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February 22, 2013

カワセミ氏ついに夢の魚の捕獲に成功 Mr.Kingfisher Finally Catches His Dream Fish

Feb 22nd, 2013 -Chiba, Japan


Mr. Kingfisher, known for his life-long passion for catching fish, finally catches his dream fish at Jyouza park in Chiba, Japan. In the interview, Mr. Kingfisher says he feels extremely proud and overjoyed.



The fish was almost as big as himself, and it took him about half an hour to swallow the fish, he says. Fish he catches is usually a lot smaller. He hadn’t had a fish this big for 6 years. Especially in recent years, the average size of fish is getting smaller as well as the number of fish in rivers, lakes and oceans. “Even though sake is very good, ice cold beer is the best with raw fish,” he gladly answered to the reporter’s question “what’s the best alcohol to drink with fish.” He told the reporter with a blissful smile that he got a portrait of himself holding the fish done by a local painter.



Photographer: Isao Hachiya