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March 9, 2013

Local Artists And Musicians Will Blast The Habitat House With Colorful Art And Music

March 9th, 2013- San Diego

On Saturday, March 9th, a group of local San Diego artists and musicians will blast the Habitat House (1008 21st Street, San Diego)  with colorful art and music. The initial plan was to charter a helicopter and dump 100 gallons of paints from the sky onto the house, then have people dance on the roof, have them walk around and leave the colorful footprints all over. However, it was way out of the budget and also Zack, an owner of Habitat House, declined the plan. Now the plan is to respect the house, art, music and the people and give out a good vibration and provide warm, fun and inspiring time.


Artists showing their work are Shoko Hachiya, Danica Molenaar, Hugo Fernando Fierro and Keith Milgaten. Hachiya is about to going back to her home country Japan to utilize the universal healthcare to fix her teeth and save her people from nuclear bullshit. “Japan needs me and my teeth need an affordable dentist,” she says. She also made two adorable stop motion animation flyers for this show. Molenaar, known for dark and psychedelic narrative pieces, will be showing her brand new pieces that are more experimental and abstract.

Three electronic music acts will be also very colorful. Keith Sweaty will blast his intricate party techno. Mystery Cave will take you to a magical mystery tour, and Recycled Dolphin (Balloons) has an elaborate plan to blow your mind with gameboy music and multi-media visual he is creating for this show. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Citybeat article about the show:

January 26, 2013

34 Year-Old Get Out Of Porn Addiction By Looking At Various Paintings

January 25th, 2013 -Los Angeles

34-Year-Old Porn Addict Matthew Menard succeeds in kicking the porn addiction by looking at various paintings. It started when Menard met a lesbian artist at UCLA, and she introduced him into the art world. Within a year, art helped to change his perspective greatly. Menard was not capable of having a relationship with women because he was heavily addicted to pornography. He had a deep fear for women and a problem of looking at women as objects so that made him incapable of connecting with women. “Ever since I was 14 years old, porn was always around and I just got addicted to it before I realized. In my 20’s, I realized I was just incapable of having a real relationship with women,” he says.


(Photo: One of the paintings that helped Mr. Menard)

The beginning of his breakthrough was when he started seeing paintings of female figures. “I realized that paintings of women are focused on natural beauty of female bodies, not necessarily on sexuality or sex. There are so much nudity in art, but they were not exploitative like pornography,” he says. Menard was able to humanize women by seeing their beauty, their emotions and their expressions described in paintings. Women in paintings were not portrayed as mere sex object.

One of the things art can do to minds is giving new perspectives to viewers. There are always multiple ways to look at the very same thing. “It is about liberation,” art professor at UCLA Sandra Keen says. Art education is very important to nurture minds because it gives students to interpret the reality more flexibly. Skills like that is necessary to humanize the society especially when various industries, authorities and religious groups are spending billions of dollars to eliminate diverse minds and ideas. Art gives power to individuals to nurture their intuition and see through artificial lies, she says.

December 17, 2012

“Head Space” Will Be Displayed at Tin Can from 12/11- January

Thank you everyone who came to the opening on 11th. My works will be displayed at the Tin Can till the first week of January. Below are the photos of my works and their prices. (If you are broke, we can talk about the price too 🙂 ) I got lots of compliment for my new short film after the screening. Thank you for encouragement! I will post the short film online very soon too. Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam was amazing. So was DJ. World Wide Music Released in the Last 5 Years. Lastly, thank you Tin Can, Magic Brotherhood, Danica Molenaar, Jordan Hammond, Glendon Romett and musicians who jammed hard! Jena Bogorad will have her works for February‘s show. Second Tuesday of the month is Tin Can’s Art Opening day. Remember that 🙂


November 5, 2012

Time to handpick underground music

* a diagram of 2 people enjoying underground music

The night I flew back from NYC, I went to a music venue in San Diego and watched a touring band from Portland with lots of synthesizers and a fog machine. As I watched the band, my feeling about indie music solidified. I was sick of indie music (or wussy hipster music, that’s lots of newer indie rock sounds like to me, sorry). It is not as bad as radio stations that’s been playing the same songs for longer than I could remember, there are some great great indie rock bands from 00’s that I still enjoy, but indie rock as a genre is surely wearing off for me right now. I don’t know if this over-saturated indie music attack is a general phenomenon, but one day I felt like “EVERYTHING IS INDIE NOW! And they sound all the same.”

So, listening to music got kind of depressing for a little while. I thought about starting to collect vinyls of progressive rock from 60’s and 70’s or something to get excited about music again. Then I realized that I just need to look for new underground music more actively again like I used to do. Yeah! There are so many musicians making interesting music, there are all kinds of music, and a lot of them are shared on the internet. There is no way not to take advantage of this situation and tap into a digitized music ocean of 00’s. I put some links to the music that I found lately on sound cloud and band camp.

Astronaut moon jam music by Jamaal Clark

Tasteful dark psychedelic jam by Brian Ellis and Danica Molenaar

Dark and textured eerie electronic music by Paul Remund


Pretty electronic/ Gameboy music by Balloons

August 28, 2012

Eagles Nest 2nd art/ music/ film show

The place I live is called “Eagles Nest” because it is on the 3rd floor with a good view. We can see the city lights of Tijuana in distance at night because we are (San Diego is) close to the border.


The reason why Eagles Nest started having a show was because I made a 2 hour long film as my final project against my professor’s will last year, so we did a screening party/ art show. Last December’s show was a success, many people came out to the show, so we decided to do the 2nd one. All the roommates cooperated to make the 2nd show happen on 8/17. We converted the house into the galleries and made the living room a screening room. And this time more artists, musicians and filmmakers participated.


We wanted the show to be informal and unpretentious, and didn’t want people to feel a weird lump like I do sometimes at art shows. And I hope the show was a good stimulant for local artists. Overall I personally had a very good time organizing and hanging out with many friends at the show, and hope everyone else enjoyed the show as well.


You can watch the video of the show. ビデオはこちら。

List of the visual artists: Shoko Hachiya, Ayari Kanezashi, Sam Hears, Danica Molenaar, Robert Khasho, Jefry Coad, Josh Wessling, Jeremy Woodall, Jenni Simms, Kristy Hayden, Matthew Groves, Clay Kolts, Julie, Maria Cochina, M.R. Volpe

今回参加したビジュアル・アーティストはShoko Hachiya、Ayari Kanezashi、Sam Hears、Danica Molenaar、Robert Khasho、Jefry Coad、Josh Wessling、Jeremy Woodall、Jenni Simms、Kristy Hyden、Matthew Groves、Clay Kolts、Jury、Maria Cochina、M.R. Volpeの15人。

Live music performance was by The Napps and Tyler Daughn.

Jonathan Owens と彼の友達、それとTyler Daughnがライブミュージックパフォーマンスをしてくれました。

And films were Randall Christopher’s new animation, Maria Cochina’s music videos, Jeremiah Wessling’s Cheryl & Tammy, Clay Kolts’ music video and Shoko Hachiya’s The Bike Shop. After the screening, we showed Eagles Nest Productions’ local music showcase.
それからフィルムはRandall Christopherの新作アニメーションと、Maria Cochinaのミュージックビデオ、Jeremiah WesslingのCheryl & Tammyシリーズ、Clay Koltsのミュージックビデオと、Shoko HachiyaのThe bike shopのスクリーニングをしました。スクリーニングの後は、Eagles Nest ProductionsのLocal music showcaseを流しました。

Also Eagles Nest residents cooked lots of food for the party. I wasn’t used to cook that much food so my head got really confused, forgot what I was doing while I was cutting daikon radish, and the room temperature rose, but it was worth the effort. And of course the head chef Fernando Astorga’s moves in the kitchen was eye-openingly beautiful.


The day after the show, I was drinking coffee and trying to read a book at a cafe, but I realized I was severely hangover because I couldn’t understand anything that I was reading. All the hosts spent the day hooked to IB.



July 17, 2012

7/17: The 1st Eagles Nest Night at the Tin Can

Eagles Nest will be putting together a show tomorrow night at Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego.


You don’t have to underestimate it because it is Tuesday night. Tomorrow night will be a debut for The Sound Grove (Mike Groves). Unfortunately, he is not British Ex-police officer Michel Groves who is chosen for “The Badass of the Week” for fighting off Somali Pirates attacking British cruiser. But this Mike is a musician with high sensibility who starts to bake bread at home out of nowhere because he wanted to be competitive against local Mexican bakery and make a music video its main subject is his own foot. I also owe him because he fixed a dryer of my house. I’m sure he will pull out a great show tomorrow night.


Rebuilder is a mysterious musician. My roommate told me that he is a boy who was wasted and puking in and out of the bar when we all went out to see Matthewdavid, DIVA, Illuminauts and Balloons at Soda Bar. I am very looking forward to seeing him play tomorrow night.

Rebuilderはミステリアスなミュージシャンで、先月皆でSoda BarにMatthewdavid、DIVA、Illuminauts、Balloonsのラインアップのライブを観に行った日に泥酔してバーの外で吐き散らしていた男の子がそれだ、と私のルームメイトが教えてくれました。彼にもおおいに期待しています。

Californino is a solo project of Jesse from D/Wolves, and people say his musical sense is so keen that it makes crying babies shut up. Seeing young fearless talented musicians always makes us feel refreshed, so I highly recommend seeing Californino for people after work. Tin Can also has a great selection of beer and liquor.


Mystery Cave and Killer Swan are critically-acclaimed from local music critics and are necessary musicians for San Diego’s beats scene. They are childhood friends and they are inseparable like tacos and salsa, or pasta and tomato sauce.

Mystery CaveとKiller Swanは地元の音楽批評家からも、クレイジーだと絶賛され、サンディエゴのビートシーンにはなくてはならない存在となりました。彼らは幼なじみであり、タコスとサルサのように、もしくはスパゲティとトマトソースのように切っても離せない存在となっています。

In addition, DJ Recycled Dolphin will be spinning his precious old records, not MP3, and Eagles Nest Productions will be taking over the visual for the show. And Danica Molenaar’s art is on the display at the tine can.

その他にも、DJ Recycled DolphinはMP3ではなく古い彼のとっておきのレコードをDJし、Eagles Nest Productions によるビジュアルも行われます。そしてベニューにはDanica Molenaarのアートが展示されています。

It’s only $5, and it’s a great night to get in touch with local culture in San Diego.


*Reference about Michael Groves, ex-British police officer who fought Somali Pirates

Michael Groves on BBC (

Badass of the Week (