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January 23, 2013

Hostel Takeover Helps Downtown To Be A Less Sucky Place To Hang Out For Artists

January 23rd, 2013 -San Diego

IMG_7181 Photo: a painting by Chris Vannoy

A growing art event Hostel Takeover at Hostelling International Downtown San Diego (521 Market Street) has been helping downtown San Diego to be a less sucky place to hang out for local artists. Hostel Takeover has succeeded in not only bringing fresh local art in the area of town that never represented San Diego’s local culture but also bringing local artists who always avoided shopping malls and out-of-touch-with-reality douche bags.

Unfortunately downtown San Diego is known as a place where douche bags hang out. Daniel K. Sellers,  a professor of sociology at University of California San Diego, points out that downtown San Diego has many elements that attract people who are unconsciously trying very hard to look like or act like people from mainstream media. Because they spend so much mental energy trying to conform and assimilate themselves into their perfect image that was planted by mainstream media to enhance the consumption.  They tend to be very delusional, poor at communication, easily manipulated, and having small capacity to interact with new things or concepts. What they do is opposite of what artists do. One of the artists who participated in the event said, “People walk around downtown look like wandering souls without purpose. Looking at hundreds of girls in identical black dress and ugly high heels going to shitty mega clubs makes me so sad. Also someone should tell them a difference between dance moves and humping.”

One of the great things Hostel Takeover offers to artists is an adorable national and international audience. During the last Hostel Takeover on Jan 20th, cute and curious travelers and artists and their friends enjoyed the night together. A surprise of the night was a coincidental guest Haruki Murakami. Mr. Murakami was traveling to write a travel journal with his cameraman Matsumoto. They happened to be staying at room 310 of the hostel. He bought 2 cases of Italian wine for everyone and greatly encouraged traveling, dreaming and always being on the side of eggs not the wall.

(Below are some photos of the art works displayed at the hostel)

November 14, 2012

Phantom Vernacular- Group Art Installation- 12/1/12

*Photos are of Jefry Coad’s art works

I have 3 art shows coming up in December, 2 group shows and 1 solo show. The first one is only 2 weeks away, so I am going to tell you some info and what this project is like.

Phantom Vernacular (Exhibits A-Z)

is a group art installation by 6 San Diego local artists, Jefry Robot Coad, Andrea Giaier, William Goff, Shoko Hachiya, Frank Melendez and Cari Veach. At the opening night,  J Doerck and Jason Soares will be in charge of the audio component.

Opening Night: 12/1 (Sat) 6p.m.-10p.m.

Disclosed UnLocation: 1925 30th Street, San Diego CA92102

On this project every artist is using materials that are provided by Jefry Coad. He has a vast amount of categorized and well-organized materials that he collected over the years, which includes cut-outs from magazines, cut-outs from the packages of food, black-and-white photos of some IT companies back in 70’s, very shiny tapes, thick rolls of coupons, stickers, books, boxes, etc etc in addition to regular art supplies. And Mr. Coad found this a great opportunity for other artists to tap into his studio-full of art supplies.

Having access to different kinds of materials naturally leads me to make art differently compared to when I make art in my own studio with my own art supplies. So this project has been very fun and challenging and lots of wine drinking. Hanging out with other artists has been a very positive experience and I am looking forward to experiencing the whole process, witnessing how it is going to shape up in 2 weeks, and partying at the opening night.

UnLocation is a small art gallery located in South Park, San Diego, a very cute and artsy neighborhood. There are many small shops that sell unique things, coffee shops that ain’t Starbucks, bars with down-to earth bartenders, and restaurants serving tasty things. My friend described South Park “like a neighborhood for older hipsters who wanted to have kids and stuff.” And it’s like that. It’s a great neighborhood that’s peaceful and fun at the same time somehow. Children eating ice-cream, adults getting high, and warm sun shines over green South Park.

Hope to see you on Dec 1st!

August 28, 2012

Eagles Nest 2nd art/ music/ film show

The place I live is called “Eagles Nest” because it is on the 3rd floor with a good view. We can see the city lights of Tijuana in distance at night because we are (San Diego is) close to the border.


The reason why Eagles Nest started having a show was because I made a 2 hour long film as my final project against my professor’s will last year, so we did a screening party/ art show. Last December’s show was a success, many people came out to the show, so we decided to do the 2nd one. All the roommates cooperated to make the 2nd show happen on 8/17. We converted the house into the galleries and made the living room a screening room. And this time more artists, musicians and filmmakers participated.


We wanted the show to be informal and unpretentious, and didn’t want people to feel a weird lump like I do sometimes at art shows. And I hope the show was a good stimulant for local artists. Overall I personally had a very good time organizing and hanging out with many friends at the show, and hope everyone else enjoyed the show as well.


You can watch the video of the show. ビデオはこちら。

List of the visual artists: Shoko Hachiya, Ayari Kanezashi, Sam Hears, Danica Molenaar, Robert Khasho, Jefry Coad, Josh Wessling, Jeremy Woodall, Jenni Simms, Kristy Hayden, Matthew Groves, Clay Kolts, Julie, Maria Cochina, M.R. Volpe

今回参加したビジュアル・アーティストはShoko Hachiya、Ayari Kanezashi、Sam Hears、Danica Molenaar、Robert Khasho、Jefry Coad、Josh Wessling、Jeremy Woodall、Jenni Simms、Kristy Hyden、Matthew Groves、Clay Kolts、Jury、Maria Cochina、M.R. Volpeの15人。

Live music performance was by The Napps and Tyler Daughn.

Jonathan Owens と彼の友達、それとTyler Daughnがライブミュージックパフォーマンスをしてくれました。

And films were Randall Christopher’s new animation, Maria Cochina’s music videos, Jeremiah Wessling’s Cheryl & Tammy, Clay Kolts’ music video and Shoko Hachiya’s The Bike Shop. After the screening, we showed Eagles Nest Productions’ local music showcase.
それからフィルムはRandall Christopherの新作アニメーションと、Maria Cochinaのミュージックビデオ、Jeremiah WesslingのCheryl & Tammyシリーズ、Clay Koltsのミュージックビデオと、Shoko HachiyaのThe bike shopのスクリーニングをしました。スクリーニングの後は、Eagles Nest ProductionsのLocal music showcaseを流しました。

Also Eagles Nest residents cooked lots of food for the party. I wasn’t used to cook that much food so my head got really confused, forgot what I was doing while I was cutting daikon radish, and the room temperature rose, but it was worth the effort. And of course the head chef Fernando Astorga’s moves in the kitchen was eye-openingly beautiful.


The day after the show, I was drinking coffee and trying to read a book at a cafe, but I realized I was severely hangover because I couldn’t understand anything that I was reading. All the hosts spent the day hooked to IB.



March 22, 2012

Art Show at Cell Space/ A Mohair Jacket from the Past

I was in San Francisco with my friend Ayari in the last week of February and the first 2 days of March.


I spent lots of time walking around, drawing, painting and partying, and I stayed at my friend Krystal’s place in Mission District.


One of the highlights of the trip was an art show at Cell Space.


Ayari and I were looking for a gallery or shop to put our paintings in the city, but being a part of a group show was even better and funner.


Thanks for your help Tom and Krystal. That became one of my favorite places and time in San Francisco.


And I made a video from the footage after the trip. Music is by Glendon Romett.


We Are Artists

In the mean time, I travel quite a bit and had developed a habit that I buy one thing that I really like in the destination.


This time I bought a set of a vintage jacket and skirt from LA ROSA in Haight area.


Mohair skirt and jacket from 1960s


People at the store seemed to be proud of clothes they have there, and clothes were in good condition. And the massive collection of vintage clothes from the past were creating some sort of symbolic atmosphere that you wouldn’t feel at H&M or Urban Outfitter.

お店の人達はお店にある服達をとても誇りに思っているようで、洋服はとてもいいコンディションでした。巨大な過去からのビンテージの洋服のコレクションは、H&M や Urban Outfitter では感じることのない、ある種の象徴的な雰囲気を作り出していました。

I don’t regularly buy vintage clothes. But I felt like buying, wearing, feeling, looking at vintage clothes is one of the ways to feel the past.


I had a good time, thanks San Francisco.


September 21, 2011

Art Show アートの展示

I (Shoko Hachiya) am showing my art work with Christian Clemensha at Tin Can Ale House
till early October.

私(蜂谷翔子)とクリスチャン クレメンシャが共同でアートショーを十月の上旬までティンキャンアレハウス

This is my website.


Tin Can Ale House is an live venue that books local and touring bands.
Lots of good live acts, good selection of beer, and fabulous people.