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March 28, 2013

Dogmatic And Biased San Diego Event Guide For The Next 2 Days By Kajiki Production

March 28th, 2013 -San Diego

Culture in San Diego does seem to hit the ceiling, but somehow sometimes there are too many good cultural events to go to. This Thursday and Friday nights are those nights. Let Kajiki Production help you decide which event and why with our insightful local knowledge.

Thursday, 3/28: “me vs.” vs “Damian vs DKC”

There are 2 conflicting events on Thursday nights. So Say We All‘s VAMP Showcase “me vs” at The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, and a benefit show for a man named Damian who’s fighting rare bone disease DKC, “Damian vs. DKC (Dyskeratosis Congenita)” with a great lineup of local bands, Cuckoo Chaos, Grand Tarantula, and Buddy Banter at the propagandist in downtown.

VAMP Showcase, the last Thursday of every month at the Whistle Stop Bar, is a story telling event that features 8 story tellers each show with a different theme. This month’s theme is “me vs.” You can sip your drink, relax and listen to unique stories told by locals. It’s a humanizing experience to listen to stories of people’s lives. There are writing and performing coaches who help to make sure the stories are polished, so the performers won’t disappoint you. For this showcase, one of the hosts, Nathan Young is going to perform. On top of the writing workshop, revising the story and practicing the performance, he’s been jogging to get in shape for this performance. ($5 suggested donation)

A rivaling event on the same night is a great show as well. Needless to say, Cuckoo Chaos is a great sophisticated band. Even New York Times knows that. If you live in San Diego and haven’t seen them live, you definitely should go see them while you can. Grand Tarantula is also a great rock’n’roll band with a solid vocalist Jordan Clark. Buddy Banter, punk garage band, will show you a fun time for sure. And your donation money will help Damian get much needed marrow transplant. ($5 minimum donation)

A good news is, VAMP Showcase ends early. It ends around 10:30pm. So technically you can go to both events, get good stories, get humanized, get good music, get cultured, party hard and help a guy.

Friday, 3/29: Sioux Magazine’s Southern Sojourn vs. farewell pizza party for Jordan Hammond

Sioux Magazine‘s Southern Sojourn is presenting great psychedelic art & music from Southern California at Gregg’s Art & Surf .Co in Ocean Beach. California 666, JOY, Brian Ellis Group will satisfy your craving for quality psychedelic music. If you are tired of wussy indie rock, this event is for you. Classic Rock Magazine wrote about Brian Ellis’ other band Astra, “Along with the UK’s very own Diagonal, this San Diego quintet represent everything that’s cool about progressive rock in a classic -or should that be ‘timeless’ sense -The musicianship is stunning; lead guitarist Brian Ellis is this generation’s Steve Howe- but beyond. Can someone please tell me why Astra aren’t huge?” So that’s what you are going to see, stunning musicianship, at this event.

But if you are a great friend of Jordan Hammond from Primitive Noyes, you might want to go to his handcrafted vegan pizza party at Tree House to say goodbye to him. Yes, Mr. Hammond is moving to San Francisco. You might wonder, “Didn’t he move to Austin, Texas or something kinda recently?” Yes he did, but he came back to San Diego because he loves San Diego so much. You can read an article about the last time he left San Diego by Seth Comb here.

Again, this pizza party starts early, around 6 p.m. meaning you can go get tasty vegan pizza, say goodbye to Jordan, and go to Ocean Beach to get your mind blown by psychedelic music and art.

March 17, 2013

Mike Groves Falls Asleep In The Middle Of Conversation He Was Having With Brian Ellis マイク・グローブス、ブライアン・エリスとの会話の真っ最中に眠りに落ちる

March 17th, 2013 -San Diego, California

Mike Groves of The Sound Grove falls asleep in the middle of the conversation he was having with his best friend Brian Ellis. At the time he was holding a pink heart-shaped cushion.



Brian Ellis says he does not remember what they were talking about when it happened. “Then I started putting things around him,” Ellis says. The things he placed around Groves included a basketball, hat, high heels and a Nintendo 64 controller. An expert says it is universally really hard for people to not mess with their best friends when they are passed out so defenselessly on a couch. Things like writing something on someone’s face with a sharpie is a very typical act.


Groves has fallen asleep in Tokyo subway and lost track of time earlier this year as well. He also experienced sleep paralysis when he was a child. But sleep researchers say there is no clear relativity between sleep paralysis and falling asleep in the middle of action, such as talking with friends or playing the guitar.


Groves’ friend Shoko Hachiya says, “my little brother Shoto used to fall asleep while he was eating. My parents thought it was hilarious. They filmed it too. It was so cute.” Shoto Hachiya, now 23-year-old, says sometimes he still gets a little bit sleepy when he is eating.


Groves and Ellis both live in Escondido California, and they are both musicians. Groves has a music project called The Sound Grove. Ellis has many music projects going on such as Astra, Brian Ellis Group and Birdzilla so he can constantly play music. Astra has a European tour coming up in April. Scientists haven’t been able to prove a correlation between being a musician and falling-asleep-in-the middle-of-something-syndrome either.




January 30, 2013

Local Venue The Void Smells Amazing The Morning After Nite Ritual’s Performance

January 29th, 2013 -Normal Heights, San Diego

Alex Kacha, the new owner of a live music venue The Void, formerly known as Bar Eleven, noticed the venue had an extremely refreshing and delightful scent the morning after Nite Ritual, a local electric music act, performed at the venue.


Nite Ritual used props for the performance such as candles, a red wine glass, a board with symbols and sage burning that enhanced his layered dark electric sound. A local witch said the refreshing scent was from the sage that Nite Ritual burned before his performance. A vampire said he didn’t like it.

Other acts from last night were Polyphase (Brian Ellis), Professor Paradox and the Medicine Machine and Shamu Soul (Jamaal Clarke). This unique line-up brought a wide variety audience such as break dancers, elderly people, UCSD students, functional alcoholics, wizards, dog owners and musicians.

Lately San Diego musicians are taking the visual part of the show more into account. Cathedral X has done a variety of visual performances that involved dancers, artistic props, costumes and lights to the point that their shows were almost like experimental abstract conceptual theatrical pieces. Eagles Nest Productions have been providing live video projections to many musical acts. Operation Mindblow has been providing psychedelic visuals of flowing colors for deserving local bands such as JOY and Dahga Bloom.

Under the new ownership, the Void is starting fresh with a brand-new name and a great scent of sage. If you go to the Void tonight to see Primitive Noyes, Purple // Image (Alex Gray from Sun Araw), Mystery Cave, Asha, Bill Wesley, 100 LBS of Smoke, you will notice the freshness brought by Nite Ritual all around the venue. The show tonight (1/29/13) is FREE. The Void is located at 3519 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego.

November 5, 2012

Time to handpick underground music

* a diagram of 2 people enjoying underground music

The night I flew back from NYC, I went to a music venue in San Diego and watched a touring band from Portland with lots of synthesizers and a fog machine. As I watched the band, my feeling about indie music solidified. I was sick of indie music (or wussy hipster music, that’s lots of newer indie rock sounds like to me, sorry). It is not as bad as radio stations that’s been playing the same songs for longer than I could remember, there are some great great indie rock bands from 00’s that I still enjoy, but indie rock as a genre is surely wearing off for me right now. I don’t know if this over-saturated indie music attack is a general phenomenon, but one day I felt like “EVERYTHING IS INDIE NOW! And they sound all the same.”

So, listening to music got kind of depressing for a little while. I thought about starting to collect vinyls of progressive rock from 60’s and 70’s or something to get excited about music again. Then I realized that I just need to look for new underground music more actively again like I used to do. Yeah! There are so many musicians making interesting music, there are all kinds of music, and a lot of them are shared on the internet. There is no way not to take advantage of this situation and tap into a digitized music ocean of 00’s. I put some links to the music that I found lately on sound cloud and band camp.

Astronaut moon jam music by Jamaal Clark

Tasteful dark psychedelic jam by Brian Ellis and Danica Molenaar

Dark and textured eerie electronic music by Paul Remund


Pretty electronic/ Gameboy music by Balloons

June 11, 2012

Projects: PSICOMAGIA and A Painting

I’ll share some of my projects I recently finished here.


I made 2 videos of PSICOMAGIA’s live show at Tin Can Alehouse. They’ve been playing at venues around San Diego. Highly recommended to go see them live especially if you are tired of seeing wussy hipster bands. Don’t get me wrong though, I like wussy bands too, I don’t even know who exactly hipsters are, but I’m just saying these musicians are not that, whatever it really is. I got the recording of this show from Brian Ellis (who plays sax in Psicomagia) You should be able to hear the details pretty well. Use of headphones recommended to hear better.

PSICOMAGIA Live Footage #1

PSICOMAGIA Live Footage #2

PSICOMAGIA is Paul Marrone (drums) Brian Ellis (sax) Tyler Daughn (keys) Trevor Mast (bass) Bernardo Nunez (poet) and Daniel Gutierrez (poet)


I finished this painting after I came back from family vacation in Hawaii.

This painting used to look like below. Can you see how much I calmed down after swimming in Hawaii??

I wrote about my vacation in Hawaii in the last blog. When I was underwater and watching fishes, sleeping on the quiet nearly empty beach, I nicely realized that my art and my thoughts and everything that I clumsily stress about don’t matter because the fishes I saw in the clear warm water didn’t give a shit. Fishes don’t give a shit, so why should I? It’s a weird logic, but it’s been working for me and making me feel very content.

The video below is a song that I like by the Strokes and Regina Spektor. And I was listening to this song in Hawaii, and the line “Always thinking about yourself” stood out somehow.  I think it is a very real mentality in urban environment. But it wasn’t in Hawaii, at least for me. It felt pretty silly to be that way when I immersed myself in the nature, especially when I was in mild panic at 80 feet deep in the ocean during scuba diving.

Always thinking about yourself. Always thinking about yourself. Always thinking about yourself.

March 24, 2012

When Radio Sucks

Listen to podcast!  (

Radio almost never plays local music, for some reasons they keep playing cutting edge rock music hits from 20 years ago over and over.


I don’t know how radio people think, but at least one of the stations should reflect more of what’s going on currently and locally. Everyone knows Nirvana, we all have heard their music and they were great.


I like listening old school tunes from radio, but it doesn’t really make sense to me that radio collectively ignores the current local musicians who are currently writing music, playing local shows and touring outside the town. What I know is big portion of Radio company’s revenue comes from advertisement. Maybe they are playing safe to keep their advertisers? They are afraid that listener is going to change the station if they play something too unfamiliar? They don’t care about local culture? I don’t know.


But especially after appearance of myspace music, bandcamp, and other internet places that you can discover new music on your own, discovering new artists has become a new cool and fun thing to do. And I believe many of us are doing that and ditching mainstream music. Many people have tastes for new things and know how to listen and think about music.


Anyway, this podcast saved me from Radio Attack when I was working on stuff at a cafe the other day. It’s all San Diego local music.

とにかく、このポッドキャストは先日私がカフェで仕事をしていたときにかかっていたラジオ攻撃から救ってくれました。音楽は全てサンディエゴのローカルミュージックです。 has played following artists’ music since they started on March 22nd. You can download their music as well.


Adam Chini, Get Off The Map, Brian Ellis, Two Eyes Meets Redux, Neat Beats, Primitive Noyes, Astra, JOY, Sleep Lady, Woodsman, Shamu Soul, Mystery Cave.