San Diego tomorrow, March 19th. It’s Glen’s project called Balloons. It is music that built around gameboy sound. Sean will be playing samples, and Fernando will be taking over the visual during the show.

(5) ショーンとグレンは明日3月19日にサンディエゴのTin Can Ale Houseでライブパフォーマンスをします。Balloonsというグレンのプロジェクトで、ゲームボーイ・サウンドを中心に組み立てられた音楽です。ショーンはサンプルを、フェルナンドはショーのビジュアルをパフォーマンスします。

(6) While boys are working on musical projects, I am quietly making art. One of my projects I am working on right now is that mixing up my old drawings on beautiful colored paper I recently purchased.

(6) 男の子達がミュージカル・プロジェクトに取り組んでいる間、私は静かにアートを作っています。今私がやっているプロジェクトの1つは私の古い絵を最近買った色紙の上で組み合わせるというものです。



(7) exciting!

(7) 楽しみ!

January 24, 2012

A Canvas/ Part 3

Part 3 features my friends’ band called Primitive Noyes.
The band consists of a naturally curly haired man, Jordan Hammond, a pizza man that migrated to the South West from Philadelphia, Glendon Romett, and a girl with fairy like face features and beautiful voice, Shannon St.John.


Primitive Noyes is a very special band for me.


Right around the time I was moving from North County to San Diego due to transferring school I met Jordan and Glen at a house show that my friend Jesse threw. And ever since I moved to San Diego, I started to see them almost everyday.


Meeting them simultaneously and inevitably meant meeting music, many fabulous local musicians, and the San Diego music scene. Through meeting them I got a lot of inspiration.


Even though I didn’t paint or draw for really long time, closely watching them putting so much time and energy into making good music
became a trigger for me to start making art again.


I feel very grateful that I met Primitive Noyes
because they changed the course of my life more than a little
and enriched my sensibility.


I hope you enjoy a little bit of their world through this film.
You can download Primitive Noyes 1st album for free here.


This live performance was at Tin Can Ale House on November 3, 2011.
*Shannon didn’t play this show.


January 16, 2012

A Canvas/ Part 1

This is a first 20 minutes of the film project called “A Canvas” that I did with my talented friends.


The film is rather experimental. The contents include varieties of elements such as fiction, documentary and stop motion animation.


In the fiction part, the story revolves around a canvas that I steal from a homeless lady in the beginning of the film. And the documentary part features 3 San Diego bands that are friends of mine, Scruffles, Primitive Noyes and Bruisecaster.


I honestly can’t say the film is very well done, but this is the very first thing I made a film that is almost 2 hours long. I definitely spent a lot of time shooting and editing and put effort to make it enjoyable.


So I hope you enjoy this.
I will post other parts of the film later.


December 31, 2011

Stop Motion Video/ and about Technological Capability

This is a stop-motion video I (Shoko Hachiya) and Glendon Romett made together.
Music are done by Glen’s project called Balloon Guyand San Diego’s local band called Sleep Lady


A great thing about the age we live in is that technologies with strong processing power is widely available to ordinary people.


Anyone can make music and film by using computers, camera and software far easier than it was in the past. Researching to get mere information is also a lot easier although the best type of research, direct experience, still has to be directly experienced.


Technologies not only make everyday things easy, but also can stimulate our minds, enrich cultural life and possibly make positive impact in individual level.


In the time everyone has tools to create, we don’t need to buy into poor-taste Hollywood movies and be repeatedly fed with advertisement and propaganda coming out from TV screens anymore.


People who live in this age,if they want to, can record many different aspects of the world in many different ways and share unique realities with others.
Sharing many different aspects and accepting each other with respect are important even though we could never completely understand.