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March 14, 2013

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Tells Its Citizens To “Shut The Fuck Up And Forget About Fukushima” 浮かれ気分の安倍首相、英語で市民を罵倒

March 14th, 2013- Tokyo, Japan

On March 14th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, famous for not taking care of citizens after the 3.11 triple disaster and continuing wasting tax money to resume promoting very unpopular nuclear industry, told no more nukes protesters gathered around the Prime Minister’s residence, “Shut the fuck up! Forget about Fukushima!” in English. Mr. Abe who has been in a buoyant mood since the Japan-U.S. summit, has also been making delusional comments such as “I had good chemistry with Mr. Obama,” even though the summit was only a formality. If TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), one of the topics of the summit, becomes the reality, it will assure further corruption of democracy. Prime Minister Abe also commented with his creepy smile, “We have major corporations and the nuclear industry to take care of. Economy is the priority. Did you forget the Samurai spirit? Sometimes you have to die for the country!” as if it is still WWII.

地震・津波・福島原発事故のトリプルディザスター以降、国民の安全を二の次にし、国民に指示されていない原子力産業を国民の税金で再び立て直そうとするという愚行で有名になった日本政府の安倍首相は14日、首相官邸前に集まったプロテスター達に対して、英語で「シャット・ザ・ファック・アップ!フォーゲット・アバウト・フクシマ!」と叫び市民を罵倒した。安倍首相には先日のオバマ大統領との会談以来、会談は形式的なものに過ぎなかったにも関わらず、「オバマ氏とケミストリーが合った」などという浮かれた発言が目立つ。首脳会談でのトピックの一つであったTPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) が実現すれば、民主主義の堕落は更に決定的になる。さらに首相は気味の悪い笑顔を浮かべ、「日本は大企業と原子力産業をサポートし、経済を優先しなければいけない。侍魂を忘れたのか?日本国民は時には国の為に死を覚悟しなければいけない」とまるで戦時中のような発言をした。

February 22, 2013

カワセミ氏ついに夢の魚の捕獲に成功 Mr.Kingfisher Finally Catches His Dream Fish

Feb 22nd, 2013 -Chiba, Japan


Mr. Kingfisher, known for his life-long passion for catching fish, finally catches his dream fish at Jyouza park in Chiba, Japan. In the interview, Mr. Kingfisher says he feels extremely proud and overjoyed.



The fish was almost as big as himself, and it took him about half an hour to swallow the fish, he says. Fish he catches is usually a lot smaller. He hadn’t had a fish this big for 6 years. Especially in recent years, the average size of fish is getting smaller as well as the number of fish in rivers, lakes and oceans. “Even though sake is very good, ice cold beer is the best with raw fish,” he gladly answered to the reporter’s question “what’s the best alcohol to drink with fish.” He told the reporter with a blissful smile that he got a portrait of himself holding the fish done by a local painter.



Photographer: Isao Hachiya

December 13, 2012

Do It For the Sake of Tigers, Local Art and Craft Beer

There are only 3200 tigers left on the planet. One of the ways to help tigers is to come to the Tiger Bomb Art Show at El Dorado Cocktail Lounge (1030 Broadway, San Diego) on Thursday Dec 13th. The show is curated by a local band Lion Cut. 30 local artists created tiger inspired art for majestic tigers’ sake. 75% of sales goes to WWF to save tigers. Monkey Paw brewing is launching their very special beer, Tiger Bomb IPA, on this Thursday night for beautiful tigers. And 50% of beer sales also goes to WWF to conserve tigers. Lion Cut will be performing 🙂 So, why not party this Thursday. Buy local artists tiger art, drink Tiger Bomb IPA and simultaneously help tigers! FREE event!

Here is a one that I made for this event. “Vanishing Tigers and Audience”


September 30, 2012

Halloween Satire/ Tour de Fat/ Devotchka

I went to a park nearby my house today to see Devotchka. They played for a free event called Tour de Fat. Tour de Fat travels around the country to promote riding bikes and all the good things come with riding bikes such as health and sustainability. Tour de Fat raised $27,000 from today’s event by selling beer and merchandise. And all the money will be spent to make San Diego a better city to ride bikes. Very cool.

Another cool and free event, BAD GHOULS: Group Exhibition, will happen at Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego on Tuesday Oct 2nd. 10 local artists are displaying their Halloween themed art.  Artists are Ayari Kanezashi, Gregory Prout, Jenna Bogorad, Shoko Hachiya, Asha Sheshadri, Danica Molenaar, Jazmyne Lomeli, Josh Wessling, Tessa Cady and Sarah Jane. The show will be free from 6 p.m.-9 p.m., and $5 after 9 p.m.

I am lucky enough to be a part of this show and I made 4 satire pieces. I chose satire because the society we live really is spooky and scary and just perfect for Halloween. Pieces are titled “Thoughts About the Society,” “Day Dream of a Vampire,” “Exploitation of Insecurity,” and “Mom and a Witch.” I am selling each piece for $25 (with frame). Hope to see you at the event.

July 10, 2012

Real ART: Reflection of the reality

Lately I’ve been hearing lots of good news from Japan about anti-nukes movement that’s been going on after 3.11 nuclear power plant incident.


This street performance by Frying Dutchman is very informative, moving, poignant and straight to the point.


Country like Sweden is already progressing towards generating energy without nukes. We already have the technology to achieve it.


It is obviously wrong to put the country, citizens and the nature that keeps us alive in risk for the sake of some elites’ profits.


Support clean energy.


June 11, 2012

Projects: PSICOMAGIA and A Painting

I’ll share some of my projects I recently finished here.


I made 2 videos of PSICOMAGIA’s live show at Tin Can Alehouse. They’ve been playing at venues around San Diego. Highly recommended to go see them live especially if you are tired of seeing wussy hipster bands. Don’t get me wrong though, I like wussy bands too, I don’t even know who exactly hipsters are, but I’m just saying these musicians are not that, whatever it really is. I got the recording of this show from Brian Ellis (who plays sax in Psicomagia) You should be able to hear the details pretty well. Use of headphones recommended to hear better.

PSICOMAGIA Live Footage #1

PSICOMAGIA Live Footage #2

PSICOMAGIA is Paul Marrone (drums) Brian Ellis (sax) Tyler Daughn (keys) Trevor Mast (bass) Bernardo Nunez (poet) and Daniel Gutierrez (poet)


I finished this painting after I came back from family vacation in Hawaii.

This painting used to look like below. Can you see how much I calmed down after swimming in Hawaii??

I wrote about my vacation in Hawaii in the last blog. When I was underwater and watching fishes, sleeping on the quiet nearly empty beach, I nicely realized that my art and my thoughts and everything that I clumsily stress about don’t matter because the fishes I saw in the clear warm water didn’t give a shit. Fishes don’t give a shit, so why should I? It’s a weird logic, but it’s been working for me and making me feel very content.

The video below is a song that I like by the Strokes and Regina Spektor. And I was listening to this song in Hawaii, and the line “Always thinking about yourself” stood out somehow.  I think it is a very real mentality in urban environment. But it wasn’t in Hawaii, at least for me. It felt pretty silly to be that way when I immersed myself in the nature, especially when I was in mild panic at 80 feet deep in the ocean during scuba diving.

Always thinking about yourself. Always thinking about yourself. Always thinking about yourself.

June 4, 2012

Fish, Peace, Osamu Tezuka 魚、平和、手塚治虫

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It had been a long time since the last family vacation, so I went to Hawaii with my family. We woke up early, ate, talked, swam, drank whiskey and slept everyday for 9 days we were in Hawaii. My family is pretty carefree and nice.


Waking up early and swimming in warm clear water in tropical island showed clearly how I over-think all the time, be bothered by small things and live unhealthy life.


When my head becomes really hard and stressed, I will try to remember fishes and sea turtles living for the day underwater.


On Memorial Day, I went to Arizona Memorial where a warship called Arizona sunken by Japaneses attack in the beginning of WWII was preserved just as is.


It’s not really a fun thing to look at, and the place carries a heavy and dark historical atmosphere. I felt it on my skin that the specific time period had a very vivid and strong present of Nazism of Germany, fascism of Italy and militarism of Japan, and regular people lived at the time didn’t have choices but intense tides of the time.


We humans always “self-justify” no matter what kind of awful things we commit. We justify wars. Self-justifying and telling a lie are fundamentally different things. Lying is consciously telling a lie to others. But self-justifying is rather lying to ourselves unconsciously. Lying to ourselves is a dangerous thing. Lying to ourselves, justifying things like wars devastate morality in our society.


I also went to lantern floating festival on the same day. It’s an event for peace and many people release lanterns to the ocean. About 40,000 people were at the event, the beach was full of people, and many lanterns were released to the ocean. It was a serene experience that 40,000 gather “for peace.” It would be wonderful if all the wars to benefit certain politicians, countries and corporations end. I believe it is important for all of us to make an effort to reduce greed.


When I was in Hawaii with my family, I borrowed comic books from my brother. It’s called Buddha, written  by a famous Japanese cartoonist called Osamu Tezuka, and I thought that not burning greed for materials, taking a good look at my own heart and living harmoniously with the earth was a wonderful way to live. Osamu Tezuka is great for telling a deep concepts and a story for regular people through a fun medium manga (comic books) which little kids and people without higher education can read. Thanks Osamu!


May 22, 2012

Many failed attempts to capture solar eclipse

I heard that we can see very rare solar eclipse on 5/20, I finished up work, bought beer and viewed solar eclipse with friends from the balcony to confirm that we are a part of the space and our existence is in sync with the cosmic rhythm.


While we stared at the sun, the sun slowly got eroded from the right side and became croissant shape, and though I thought it was going to be the ring, the shadow of the erosion moved upward and made a round shadow on the upper part of the sun. And the sun went behind the clouds after a while.


We tried many methods to capture the eclipse that was (supposedly) once every 300 years.


(1) brown beer bottle (2) green beer bottle (3) beer glass (4) sunglasses (5) vinyl painted in black (6) seaweed paper (7) recyclable bag



But every attempt failed.


But fortunately we could capture the eclipse when the clouds came out from nowhere and weakened the sunlight.


During the eclipse, someone who lived across the street from us put up a piece of paper against their window, and when I used zoom-in function of camera, it read “We are neighbors, Let’s be friends!” Then 2 neighbors visited our place later on. For a little while, it felt like the great success of the new communication technology experiment and the beginning of the new era of human race.


Strange things kept happening that night besides that. Unidentified man came over to our house, looking like he was going to cry, saying his girlfriend just cheated on him and she got arrested on his birthday. We were kind enough to let him in, and he drank a beer, but he didn’t cry. Then, another stranger who said he just got out from the jail asked us for a ride to Pacific Beach when we were leaving the house to go out to eat. Strange day.


Anyway, below are photos from the eclipse day (both success and fail)


May 1, 2012

Tobaco/ Japan/ Earthquake/ Nuclear Power タバコ/日本/地震/原子力

Today I write about Japan where I was born and raised.


One of the wonderful things about Japanese people is their delicacy. Japanese subtlety, grace and sensitivity feels like they are different type of delicacy from American delicacy.


When I was visiting Japan during a winter break, I saw one of my friends quietly putting his cigaret into a small mobile pocket-ashtray with a neat motion. He is a slender hair stylist, and I still remember that series of motions he took at treating the cigaret because it gave me such a good impression. It is a small motion but it shows consideration for the town and the environment and his delicacy.


Not all the Japanese people neatly put away cigarettes like he does. But I felt like it was like a pictured delicacy of Japanese people when I saw a series of action my friend took, purposely carrying around a mobile pocket-ashtray and putting cigarettes away. In America that I know, no matter who they are (liberals, conservatives, environmentalists), they all throw cigarettes onto the street without having second thoughts.


In America, standard of recycling is far below compared to Japan. Even though it is completely normal for Japanese people to put out specific kind of trash to a dedicated place in community at specific time on a specific day, it makes me wanna give it applause after I have seen what’s it like in America.


I don’t know exactly why there are gaps between cultures, but I believe that “other people” ‘s existence are bigger in Japanese people’s minds compared to American people. Even though that may not necessarily be a strong characteristic in America where individualism has a deep root in the culture, I think having delicacy is essential in order to get along with “other people” at living in Japan. This kind of thinking could be a burden too, but it also is an efficient way of thinking to create harmonized environment.


It feel warm when I witness subtle delicacy of Japanese people who take care of smaller things even though some people might think ” it is just cigarettes or recycle.”


However, of course Japan isn’t just full of wonderful things. Japanese government’s response and actions after the North East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident was very sloppy, and all the government officials were blaming each other to save their own face. They are not putting enough efforts into reconstruction either.


I thought about Japan and earthquake while I was in the U.S. especially because I have a part of my family in Fukushima. And I felt like there are some sort of fate between Japan and nuclear power. Japan is a only country in the world that was attacked with nuclear weapon, and then half a century later, Japan experienced this earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident. People in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the war experienced atomic bomb’s instantaneous, catastrophic and overwhelming violence, and kept suffering from radiation afterwards for a very long time. After the war, Japan became a peaceful country that hates war and regards nuclear weapons as an absolute evil. However, Japan kept relying on nuclear energy, and the accident happened in 2011. A remarkably similar situation to Akira Kurosawa’s film called Dream, eruption of Mt.Fuji and explosions of nuclear power plants, became a reality in North East Japan.


I believe that development of clean energy is Japan’s mission at this era of energy crisis. Nuclear energy always has a difficult problem of radioactive waste and a risk of accident, oil and coal are limited resource. And greedy pursuit of oil makes war just as America has been doing, drilling oil devastates environment and eco-system, and such energy resource pollutes air and emits CO2 when it’s consumed.


Development of clean energy, and ultimately elimination of nuclear power plants. I believe Japan would be able to progress further if they could achieve such a difficult goal next, as a country that has been offering cutting-edge technologies to the world.