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February 4, 2013

Mike Groves Loses Track Of Time In Tokyo Subway

February 4th, 2013 -Tokyo

Mike Groves (28) was found deep asleep while holding a cord on his guitar and lost a track of time in Tokyo Subway. Mr. Groves didn’t know where he was, who he was, and what time it was when he woke up. “When I woke up, the train was stopping at Shinjuku station again. I saw my watch and it said it was 9 o’clock. But I couldn’t tell if it was 9 in the morning or 9 at night because I can’t see the sun in the subway,” he says.


A photo taken by his friend while the similar phenomenon happened to Mr.Groves at his friend’s house

The incident happened when he was on Toei Shinjuku Line. He transferred from JR Line to Toei Shinjuku Line at Shinjuku station. His destination was Ichigaya, only 3 stations away from Shinjuku. This means he started to writing a song in a empty train and fell fast asleep in approximately about 5 minutes. He doesn’t remember neither what cord he was holding down nor a new song he was writing. The witnesses, a station worker and high school girls, said that he was snoring with high intensity.

Mr. Groves was exhausted from writing songs for his music project The Sound Grove non-stop for about 2 days while managing his podcast that features San Diego local musicians. “Tokyo is a rough city,” he says.





December 21, 2012

夢を見ることについて About Dreaming: Haruki Murakami and Frying Dutchman


In this speech, world-class Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami talks about Japanese spiritual nature, Earthquake in North East Japan and nuclear incident in Fukushima, and an importance of being “unrealistic dreamer.” I couldn’t find his speech with subtitles, so I translate some parts of his speech even though it’s pain in the ass and my translation skill isn’t quite pro. But I know some people would enjoy it.


“This nuclear incident in Fukushima is the 2nd nuclear damage we Japanese people experience. But this time isn’t like someone dropped an bomb on us. We prepared for it, we made mistakes, we polluted our own land and we destroyed our own lives. Why this ended up happening? The feeling we had for a long time after the war, the feeling of rejection against nukes, where on earth did it disappear? What did impair and distort the peaceful and affluent society we consistently searched for? The answer is easy. It’s efficiency. Power company insists that nuclear reactor is an efficient electric power generating system. In short, it is the system they can make the most profit. Also, Japanese government nationally pushed nuclear power especially after the oil shock due to their skepticism about the stability of crude oil supply. Power company made the money fly as advertising money, bribed media, and planted seeds of an illusion in citizens to make belief of safe nuclear energy. And before we realized, 30% of electricity in Japan was generated by nuclear power. While citizens didn’t know about it too well, this small and crowded country with frequent earthquakes had become the 3rd largest number of nuclear power plants in the world.   ”


“At first, they created accomplished facts. People who are concerned about nuclear power, will be intimidated by accomplished facts like “OK, so you are OK if there isn’t enough electricity? You are OK if you cannot use air-conditioner in summer?” They label people who are skeptical about nuclear power as “unrealistic dreamer.” Then now we are here. Supposedly safe and efficient nuclear reactor is now displaying a terrifying state as if someone opened the lid of the hell. “Look at the reality,” the reality people who supported nuclear power actually wasn’t the reality at all, it was just their superficial convenience. They switched “superficial convenience” and “the reality” to switch the logic. It was the collapse of Japan’s long-lasted technical power myth, and at the same time it was loss of our ethic and norm that tolerated such a switch of the logic. “Please rest in peace. We won’t repeat the mistake.” We have to etch these words in our minds once again.”


“We Japanese people should have kept shouting “NO” against nukes. This is my personal opinion. We should have pursued alternative energy that can replace nuclear energy in the national level by fully mobilizing our technological capabilities, by calling upon wisdom, and by putting social capital into it. That would had been a way for us to collectively take a responsibility for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That also would had been an big opportunity for Japan to truly contribute to the world. However, we lost our precious way in amid rapid economic development because we bought into the standard of efficiency.”

スピーチの最後に村上氏はこう言っています。Mr. Murakami says lastly.


“Dreaming is a novelists’ job. But more importantly, novelists have to share their dreams with people. Without such a sense of sharing, we cannot be novelists. I know that people in Catalonia have been protecting their own language and culture even though they had many difficulties and cruelty in their long history. There must be many things we can share among us. In Japan, and here in Catalonia, if we can equally be “unrealistic dreamers,”  if we can build new values that are common in the world, I think it would be so wonderful. I think that would be a starting point of regrowth of our humanity that went through horrible disasters and horrifying terrors in recent years. We must not fear dreaming. We also must not fear having ideals. We must not let dogs of limitations that have names such as “convenience” and “efficiency” catch up to our footsteps.  We will be “unrealistic dreamers” who move forward with strong steps.”



Japanese band Frying Dutchman did a great performance regarding nuclear power, so I put a video of their street performance below in this opportunity. This video has English subtitles.

September 3, 2012

Good bye Jon Blaj and Neat Beats

When Jon visited my house a couple of days before he left San Diego, I pulled my gun from my waist and pointed at his head. Then, I turned the gun away from his head and shot the California Condor that was flying outside the window. It was the last wild California Condor alive, but of course it doesn’t matter to me. I asked “How much cash do you have?” And pale-faced Jon handed me all the money he had in his wallet. I thought that I could have thrown a rock in the air and cut it in half in the mid-air with a Samurai sword with Japanese Samurai soul, but I re-thought. Unfortunately Samurai sword is illegal in Japan, and merely possessing it is illegal. Also this is America, the country of cowboys. So I ended up choosing the most logical and legal and easiest option. Outside the window, crows were curiously staring at the fresh carcass of the last wild California Condor.

*This is a fiction



Thank you Jon for buying my art. Hope you enjoy them. And  I hope Jon, Tara and Alvin enjoy the new city and keep discovering the different and interesting aspects of life.


Looking forward to seeing Neat Beats again as well.


August 23, 2012

Rice Cooker/ Entrance to the other dimension

The rice cooker with ingenuity came to our house when my new roommate moved in.


This rice cooker is such an excellent product that plays a melody line from Japanese children’s folk music when it starts cooking and finishes cooking, and makes me feel warm. And of course its fundamental function as a rice cooker is perfect as well, it cooks rice and keeps rice warm and moist and tasty for extended time.


I was very happy that I was always able to enjoy tasty rice as any proud Japanese person should be. My life was up-graded.


However, seasons changed from Spring to Summer, and Summer is the prime season for bugs. A couple of month after we deployed the rice cooker to our kitchen, the roach issue started get worsen.


One day, roach babies were witnessed inside the display screen of the rice cooker. And it was the beginning. Two months later, when I turned on the rice cooker, the electric melody was played as usual. However, several minutes later, many roaches were witnessed around the rice cooker. I called my roommate for help, and everyone saw the scene was in awe.


Roaches were comfortably living inside the rice cooker.  Apparently, roaches evacuated outside the machine because they couldn’t tolerant the heat when the rice cooker was cooking rice.


The next day, my roommate took the rice cooker to the space 3 stories down from our place and conducted a dismantling operation. I was on standby at the 3rd floor and heard my roommate screamed. I couldn’t abandon my buddy so went downstairs to check on him. His roach combat spray was already empty, and he was agitated. I was also surprised at the number of roaches. However, they looked defenseless outside the kitchen, under the bright sun. The eerie powerful aura they wear in the kitchen at night was gone. So I gained courage to stomp them regardless of age or sex.


After the battle, we stared at the rice cooker. Dismantled rice cooker looked strangely bare. It looked like something that was not rice cooker. It looked like a time-machine to my eye. There were hundreds of roaches inside this small rice cooker. Perhaps, this rice cooker was an entrance to the other dimension. My imagination expanded.


Below are photos of the dismantled rice cooker.


April 12, 2012

Landscape In My Dream 夢の中の風景

This painting, consisting of 2 paintings, is my latest work.


I wanted to describe landscape in my dream where ratio of things are off, walls are huge and ceilings are high, and abstraction and realism mix.


The dog in the painting is my dog Kuri who is 15 years old now. I haven’t seen him for about 2 years because he is at my parents’ house in Japan. I asked my mom to send a picture of my dog, and couldn’t believe how fucking old he looked with his whiter fur in the picture my mom sent me. He is slowly becoming deaf too. One cold winter night, we adopted him when he was a puppy crying outside of our house. He was a very new and fresh puppy. And now he has become an very old dog. When I witness somebody’s life course, it makes me look at my own life simpler, and it is nice and serene feeling for me. I love my dog. Somehow he managed to knock up my friend’s dog too.


I am showing my art (mostly newer ones) at this event called Hostel Takeover. It is at Hostelling International in downtown San Diego this Saturday, 4/14. The address is 521 Market Street. Time is 6pm-11pm. If you happen to be around the area, you should come out. There will be over 25 artists and music acts. I believe there will be free food there too. You can park your car at City College’s parking lot, and there will be shuttle bus running during the event because the parking might be difficult in downtown. Hope to see you there!





March 31, 2012

Shaking Pyramid

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock, shredding, skills and good rock music in general, you are more than likely to enjoy videos of a band called (Shaking) Pyramid. Crews from Eagles Nest Productions went to Casbah San Diego to film and record  this new band of Mike Eginton (bass) from Earthless, Zack Oakley (guitar and vocal) from JOY and Space Nature, and Paul Marrone (drum) from Psicomagia.


You can watch the whole set, or individual songs. first songsecond songthird song and the last song.



Advices from Egypt


1. Listen to old jaded writes


2. If you are carnivore, eat goat meat instead of beef


3. Read Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami


February 21, 2012

日本語講座 Japanese Class

Japanese Lesson 1

I’ve been making videos for a production company called Eagles Nest Productions. Eagles Nest used to be an artist collective in Golden Hill, San Diego. But we decided to make it into a business. It feels really good to do what we love 🙂


And this is one of the videos I made lately.


More and deeper you learn a foreign language and culture, it creates a secret depth inside you.


January 16, 2012

A Canvas/ Part 1

This is a first 20 minutes of the film project called “A Canvas” that I did with my talented friends.


The film is rather experimental. The contents include varieties of elements such as fiction, documentary and stop motion animation.


In the fiction part, the story revolves around a canvas that I steal from a homeless lady in the beginning of the film. And the documentary part features 3 San Diego bands that are friends of mine, Scruffles, Primitive Noyes and Bruisecaster.


I honestly can’t say the film is very well done, but this is the very first thing I made a film that is almost 2 hours long. I definitely spent a lot of time shooting and editing and put effort to make it enjoyable.


So I hope you enjoy this.
I will post other parts of the film later.


January 13, 2012

Visual Poem/ Oh Man Poem

This is the second visual poem I made.
The first one is called “Sound of Rain”
Compared to the first one, this one is more fun and humorous.


Hope you enjoy this.