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July 6, 2012

Sleep, Wake, Tendencies 眠り、覚醒、傾向

Sleeping is a rest for body and mind.


While people are sleeping, sleep fixes people’s “tendencies.”


If there are muscles that are tended to overworked, sleep will fix that part of muscle.


If there are heavy tendency in the thinking, sleep will disperse it as dreams.


I read things like that in TV People by Haruki Murakami



If the scientist program massive amount of data in the robot’s Artificial Intelligence, the robot won’t wake.


The scientist programmed 6 billion minds in the robots. There are too many varieties.


To wake the robot, the scientist needs to give it “tendencies”. Strong emotional tendency.


Strong emotion simplifies the world, and tendency sorts out information.


That was what needed to wake the robot up from sleeping in eternal varieties.




I read this last night in Japanese comic book series called Pluto, remake of Atom Boy by Osamu Tezuka.


In our sleep, tendencies are balanced out, cured, enhanced, added, and we wake.


The photo is a painting I finished lately. I tried to describe a boy falling into unconscious state.


April 12, 2012

Landscape In My Dream 夢の中の風景

This painting, consisting of 2 paintings, is my latest work.


I wanted to describe landscape in my dream where ratio of things are off, walls are huge and ceilings are high, and abstraction and realism mix.


The dog in the painting is my dog Kuri who is 15 years old now. I haven’t seen him for about 2 years because he is at my parents’ house in Japan. I asked my mom to send a picture of my dog, and couldn’t believe how fucking old he looked with his whiter fur in the picture my mom sent me. He is slowly becoming deaf too. One cold winter night, we adopted him when he was a puppy crying outside of our house. He was a very new and fresh puppy. And now he has become an very old dog. When I witness somebody’s life course, it makes me look at my own life simpler, and it is nice and serene feeling for me. I love my dog. Somehow he managed to knock up my friend’s dog too.


I am showing my art (mostly newer ones) at this event called Hostel Takeover. It is at Hostelling International in downtown San Diego this Saturday, 4/14. The address is 521 Market Street. Time is 6pm-11pm. If you happen to be around the area, you should come out. There will be over 25 artists and music acts. I believe there will be free food there too. You can park your car at City College’s parking lot, and there will be shuttle bus running during the event because the parking might be difficult in downtown. Hope to see you there!





April 2, 2012

ART as gifts/ individualism

Art works below are the ones I gave to my friends and family as gifts. I think whatever handmade is a sweet and better gift than merely purchased mass-produced materials. I believe it is better for a sender to create something than going to a mall, and also better for a receiver to have something unique and original. And I believe it is better for today’s globalized world that looks like it is about to be owned by corporations that don’t give a shit about real human culture.

Americans value individualism, but it is clear that cultural homogeneity is happening as huge corporations influence the mass through mass media. Advertisers and PR are ruthless. They are full of shit too. Media has been dumbing down many many brains. Anyway, if you just look around, so many people are dressed the same and think the same. How many places in America have to look identical, dominated by chain restaurants and shopping malls with the same companies in? Good communities with small businesses are getting harder to find. Commercialism is killing a uniqueness, individualism and diversity in the culture.

I am from Japan and Japan is one of the most collectivistic countries in the world. One of the characteristics of collectivism is that people in collectivistic countries value harmony as a group more than individual’s  uniqueness, being outstanding and independence and such. But after having been living in the U.S. for more than 5 years, I had to conclude that not so many people are unique here. And people can’t take “weirdness.” They freak out and get mad when they hear something like “communism” or something that oppose to famous American propaganda. And they don’t even know the meaning of the word or what it is. It seems like to me that Japanese people are chill about being “normal,” and Americans are collectively trying to be unique, which make them not unique at all especially when they try to be “cool” according to what’s “cool” by mass media. I think they have better chance in pursuit of uniqueness if they consume better media and maybe read good books or something.

But what can you do? You know only what you know. Our brains are essentially full of information we perceive through senses, each person processes it differently, but when there are only the same information circulating in the world we live, it is really hard to be a different or unique individual. And it probably harder for modern people because corporations constantly feeding propaganda directly into consumers’ mouths. Corporations can do that because media organizations need money from advertisers. Media works by selling advertising space to corporations. And it of course is to fuel the consumption.

I don’t know any sadder tragedy than this modern world created around materialism and commercialism and corpocracy and all the nonsense comes with them. But I do believe that creative activities can save brainwashed brains that believe something like “you are what you wear.” Act like writing, painting, drawing and playing music requires critical thinking. You need to be creative, think critically and self-critisize. I guess it is called soul-searching.

Creative work is a reflection of some sort of reality. When you create art, you are trying to express something out of whatever kind of information you have in your brain, and your own (nobody else’s) perspective of the reality is what makes your art really good and mind-blowing. Work by Banksy is a really good example because it is really intelligent and reflective of the current world. Novels by Haruki Murakami are great because nobody wrote like him as far as I know, and his works are highly sophisticated and I think they describe the spiritual emptiness of Japan really well especially in Norwegian Wood and South of the Border, West of the Sun. There are limitless ways to see the world and it is healthy to have our own. We don’t need to stay in the box.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I think we should start creating something valuable that actually represents ourselves.

July 30, 2011

3 trips 3つの旅

3 trips to make me realize I was wrong.

3 trips to breathe outside of the bubble.

3 trips to recognize how unimaginatively small I am.

trips after trips.
I saw people doing their own things.
I went to places where people’s belief systems don’t apply.
so I need to keep my pace.
but I still can’t help thinking too much.


Solo trip 1人旅 5/30 – 6/17

New York City

Primitive Noyes and Colony West Coast Tour
6/23 – 7/2

Santa Cruz: Sub Rosa
Oakland: Harmony House
Seattle: House Party
Olympia: Grandma’s House
Portland: Laughingbook House
San Francisco: Accident and Artifact

Travel with my parents 両親との旅 7/6 – 7/17

Kings Canyon
Angeles vs Mariners
Death Valley
Las Vegas
Hover Dam
Grand Canyon
Horse Shovent
Antelope Canyon
Monument Valley
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Petrified Forest
Meteor Crater
Sedona, Arizona

June 23, 2011

軸 An axis

“Death is an axis of my life for me.”

“So I think about death at least for 3 minutes everyday.”

“I feel a presence of death very closely especially when my life is full of
joy and fun.”

“That’s not a negative thing at all.”


“Thinking about death is a kind of preparation because

death is like a wave that surely arrives on the shore someday.”


“I can have an axis and live strongly and kindly by facing death, accepting death and thinking about death.

pretty pleasantly too.”


Brave monkey and horse said to me when I was drinking a cup of apricot tea.

And they entered a dark mountain where a monster lives.



“Dude…” I murmured and called a friend to tell what I just heard. And we made a plan for the weekend.



June 2, 2011

知らない人々とすれ違うこと。Walking pass by strangers

Stained day-to-dayness is what I see in the travel destinations.

Before the departure, I feel like something changes drastically and soundtrack starts to play when I arrive there, but what’s there is the day-to-day sound.

Day-to-dayness is like a stain cannot be wiped, washed or burnt away.
It exists anywhere in the world, and each day-to-dayness has people living in it.

And one of the day-to-dayness I saw in NYC is overwhelming numbers of people there.
The concrete city is dense, something constantly moves around, klaxons sounds, and lukewarm air with some smell of garbage sits there. But the strongest impression I got was the number of people in the city.

The city attracts people without daintily, and people attracted from all over the world creates the city. Anything-can-happen-like chaotic atmosphere is co-created by random people attracted by the city and the city attracts those people.

I passed by astronomic numbers of people when I was walking around all day.
That number is obviously greater than the number of people I pass by in San Diego.
It is as obvious as the difference between summer and winter. Certain kind of things are very obvious.

And I don’t know any of those people I pass by.
And they don’t know me at all.

I don’t mean “knowing” in terms of fame here.
What I mean is if I truly know someone or someone truly knows me.

Knowing other people, not being known by other people impacts people
and me tremendously probably because humans are social animal.

Walking pass by astronomic numbers of people shakes my existence a little bit.
I slightly lose a sense of what kind of person I am or I think I am.

When I talk with my close friends in San Diego, I can have a pretty clear
image about what kind of person i am.

But when I talk and pass by strangers in the place I don’t know
they don’t tell me what kind of person I am, they only show me possibilities.

It is similar to not being able to see myself well in the mirror.

They don’t know me.
And I don’t know them.

Some people are resistant to exogenous factors, but I tend to modify a bit
of myself to people around and the environment. So losing a sense of direction , walking pass by countless people are to adjust my existence, strengthen my color and rethink.

And I build up myself as I warm up in the new day-to-dayness.

April 18, 2011

両親への手紙。歯と目の近況。A letter to my parents. recent update about my teeth and eyes.


It might sounds childish, but I feel the happiest and most natural when I take pictures, paint, write sentences and play music. So recently, I desperately feel that’s the side I’m gonna walk on.


The latest thing I realized was not everyone feels the same way as I do.


Some people want to be government officials, some people want to be some sort of elite, some people want to be famous, some people want to make as much money possible, some people want to just feel happy about living, some people love feeling cutting edge, some people feel alive when they help other people, sow people somehow balance something inside them by criticizing society, some people want to extinguish fire, some people really want to cut people’s hair neatly, some people want to fish in the ocean, some people want to give a birth to new things creatively.


Lately, I feel it is the best to live creatively to reach my own subconscious potential.

P.S. この間ピザの耳をかじったときに、昔詰めた死んだ銀歯がポロリと取れました。


P.S. The old dead stuffing in my tooth lately came off when I had a big bite off pizza. I can’t see too well in my old glasses anymore, I need to buy brand new contacts. My eye sight is getting weaker.

When something like that happens in sequence, somehow many things feel very raw, my body feels like something very temporary, appreciate bizarre things and perceive my self-existance objectively.

March 21, 2011

回りくどい話 A Roundabout Explanation

Though this is a very basic thing, it is culture that enables human this much success as a species on earth.

Culture is made of various things such as knowledge, wisdom and customs having been accumulated long before the time we were born. Accumulation of culture. This is not seen in any other animals other than humans (in my knowledge.) What this means is, human is a rare species that can record what they learn and pass it to the future. We learn through the records made by people from the past in forms of languages and art, we learn further on top of the layers of accumulated culture, and then we can pass it to the future. We are standing on the countless layers.

Of course technology helped human to prosper. But that progress wouldn’t have happened without accumulated records from the past. Like one person’s life has limitations, one generation can achieve only so much, just like there is only so much we can do in a day. Jyomon period couldn’t turn to Meiji period over night. That is to say the technology is also a result of cultural accumulation.

A long time ago, there was a person who realized there were tiny things we can’t see, there was a person who invented microscope, there were people who discovered germs by using microscopes, there were people who studied germs, and lastly there are people who invented vaccine.

I think humans are basically pretty lucky being able to do such a thing (although I often feel complicated jealous feeling towards turtles sunbathing by the pond all the time.)

That lucky cultural key is probably greatly related to our size of the brain. And there is a hypothesis that the reason why humans have big brains is because humans are social animals. That kind of brain is called social brain. That theory explains that humans needed high intelligence in order to live socially, or bigger brain (high intelligence) made social living possible. (The amount of information is so much greater in social life)

Enough about the theory, the point is that social living is very important for humans.

For example, if a child was separated from the society, the child doesn’t learn anything. The child cannot even learn how to speak if the source of learning was shut out. (Like it happened to a girl raised by wolves.) Human’s contents are influenced that much by others, culture and environment.

We are also playing role as a mirror to each other. It is because we are cultural and social animals that learn from others. If we think someone is fabulous, we may respect and emulate that person. Or if we think someone is cynical, we think we should try not to be like that person. We live while constantly compare ourselves with others, and we stretch here and stick there.

What that means in deeper level is that we cannot even know ourselves without existence of others. We cannot even have a slightest idea about what kind of people we are or what kind of people we want to be.

And there is a community as a core of a social living. One of the basic functions of the community is to help each other out. Idealistically, we have a sense of who lives in the community, who’s kids are mischievous, who’s sick, who’s hearts broken, who’s broke, and all that and we take care of each other.

Although this may be a roundabout way to think about it, what I’m trying to say here is that we are all connected in a fundamental level for a very very long time. We are living on the accumulated culture, and we can build ourselves little by little because there are various people around us.

And this earthquake happened in the community called earth, or if you are Japanese, an extremely close community called Japan.

The earthquake is not something irrelevant to you from the moment you hear about it. Something happened to someone is something happened to all of us in a way. Please use your imagination.

In short, people who wear nonchalant look and think the whole thing is irrelevant to you in the time of emergency like this, what kind of nerve you have!?

March 1, 2011

緩やかなシフト A Gradual Shift

When something start to change, most of the times, the change starts slowly.

Noticing that change might be difficult because it is gradual.

For example, how often do you buy salt?

I use salt for cooking almost everyday, but I don’t purchase salt that many times in a year because I use only a little amount each time.

A week ago, salt ran out in my house.

And as if following the salt, various things in the house run out, wear out and needs repair.

Outside the house, a few strangers strangely guess something right about you.

You feel uncomfortable.

You start to feel questions about the thoughts and behavioral patterns you have.

And you realize you’ve been at where you are for quite a long time, and suddenly the everyday manner you hold to other people feels old.

And you clearly recognize the existence of the dead angle you missed.

It changes like that.

February 21, 2011

A Meeting ミーティング

I had a meeting this weekend.

We met at a bar on Saturday night.

The topics were rather broard, but somehow intertwined.

First, we talked about dysfunctional individualism and depressing collectivism.

Then we talked about the ratio of an certain kind of people throughout history, and if the ratio of the people could be changed by the better connectivity provided today.

While we talked, people were busily moveing around and stumbling at the bar. I saw a black-haired woman who had puked in the booth she was sitting at. And I saw her dozy facial expression.

Then we shifted to the topic to how a person could be carried away and change over time. And how subtle that change starts. Then about how one becomes less and less naive as one goes through one’s life. And what that means to be less naive.

Despite the matter of fact people were always drunk there, this night was a bizarre night. The way people got drunk was slightly different and somehow bizarre to my eyes.

And that strangeness could come from outside or inside of us. It is a reflection of inside or outside. But this night, it was because of something inside me. Something was changing inside me. And people were not kind.