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January 5, 2013

New Works: 3 pieces of abstruct narrative

Here’s my newest series. (mixed medium)


Also check out =

December 10, 2012

“Head Space” art show/ film screening

Good evening people floating in the blog-sphere in the global village. I have news for you regarding the cultural event in San Diego region. Tin Can, one of my favorite music venues in San Diego, is hosting an art opening for my very first solo art show on Tuesday December 11th. On opening night, I am screening my new short film at 9:30 p.m. I spent so many hours on making this film so now my biological clock is so off-synched with the earth’s rotation and most of the responsible people. I hope that made this film good at least. The film is an experimental film (check out the trailer!) that I shot in NYC in October earlier this year. I am curious to see what people think about it.

And of course there will be art. The theme of the show is “Head Space.” You can read my interview with Magic Brotherhood here if you are interested  (

And the night is also the first ever Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam hosted by Magic Brotherhood. All Welcome! Doods Foods will be serving great foods till 10 p.m. My personal favorite from them is Grilled cheese with tomatos. They make it with sourdough bread and it’s crispy like early summer day in San Diego.

I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends, meeting new people, drinking and releasing all the stress that I built up preparing for this show on Tuesday 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Tin Can: 1863 5th Avenue, San Diego CA 92103

June 19, 2012

Telemagica: festival review

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I went to Telemagica on 6/9. Telemagica is a 3 day music festival in California’s high desert, Jacumba CA. The site is very close to Mexican border, the fence of the boarder is actually visible from the festival site. Most of the people camp at the site, sleep in the van or just stay up all night. Because of its obscurity and authenticity, most of the people there seem to be artistic type with great appreciation for creativity and people who pay attention to culture/sub culture.

There are 3 main places in this festival, Telemagica (the camp site with several stages and art and random trains,) electronic/rave music stage (set along the trail that leads to the Tectonic stage) and the Tectonic stage (which is surrounded by mountains and looks and feels like it’s inside crater.) And each location is about a mile apart from each other. It was very funny and surreal to me that I could see the raging lights from the rave stage in the distance from the Tectonic stage where I spent most of the night.

I personally feel done with the bigger festivals like Coachella because I’ve done it, it’s getting more and more expensive, I don’t like standing among hot sweaty loud crowds anymore like I used to like, and it’s highly commercialized even though there are great music.

On the other hand, Telemagica was very laid-back, pure, spacious and fun even though it was very loosely organized, in fact, almost dysfunctional at times. The schedule was 5 hours behind or something at the Tectonic Stage. It was mostly frustrating for the bands who packed up and dragged all their gears to the desert. But I believe most of the people were on drugs and easily stayed up till the sun came up, so I guess it didn’t matter too much. When I walked the desert trail back to the camp site with my friends after Jamuel Saxon finished up their set, the sky was getting lighter. People were still partying at the Tectonic stage, and people were also still sitting around the camp fire after the night has ended at the Telemagica camp site.

I had a really good time hiking around, discovering art, seeing bands, drinking whiskey, staring at the milky way in the desert with many friends. I loved how authentic the event was.

I documented the Telemagica here and there and made a 15 minutes long documentary. Watch Telemagica Documentary This video shows the festival site and also features Jamuel Saxon, Suisho No Fune, Shiva Trash and more. Hope you enjoy it.

April 2, 2012

ART as gifts/ individualism

Art works below are the ones I gave to my friends and family as gifts. I think whatever handmade is a sweet and better gift than merely purchased mass-produced materials. I believe it is better for a sender to create something than going to a mall, and also better for a receiver to have something unique and original. And I believe it is better for today’s globalized world that looks like it is about to be owned by corporations that don’t give a shit about real human culture.

Americans value individualism, but it is clear that cultural homogeneity is happening as huge corporations influence the mass through mass media. Advertisers and PR are ruthless. They are full of shit too. Media has been dumbing down many many brains. Anyway, if you just look around, so many people are dressed the same and think the same. How many places in America have to look identical, dominated by chain restaurants and shopping malls with the same companies in? Good communities with small businesses are getting harder to find. Commercialism is killing a uniqueness, individualism and diversity in the culture.

I am from Japan and Japan is one of the most collectivistic countries in the world. One of the characteristics of collectivism is that people in collectivistic countries value harmony as a group more than individual’s  uniqueness, being outstanding and independence and such. But after having been living in the U.S. for more than 5 years, I had to conclude that not so many people are unique here. And people can’t take “weirdness.” They freak out and get mad when they hear something like “communism” or something that oppose to famous American propaganda. And they don’t even know the meaning of the word or what it is. It seems like to me that Japanese people are chill about being “normal,” and Americans are collectively trying to be unique, which make them not unique at all especially when they try to be “cool” according to what’s “cool” by mass media. I think they have better chance in pursuit of uniqueness if they consume better media and maybe read good books or something.

But what can you do? You know only what you know. Our brains are essentially full of information we perceive through senses, each person processes it differently, but when there are only the same information circulating in the world we live, it is really hard to be a different or unique individual. And it probably harder for modern people because corporations constantly feeding propaganda directly into consumers’ mouths. Corporations can do that because media organizations need money from advertisers. Media works by selling advertising space to corporations. And it of course is to fuel the consumption.

I don’t know any sadder tragedy than this modern world created around materialism and commercialism and corpocracy and all the nonsense comes with them. But I do believe that creative activities can save brainwashed brains that believe something like “you are what you wear.” Act like writing, painting, drawing and playing music requires critical thinking. You need to be creative, think critically and self-critisize. I guess it is called soul-searching.

Creative work is a reflection of some sort of reality. When you create art, you are trying to express something out of whatever kind of information you have in your brain, and your own (nobody else’s) perspective of the reality is what makes your art really good and mind-blowing. Work by Banksy is a really good example because it is really intelligent and reflective of the current world. Novels by Haruki Murakami are great because nobody wrote like him as far as I know, and his works are highly sophisticated and I think they describe the spiritual emptiness of Japan really well especially in Norwegian Wood and South of the Border, West of the Sun. There are limitless ways to see the world and it is healthy to have our own. We don’t need to stay in the box.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I think we should start creating something valuable that actually represents ourselves.

January 16, 2012

A Canvas/ Part 1

This is a first 20 minutes of the film project called “A Canvas” that I did with my talented friends.


The film is rather experimental. The contents include varieties of elements such as fiction, documentary and stop motion animation.


In the fiction part, the story revolves around a canvas that I steal from a homeless lady in the beginning of the film. And the documentary part features 3 San Diego bands that are friends of mine, Scruffles, Primitive Noyes and Bruisecaster.


I honestly can’t say the film is very well done, but this is the very first thing I made a film that is almost 2 hours long. I definitely spent a lot of time shooting and editing and put effort to make it enjoyable.


So I hope you enjoy this.
I will post other parts of the film later.


December 31, 2011

Stop Motion Video/ and about Technological Capability

This is a stop-motion video I (Shoko Hachiya) and Glendon Romett made together.
Music are done by Glen’s project called Balloon Guyand San Diego’s local band called Sleep Lady


A great thing about the age we live in is that technologies with strong processing power is widely available to ordinary people.


Anyone can make music and film by using computers, camera and software far easier than it was in the past. Researching to get mere information is also a lot easier although the best type of research, direct experience, still has to be directly experienced.


Technologies not only make everyday things easy, but also can stimulate our minds, enrich cultural life and possibly make positive impact in individual level.


In the time everyone has tools to create, we don’t need to buy into poor-taste Hollywood movies and be repeatedly fed with advertisement and propaganda coming out from TV screens anymore.


People who live in this age,if they want to, can record many different aspects of the world in many different ways and share unique realities with others.
Sharing many different aspects and accepting each other with respect are important even though we could never completely understand.


December 20, 2011

裸体を描くこと Drawing Naked Bodies


I majored in Media Studies in college. What I learned there was that so much information and values were manipulated by media for profit. Most of the cases, manipulation doesn’t affect people positively.
Beauty sense is one of the values that are manipulated.


I felt drawing and creativity in general could be a strong defense against the manipulation while I was drawing female naked bodies. That is because there are things that I can realize by drawing.


I felt female bodies are intrinsically beautiful while I was looking at naked bodies and drawing body lines of them. And that beauty inhere in every woman.
Cosmetics or perfumes don’t make women’s beauty.
Of course it isn’t wrong to use products to polish beauty.
But women need to realize the intrinsic beauty they have if they cannot feel beautiful without products.
And men need to realize it too.


But generally speaking, women are more conscious about their looks such as their weight, cosmetics, fashion compared to men. And I think it is a fact that women are more likely to be judged by their looks compared to men. There are women who wouldn’t go out without make-up on.


However, that’s the very intention of the industry.
In today’s society, beauty sense is largely manipulated by films and advertisement. There are reasons for many actresses who appear in movies are extremely thin. There are reasons for their perfectly set-up hair, perfectly put up make-up, wrinkle-less skins and beautiful clothes.
There are reasons why actors in films and ads are masculine, have expensive suits and drive expensive cars.


Those kinds of expensive “beauty” make consumers feel inferior.
And consumers spend money to reach unrealistic goals.
It is because appealing to opposite sex is important for humans in subconscious level. So becoming beautiful is important in very deep level.
People who feel ugly for whatever reasons, weight, face feature, thin hair, body shape try to get out from the situation. And that desperate effort to become beautiful is the benefit for the industry.

Cosmetics, perfume, esthetic clinic, hair removal, hair restoration, cosmetic surgery, aspiration of fat.


I think it is sad that many people try to “buy” beauty because they don’t realize their intrinsic beauty. Try drawing. You will realize many things by drawing, like many artists feel natural human bodies are beautiful.