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May 22, 2012

Many failed attempts to capture solar eclipse

I heard that we can see very rare solar eclipse on 5/20, I finished up work, bought beer and viewed solar eclipse with friends from the balcony to confirm that we are a part of the space and our existence is in sync with the cosmic rhythm.


While we stared at the sun, the sun slowly got eroded from the right side and became croissant shape, and though I thought it was going to be the ring, the shadow of the erosion moved upward and made a round shadow on the upper part of the sun. And the sun went behind the clouds after a while.


We tried many methods to capture the eclipse that was (supposedly) once every 300 years.


(1) brown beer bottle (2) green beer bottle (3) beer glass (4) sunglasses (5) vinyl painted in black (6) seaweed paper (7) recyclable bag



But every attempt failed.


But fortunately we could capture the eclipse when the clouds came out from nowhere and weakened the sunlight.


During the eclipse, someone who lived across the street from us put up a piece of paper against their window, and when I used zoom-in function of camera, it read “We are neighbors, Let’s be friends!” Then 2 neighbors visited our place later on. For a little while, it felt like the great success of the new communication technology experiment and the beginning of the new era of human race.


Strange things kept happening that night besides that. Unidentified man came over to our house, looking like he was going to cry, saying his girlfriend just cheated on him and she got arrested on his birthday. We were kind enough to let him in, and he drank a beer, but he didn’t cry. Then, another stranger who said he just got out from the jail asked us for a ride to Pacific Beach when we were leaving the house to go out to eat. Strange day.


Anyway, below are photos from the eclipse day (both success and fail)


January 16, 2012

A Canvas/ Part 1

This is a first 20 minutes of the film project called “A Canvas” that I did with my talented friends.


The film is rather experimental. The contents include varieties of elements such as fiction, documentary and stop motion animation.


In the fiction part, the story revolves around a canvas that I steal from a homeless lady in the beginning of the film. And the documentary part features 3 San Diego bands that are friends of mine, Scruffles, Primitive Noyes and Bruisecaster.


I honestly can’t say the film is very well done, but this is the very first thing I made a film that is almost 2 hours long. I definitely spent a lot of time shooting and editing and put effort to make it enjoyable.


So I hope you enjoy this.
I will post other parts of the film later.


January 13, 2012

Visual Poem/ Oh Man Poem

This is the second visual poem I made.
The first one is called “Sound of Rain”
Compared to the first one, this one is more fun and humorous.


Hope you enjoy this.


November 22, 2011

Accidental Visual Poetry 偶然の視覚的な詩

I filmed around my house when it was raining to made a video about a rainy day.

The video was beautiful but also boring.

So I layered random old videos I shot on top of it.

It was fun but also didn’t make sense.

So I wrote some words that go along with the video and edited them in the video.

And it ended up being like a visual poetry.

translation of the words in the video



August 4, 2011

information 情報

A flow of information is something like this if I try to draw.

A flow of information.

A flow of information.

A flow of information.


August 4, 2011

カラスはとてもハンサムな顔をしている。A crow has a very handsome face.

a very handsome crow

clearly felt self-loathing was stiffen up the body and raised the blood pressure.

This is definitely bad for the body, this is absolutely bad for the body!

Noriko thought and recalled her grand father. He died because a vein in his brain cut because of high blood pressure.

Her hands were shaking and she wanted to break something if possible.

But, modern humans don’t deal with stress by destroying things, she told herself.

So she opened a bottle of wine and poured that into a glass.

But the frustration derived from self-loathing couldn’t find a place to go and kept coming without showing any sign of the end.

なのでDirty Pretty Things のファーストアルバムを聴いてみることにした。
So tried the first album of Dirty Pretty Things.

Not working.

But as she kept listening, she remembered that she used to practice the third song and she could play that song pretty well.

And she grabbed an acoustic guitar that was sitting in the corner in her room.

She expected that playing music might heal her spirit.

The power of music is great.

But she found out that she forgot all the chords after not playing guitar for a while.

As a result, her frustration was even more increased.

Then, since she couldn’t think of any smart idea, she decided to put a slice-of-pizza-size of her frustration on social networking site.

But it only removed her stress as little as an area of a pinky nail.

So she poured a second glass of wine.

And finished that wine as well.

But the self-loathing doesnt go away. It keeps coming up, riding on the negative updraft created inside the stomach.

Self-loathing turned into a stress that erode her mind, and it concretely showed up as headache and shoulder stiffness.

Noriko thought, “knew it! body and mind are connected!”

I got it! I should get into something! Noriko realized 17 min after she finished her second glass of her wine. She used a telescopic lens and shot a photo of close-uped face of a crow resting on a tree in the neighbor’s backyard. She imported that high-defined photograph into her computer and drew that picture.

Noriko kept feeling waves of rage-like self-loathing constantly coming and gritted her teeth even while she was doing that.

She almost broke the glass with her teeth.

But Noriko somehow calmed herself down and started drawing a crow.

A crow has a very handsome face.

A crow has a very handsome face.

A crow has a very handsome face.

A crow has a very handsome face.

A crow has a very handsome face.

Drawing calmed her mind a little bit.

And Noriko falt asleep when she finished drawing the 34th crow.

Hope I can be a person who can wake up at the time I’m supposed to get up.

Noriko wished in her fading consciousness.

April 29, 2011

プラスチックのプチプチ The Bubble Wrap


When I woke up on Friday morning, the bubble wrap was filling up inside my head. Yes, that plastic bubble wrap used when people mail something fragile. Yes, that bubble wrap everyone, kids and adults, enjoy twisting and popping. I end up spending all day when the bubble wrap fills up my head.

やれやれまたこの日が来たか、と思いながら私は柔らかい泥の中から起き上がるみたいにベッドから起き上がる。そしてAlbert Hammond.Jr. の音楽をかけ、服を着替える。Albert Hammond. Jr.は今何をしているんだろう?私は時々会ったこともない人達の生活について想像する。彼の人生も、私の人生と同じように、頭の中にいっぱいに詰まったプラスチックのプチプチを潰すのに丸一日を費やさないといけないような日々をかかえているはずだ。そういう日が彼の人生を訪れるとき、Albert Hammond. Jr. はどう対処するんだろう? ”I’m not gonna change till I want to,” Albert Hammond. Jr. は歌った。

Good grief, this day again, I tiresomely think and get up from my bed like getting up from soft mud. I play Albert Hammond Jr.’s music and change my clothes. What is Albert Hammond Jr. doing right now? Sometimes I imagine lives of people I have never met. Like my life, his life has to contain days he has to spend all day long popping bubble wrap filled inside his head. How does he deal with it when that kind of day arrives to his life? “I’m not gonna change till I want to,” Albert Hammond Jr. sang.

“I’m not gonna change till I want to.” 「変わりたくなるまで僕は変わらない」


I understand that feeling, but certain kinds of changes are inevitable. And external factors are often causing the seemingly spontaneous changes.


But if I had freedom to make choices, when, where, why and who would I going to change with?


Certain kind of change brings chain-reaction like dramatic change. Socially speaking, discovery of crude oil, development of education, excavation of diamonds, invasion by foreign country, invention of steam engine, drop of atomic bomb, development of tourism industry, development of advanced capitalism, development of media. And there always merit and demerit.


In personal level, changing an internal attitude toward just one person, or how to treat just that one person might lead to the change of your attitude toward all the other people. People you spend your time with, things you support or not support, what eat and what you don’t eat might change when you choose particular thoughts, philosophy or religion. If you try to be nice to everyone equally, you cannot be mean to particular person (and they are often close to you.) If you seek an integrated logic, consistency.


My very small personal life is approaching the time of realistic change slowly but steadily. I’m going to graduate from a University this winter. And I will be free from the frames of college life like class schedules, required courses, 5 paragraph essays, and I temporally will be in a completely free state. I think of the actions I should take when I’m there, direction I should take, the places I should be and people I should spend time with and influence each other.
And I think about the results and possibilities being brought by my decisions.


What I know now, which is what I didn’t know before, is that the world is the place without limit, and I also have complete freedom about what I do there. I’m not sure if the word “without limit”, such a cosmic-like description, is the right way to describe it. But it crosses my mind when I try to choose something.


But before I realize, my brain boils down to nothing when I think about that kind of unlimited possibilities. Seemingly fine and ambitious state of mind turns into a mere over-thinking. I end up not being able to focus on what’s in front of me, feeling like I’m sitting in a transparent and dark glass case, being unable to recognize what is happening right in front of me, and my own voice sounds strange and I stutter badly if I try to speak.


And when I wake up Friday morning, after I repeat such things over and over and over again in my little head, I find myself in the situation like the plastic bubble wrap densely filling up my head. And I end up spending all day popping the plastic bubble wrap in a very nice sunny day.

February 11, 2011

Conversations About Nothing 1 意味のない会話 一

“What if three of us try to make money? We are not going to give a shit about anything but money.”

“How are we gonna do that?”

“What are we gonna sell?”

“…We can sell intelligence?”

“We certainly look pretty smart.”

“Ill just talk very smart and intelligent, and people gonna be like ‘can I just pay you?'”

“Yes you can.”

“If we fail and end up being poor, we can start playing soccer on the street.”

“And play music.”

“And make art.”

“And post high quality blogs.”

“Or maybe Ill just go to developing countries to do volunteer works to help little kids there while manipulate them, and tell them to get on my website when they are older.”

“That’s messed up.”

“I heard a lecture about a history of leisure. Apparently people during the industrialization was stoked about their free time. There were so many more varieties of leisure compare to before the industrialization because people had more money and time.”


“Yeah, they had to work only 14 hours a day instead of 16 hours a day.”

“That’s shitty.”

“Well, I gotta get going. I’m gonna go see a pop band. have you checked out their song called ‘fuck you?'”

“Nope. But sounds like they might save the pop music.”

January 8, 2011

ジェンガ jenga

Ernest Hemingway and I were playing jenga in a room in an apartment.

“I’m finally starting to understand a little bit.”

“About what?” Hemingway asked.

“People in this world and nature and space are spinning around their own axises, and those axises are something I can’t even imagine.”

Hemingway was trying to make a bold move on jenga.

“So, are you about to give up imagining what those axises are?” Hemingway, still keeping his eyes on jenga, slowly asked.

“Perhaps.” I uncertainly answered an uncertain answer.

Then jenga started wobbling and collapsed as if writing everything off.

Hemingway and I stared at collapsed jenga blocks for about 3 seconds, poured whiskey into each other’s glass, rebuilt jenga and started talking about a different thing.

There is plenty of time. I don’t have to rush.

July 24, 2010

I Am a Cat by Soseki Natsume 我輩は猫である 夏目漱石

just finished reading I Am a Cat  by Soseki Natsume, one of the best Japanese classic literature.


The main character, the cat, observes people around him with keen eye, humorously describe and sharply spell out the depth and meanings hiding behind visible human behavior with witt.


Quiz. What are good reasons to eat something or not eat something (何かを食べる、または食べない理由はなんですか?)

1. not that smart, tasty, green house gas (あまり賢くない、おいしい、グリーンハウスガス)

are these good reasons to eat cows? (これらは牛を食べるいい理由ですか?)

2. intelligent, friendly (インテリジェント、フレンドリー)

are these good reasons not to eat dolphines? (これらはイルカを食べないいい理由ですか?)

3. smart, over populated (スマート、過剰人口)

are these good reasons not to eat people? (これらは人間を食べないいい理由ですか?)

4. adorable, over populated (かわいい、多すぎる個体数)

are these good reasons to eat rabbits? (これらはうさぎを食べるいい理由ですか?)

I personally eat meat for like once a month.


We can eat pretty much whatever they want to eat, but I think we should think about it at least.