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March 22, 2012

Art Show at Cell Space/ A Mohair Jacket from the Past

I was in San Francisco with my friend Ayari in the last week of February and the first 2 days of March.


I spent lots of time walking around, drawing, painting and partying, and I stayed at my friend Krystal’s place in Mission District.


One of the highlights of the trip was an art show at Cell Space.


Ayari and I were looking for a gallery or shop to put our paintings in the city, but being a part of a group show was even better and funner.


Thanks for your help Tom and Krystal. That became one of my favorite places and time in San Francisco.


And I made a video from the footage after the trip. Music is by Glendon Romett.


We Are Artists

In the mean time, I travel quite a bit and had developed a habit that I buy one thing that I really like in the destination.


This time I bought a set of a vintage jacket and skirt from LA ROSA in Haight area.


Mohair skirt and jacket from 1960s


People at the store seemed to be proud of clothes they have there, and clothes were in good condition. And the massive collection of vintage clothes from the past were creating some sort of symbolic atmosphere that you wouldn’t feel at H&M or Urban Outfitter.

お店の人達はお店にある服達をとても誇りに思っているようで、洋服はとてもいいコンディションでした。巨大な過去からのビンテージの洋服のコレクションは、H&M や Urban Outfitter では感じることのない、ある種の象徴的な雰囲気を作り出していました。

I don’t regularly buy vintage clothes. But I felt like buying, wearing, feeling, looking at vintage clothes is one of the ways to feel the past.


I had a good time, thanks San Francisco.