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April 18, 2013

Bruisecaster Shows You Proper Music For Dark Times, Dystopian Noise Disco

April 18th- San Diego

If you are an conscious and thoughtful person, it is pretty clear that the things are fucked up. Paying attention, trying to care and take actions aren’t too easy when the ruling class is hijacked by corporate psychopath. Bruisecaster, local San Diego dystopian noise disco band, will show you how to party in such a dark time. Their sound might give you a joy that’s similar to reading Dostoyevsky in the war zone, swimming in the beautiful and radioactive water of the Pacific Ocean or throwing rocks at brain-dead cops in the massive riot to demand human rights.

The bassist Fernando Astorga, the back bone of the band, plays heavy distorted and irresistibly catchy and dancy bass lines. The drummer Glendon Romett’s crisp, punchy and groovy drums make your body and feet move. And the vocalist/ keyboard Peter Holslin’s raw and vigorous performance and lyrics make you feel good, alive and refreshed, in the dark age.

Listen to Bruisecaster.

Bruisecaster performs on April 21st at Griffin with Sound Lupus, Dark Globe, and Hoodrats.

On April 23rd Bruisecaster performs at Casbah with Marriages and Boris.


December 5, 2012

JOY: Casbah 8/31/12

Eagles Nest Productions hour long psychedelic music video project with JOY is done!


Congrats JOY for their first record release!

JOY: Zack Oakley, Paul Marrone, Justin Hulson

filmed by: Ayari Kanezashi, Shoko Hachiya, Tom Rowden

sound recording by: Glendon Romett

sound mix by: Chris Grundy

lighting by: Operation Mind Blow

edited by: Shoko Hachiya, Glendon Romett

Produced by: Eagles Nest Productions

Thank you everyone who helped to make this production possible.

November 10, 2012

Hour Long Psychedelic Music Video Project

Eagles Nest Productions have been working on a video covering the whole live set of San Diego local psychedelic band JOY. The band’s show was at Casbah on 8/31 along with Astra, Dahga Bloom, and Shiva Trash. Local record label Cave Punk released JOY’s first album that night, it was a great party. Every band that night was thoroughly enjoyable. Some were very intense. And Operation Mindblow killed it with their lighting show with exploding and flowing colors. They even had a projection of live fish swimming. Science! I think watching solid musicians play live set and get body and soul shaken by the sound is equivalent to eating infinite popcicle and drinking infinite beer by the great ocean in a hot perfect summer day naked with best friends. It’s a powerful and important experience for creative ever developing humans.

After working on the JOY footage for 2 months, the video is finally coming together. Here is a 2 minutes promo video for you to enjoy until it’s finalized.

Also, you can listen to some of the JOY’s album here.

March 31, 2012

Shaking Pyramid

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock, shredding, skills and good rock music in general, you are more than likely to enjoy videos of a band called (Shaking) Pyramid. Crews from Eagles Nest Productions went to Casbah San Diego to film and record  this new band of Mike Eginton (bass) from Earthless, Zack Oakley (guitar and vocal) from JOY and Space Nature, and Paul Marrone (drum) from Psicomagia.


You can watch the whole set, or individual songs. first songsecond songthird song and the last song.



Advices from Egypt


1. Listen to old jaded writes


2. If you are carnivore, eat goat meat instead of beef


3. Read Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami


January 8, 2012

Jamuel Saxon hangs out with Haruki Murakami ジャミュエル・サクソン、村上春樹と遊ぶ

Keith Milgaten and Jayson Ehm from Jamuel Saxon are San Diego’s musicians that I have genuine admiration for.
I feel very lucky that I could contribute a little bit in their
creative process by making an album cover for their album Pre-Madonnna that is going to be released from Single Screen Records on January 17th. The album release party is on Jan 19th at Casbah.


One night, When I and Keith and Jayson and Haruki Murakami were drinking whisky together, Haruki said, “Act of making something from absolute zero nothing takes lots of whisky and beer, and imagination and energy that are so intense and enormous that could distort and deform your head.”


Haruki is a guy who was usually quiet. Because Haruki suddenly came out with dense sentences, Jayson looked at him skeptically, Keith stopped his thoughts about his new remix, and I forgot 3 nights worth of dreams and 2 mathematical equations in a split second.


The sound o Haruki eating pistachio echoed in the room as if it’s some sort of foretaste.
When Jayson drunk beer, the sound of liquid running through his throat made surprisingly loud sound.
The sober world of Keith is about to reach 3 month of its existence, and only the birds who cry at night know what it’s like.
I observe bizzarre dynamic of three guys and drink straight whisky.


Haruki said, “There are kinds of things you can realize only in the superior music. In some cases, it is so powerful that it changes people’s lives when the raw sound seeps through not only ears but also skins to shake organs then to reach brain.”


When Keith and Jayson started playing music from laptop and keyboard and drums set up in the room, Haruki started dancing as if it was some sort of predestination he couldn’t change anything about it.


When I woke up in the morning, Haruki was gone. And there was a memo that wrote,”I like brave people who are able to create something. Intelligent Dance Music. And All God’s Children Can Dance.”


※This is a fiction


Article on Reader

September 10, 2011

A Day In September. 9月の1日。

It was the first week of September and the first rainy day after the summer faded.
I spent all morning having sex with my girlfriend in bed, on a chair, on a desk, on floor. It seems like I hate condoms more and more as I get older.


I love how her nose moves like a pink pig’s when she is shows affection. Today I got to see her lovable movement of her nose once. Although it is not as rare as rain in San Diego, she still does it only rarely.


I liked how the rain signed long summer’s declination and quiet but sure arrival of the fall like a poet. It hadn’t rained for very long time in San Diego. Season of change. It hits my every sense so I know.


I told that to my girlfriend, and she knew it too. So we had sex again. This time we set a mirror in front of the bed. We looked just like 2 snuggled up seals.


In the afternoon, I tried to add a symmetrical effect on my painting called “Where I Got Kidney Infection.” So far, I have spent 54 hours painting this piece, excluding 30 hours of staring.


I went out to Casbah with my friends at night. 7 more friends I wasn’t expecting to see were there.


Paul Remund was playing sharp and metallic drums behind 2 dancing girls dressed up in seductive Arabian styled costumes in a band called Carthedral X. Always liked Paul’s drumming. Somehow I felt like I was in San Francisco. But I was in San Diego. San Diego is a secret.


I realized that I didn’t like Chromatics that much when they were 30 minutes into their set. While I was telling that to my friend during the set, my feet and knees and head were still moving to their music. I could see the singer’s fake eyelashes from 20 meter away, and it pulled me.


Glass Candy was awesome. It pleased me every single time the singer screamed. I danced with my friends and all of us got all sweaty, and we laughed a lot.


After the show was over, I was chatting with my friends. Talked about new life. My friends moved to LA found needles on the ground in their new neighborhood. He took a picture of the needle and sent it out to his friends, “Welcome to the new neighborhood.”


When I stepped out from the building, night air was very fresh.

July 16, 2010

Human music measure 人間音楽メジャー

One of the best things I can do while I wait for my manicure to get dry may be updating this blog.


I talk about art and music and literature and stuffs with my friends sometimes.


Fortunately, I have lots of friends who have good tastes of music. And as a result of going to shows nights after nights, I found a really accurate measure to judge quality of music.


Measures are my friend Jordan, Seth the journalist, and my roommate Glen.


First, the show starts. Jordan, Seth and Glen are all listenning to the performance of the band A. 


Most of the time, Jordan maintains the distance from the band A, crosses his arms, listens to music and leaves the venue and starts smoking cigarettes outside and socializing. This is strike one.


Seth is never in the front, but he is listenning to the band A somewhere in the venue. But after a while, he starts to hanging out with ladies. This is strike two.


Glen usually watch the band from the side of the stage because that’s the best spot to see drummers. He relatively stays inside the venue pretty long. But when he slightly looks down and slowly walking towards the exit, that is strike three. Band A is out.


If the band was able to make all of them stay, that means the band is the shit.


For example, Bear In Heaven successfully made all three of them stay at Casbah.


Art and literature are really important means of express oneself, which enrich life and is also good for make people think critically. And there are all kinds of purposes and reasons why people make them, so I don’t like to judge other people’s creative work too much.


But there really are shitty music. I saw this band a while ago, and they reminded me of when I was 17, in the karaoke box, wasted, dancing and singing. But the thing is, it is OK because their purpose of playing music is probably getting wasted and have a good time.


But at the same time, it’s not bad to know quality music.


…I think my manicures are dry now.