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March 17, 2013

Mike Groves Falls Asleep In The Middle Of Conversation He Was Having With Brian Ellis マイク・グローブス、ブライアン・エリスとの会話の真っ最中に眠りに落ちる

March 17th, 2013 -San Diego, California

Mike Groves of The Sound Grove falls asleep in the middle of the conversation he was having with his best friend Brian Ellis. At the time he was holding a pink heart-shaped cushion.



Brian Ellis says he does not remember what they were talking about when it happened. “Then I started putting things around him,” Ellis says. The things he placed around Groves included a basketball, hat, high heels and a Nintendo 64 controller. An expert says it is universally really hard for people to not mess with their best friends when they are passed out so defenselessly on a couch. Things like writing something on someone’s face with a sharpie is a very typical act.


Groves has fallen asleep in Tokyo subway and lost track of time earlier this year as well. He also experienced sleep paralysis when he was a child. But sleep researchers say there is no clear relativity between sleep paralysis and falling asleep in the middle of action, such as talking with friends or playing the guitar.


Groves’ friend Shoko Hachiya says, “my little brother Shoto used to fall asleep while he was eating. My parents thought it was hilarious. They filmed it too. It was so cute.” Shoto Hachiya, now 23-year-old, says sometimes he still gets a little bit sleepy when he is eating.


Groves and Ellis both live in Escondido California, and they are both musicians. Groves has a music project called The Sound Grove. Ellis has many music projects going on such as Astra, Brian Ellis Group and Birdzilla so he can constantly play music. Astra has a European tour coming up in April. Scientists haven’t been able to prove a correlation between being a musician and falling-asleep-in-the middle-of-something-syndrome either.




August 29, 2012

「時間と空間と可能性の観念」”Concept of time, space and possibilities”


I saw these words today. I think I’m gonna think about things like these when I wake up tomorrow.


By pondering about such things, some sort of air-like thing that is stagnating might be start to flow and circulate again.


By thinking alone like a kid.


A postman I met today at the bar, his name was Terrance. When he told me his name, it felt really funny as if  I never knew before that there were people in the world who shared the same names.

August 28, 2012

Eagles Nest 2nd art/ music/ film show

The place I live is called “Eagles Nest” because it is on the 3rd floor with a good view. We can see the city lights of Tijuana in distance at night because we are (San Diego is) close to the border.


The reason why Eagles Nest started having a show was because I made a 2 hour long film as my final project against my professor’s will last year, so we did a screening party/ art show. Last December’s show was a success, many people came out to the show, so we decided to do the 2nd one. All the roommates cooperated to make the 2nd show happen on 8/17. We converted the house into the galleries and made the living room a screening room. And this time more artists, musicians and filmmakers participated.


We wanted the show to be informal and unpretentious, and didn’t want people to feel a weird lump like I do sometimes at art shows. And I hope the show was a good stimulant for local artists. Overall I personally had a very good time organizing and hanging out with many friends at the show, and hope everyone else enjoyed the show as well.


You can watch the video of the show. ビデオはこちら。

List of the visual artists: Shoko Hachiya, Ayari Kanezashi, Sam Hears, Danica Molenaar, Robert Khasho, Jefry Coad, Josh Wessling, Jeremy Woodall, Jenni Simms, Kristy Hayden, Matthew Groves, Clay Kolts, Julie, Maria Cochina, M.R. Volpe

今回参加したビジュアル・アーティストはShoko Hachiya、Ayari Kanezashi、Sam Hears、Danica Molenaar、Robert Khasho、Jefry Coad、Josh Wessling、Jeremy Woodall、Jenni Simms、Kristy Hyden、Matthew Groves、Clay Kolts、Jury、Maria Cochina、M.R. Volpeの15人。

Live music performance was by The Napps and Tyler Daughn.

Jonathan Owens と彼の友達、それとTyler Daughnがライブミュージックパフォーマンスをしてくれました。

And films were Randall Christopher’s new animation, Maria Cochina’s music videos, Jeremiah Wessling’s Cheryl & Tammy, Clay Kolts’ music video and Shoko Hachiya’s The Bike Shop. After the screening, we showed Eagles Nest Productions’ local music showcase.
それからフィルムはRandall Christopherの新作アニメーションと、Maria Cochinaのミュージックビデオ、Jeremiah WesslingのCheryl & Tammyシリーズ、Clay Koltsのミュージックビデオと、Shoko HachiyaのThe bike shopのスクリーニングをしました。スクリーニングの後は、Eagles Nest ProductionsのLocal music showcaseを流しました。

Also Eagles Nest residents cooked lots of food for the party. I wasn’t used to cook that much food so my head got really confused, forgot what I was doing while I was cutting daikon radish, and the room temperature rose, but it was worth the effort. And of course the head chef Fernando Astorga’s moves in the kitchen was eye-openingly beautiful.


The day after the show, I was drinking coffee and trying to read a book at a cafe, but I realized I was severely hangover because I couldn’t understand anything that I was reading. All the hosts spent the day hooked to IB.



June 19, 2012

Telemagica: festival review

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I went to Telemagica on 6/9. Telemagica is a 3 day music festival in California’s high desert, Jacumba CA. The site is very close to Mexican border, the fence of the boarder is actually visible from the festival site. Most of the people camp at the site, sleep in the van or just stay up all night. Because of its obscurity and authenticity, most of the people there seem to be artistic type with great appreciation for creativity and people who pay attention to culture/sub culture.

There are 3 main places in this festival, Telemagica (the camp site with several stages and art and random trains,) electronic/rave music stage (set along the trail that leads to the Tectonic stage) and the Tectonic stage (which is surrounded by mountains and looks and feels like it’s inside crater.) And each location is about a mile apart from each other. It was very funny and surreal to me that I could see the raging lights from the rave stage in the distance from the Tectonic stage where I spent most of the night.

I personally feel done with the bigger festivals like Coachella because I’ve done it, it’s getting more and more expensive, I don’t like standing among hot sweaty loud crowds anymore like I used to like, and it’s highly commercialized even though there are great music.

On the other hand, Telemagica was very laid-back, pure, spacious and fun even though it was very loosely organized, in fact, almost dysfunctional at times. The schedule was 5 hours behind or something at the Tectonic Stage. It was mostly frustrating for the bands who packed up and dragged all their gears to the desert. But I believe most of the people were on drugs and easily stayed up till the sun came up, so I guess it didn’t matter too much. When I walked the desert trail back to the camp site with my friends after Jamuel Saxon finished up their set, the sky was getting lighter. People were still partying at the Tectonic stage, and people were also still sitting around the camp fire after the night has ended at the Telemagica camp site.

I had a really good time hiking around, discovering art, seeing bands, drinking whiskey, staring at the milky way in the desert with many friends. I loved how authentic the event was.

I documented the Telemagica here and there and made a 15 minutes long documentary. Watch Telemagica Documentary This video shows the festival site and also features Jamuel Saxon, Suisho No Fune, Shiva Trash and more. Hope you enjoy it.

June 11, 2012

Projects: PSICOMAGIA and A Painting

I’ll share some of my projects I recently finished here.


I made 2 videos of PSICOMAGIA’s live show at Tin Can Alehouse. They’ve been playing at venues around San Diego. Highly recommended to go see them live especially if you are tired of seeing wussy hipster bands. Don’t get me wrong though, I like wussy bands too, I don’t even know who exactly hipsters are, but I’m just saying these musicians are not that, whatever it really is. I got the recording of this show from Brian Ellis (who plays sax in Psicomagia) You should be able to hear the details pretty well. Use of headphones recommended to hear better.

PSICOMAGIA Live Footage #1

PSICOMAGIA Live Footage #2

PSICOMAGIA is Paul Marrone (drums) Brian Ellis (sax) Tyler Daughn (keys) Trevor Mast (bass) Bernardo Nunez (poet) and Daniel Gutierrez (poet)


I finished this painting after I came back from family vacation in Hawaii.

This painting used to look like below. Can you see how much I calmed down after swimming in Hawaii??

I wrote about my vacation in Hawaii in the last blog. When I was underwater and watching fishes, sleeping on the quiet nearly empty beach, I nicely realized that my art and my thoughts and everything that I clumsily stress about don’t matter because the fishes I saw in the clear warm water didn’t give a shit. Fishes don’t give a shit, so why should I? It’s a weird logic, but it’s been working for me and making me feel very content.

The video below is a song that I like by the Strokes and Regina Spektor. And I was listening to this song in Hawaii, and the line “Always thinking about yourself” stood out somehow.  I think it is a very real mentality in urban environment. But it wasn’t in Hawaii, at least for me. It felt pretty silly to be that way when I immersed myself in the nature, especially when I was in mild panic at 80 feet deep in the ocean during scuba diving.

Always thinking about yourself. Always thinking about yourself. Always thinking about yourself.

June 4, 2012

Fish, Peace, Osamu Tezuka 魚、平和、手塚治虫

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It had been a long time since the last family vacation, so I went to Hawaii with my family. We woke up early, ate, talked, swam, drank whiskey and slept everyday for 9 days we were in Hawaii. My family is pretty carefree and nice.


Waking up early and swimming in warm clear water in tropical island showed clearly how I over-think all the time, be bothered by small things and live unhealthy life.


When my head becomes really hard and stressed, I will try to remember fishes and sea turtles living for the day underwater.


On Memorial Day, I went to Arizona Memorial where a warship called Arizona sunken by Japaneses attack in the beginning of WWII was preserved just as is.


It’s not really a fun thing to look at, and the place carries a heavy and dark historical atmosphere. I felt it on my skin that the specific time period had a very vivid and strong present of Nazism of Germany, fascism of Italy and militarism of Japan, and regular people lived at the time didn’t have choices but intense tides of the time.


We humans always “self-justify” no matter what kind of awful things we commit. We justify wars. Self-justifying and telling a lie are fundamentally different things. Lying is consciously telling a lie to others. But self-justifying is rather lying to ourselves unconsciously. Lying to ourselves is a dangerous thing. Lying to ourselves, justifying things like wars devastate morality in our society.


I also went to lantern floating festival on the same day. It’s an event for peace and many people release lanterns to the ocean. About 40,000 people were at the event, the beach was full of people, and many lanterns were released to the ocean. It was a serene experience that 40,000 gather “for peace.” It would be wonderful if all the wars to benefit certain politicians, countries and corporations end. I believe it is important for all of us to make an effort to reduce greed.


When I was in Hawaii with my family, I borrowed comic books from my brother. It’s called Buddha, written  by a famous Japanese cartoonist called Osamu Tezuka, and I thought that not burning greed for materials, taking a good look at my own heart and living harmoniously with the earth was a wonderful way to live. Osamu Tezuka is great for telling a deep concepts and a story for regular people through a fun medium manga (comic books) which little kids and people without higher education can read. Thanks Osamu!


May 14, 2012

Kava Lounge/ Pretty Productive Days

It’s been very productive and fun lately. I have a cat for the first time in my life. My new roommate is awsome. I sold a couple of paintings. CRAZY MOTHER’S DAY! I started to work as a translator. My boyfriend bought a vintage drum set and a sampler to level up. THE SUPER MOON completely wrecked me. Did a live painting for the first time. and so on and on.

And one of the highlights from last week was a show Kill Quanti presented at Kava Lounge on Kettner Blvd. (same street as Casbah) I am just gonna share the line-up and the photos from that night.

Line up was

Jonti/ Mystery Cave/ Killer Swan/ Kynan/ Griefshare

Live painting by Andre Power

Visuals by Eagles Nest Productions


May 6, 2012

Art I sold and bought.

I sold this painting lately.


And I bought this one from my friend Jfre Coad.


We talked about doing collaboration and projects to reflect the community we live in.


To be continued.


April 22, 2012

Peter Holslin

Peter Holslin, one of my best friends in the entire world, a kind friend that you think of when you are at the lowest in your life after several months of doing heroine in NYC, is turning 26 years old in approximately 2 hours.

To express how much I appreciate the friendship, I sent him 2 drawings for his glorious birthday. One is called “chocolatecake on acid” and the other one is called “weather is nasty.”

And I also made a documentary of Mr. Holslin. Happy Birthday Peter.

Peter is an excellent writer, intelligent experimenter and also a raging musician that I believe you will notice in the documentary.

And another extraordinary thing about Holslin family is that nobody is lame or uncool or awkward. I know Peter’s mother, father and brother, and they are immediately likable and intelligent people. I tremendously appreciate the genes Holslin family carrie.

I was at Peter’s party an hour ago. I had to leave because I just got over nasty sickness, and beer was making me nauseous in the stuffy apartment. But I had a blast. I was very impressed with the cake. After people sang a happy birthday to Peter, Peter cut the cake and a miniature goat jumped out from inside the chocolate cake and performed progressive rock music.

Peter is a man full of surprise.

Happy Birthday Peter!

November 4, 2011

Halloween Monster March

What did you do this Halloween?

Occupy San Diego protesters used this Halloween to learn and spread scary facts about this nation of corpocracy.


I don’t even wanna translate this part.
It’s way scary.