About Hinotori Shimbun 火の鳥新聞について


After experimenting for a while, Hinotori Shimbun (Newapaper) has become a newspaper that does satire and describe colorful and humanizing things in the society in its unique way. Hinotori Shimbun is a unique newspaper. It reports straight news sometimes but some articles are entirely fictional and some are half truth and half joke. But what’s important here is that all the stories we hear are inspired by the reality. “Objective facts” in journalism is only “objective facts” after all. We need to understand that “objectivity” and “reality” are two completely different things. There are countless ways to see the world. So Hinotori Shimbun is a unique newspaper which make news entirely out of the reality in a bit unique way.



I started this blog to make opportunities for myself to use both
Japanese and English.

Japanese is my native language and English is my second language.

Speaking, writing and reading in different language are sometimes strange sensation even after getting over initial insecurity and clumsiness at using a foreign language.

Because it is not just a language that’s different. Simply speaking, cultural context is very different.

Sometimes I can’t help asking my self “Would I say the same thing, or would I talk in the same manner in Japanese?”
And many times the answer is no.

So writing and synchronizing Japanese and English help me to make sense and organize my perspective that includes 2 culture.

The blog has varieties of contents such as art, music, culture, film, short stories, poem, thoughts and such.

The world always tells me who I am.

Without all the people and things and nature around me, I wouldn’t learn anything.

I wouldn’t even know who I am.


3 Comments to “About Hinotori Shimbun 火の鳥新聞について”

  1. I nominated you for a blog award. I really enjoy your site. If you’re interested you can find more info here:


  2. I love your blog and have added it to my “Blogs You Need To Read” side menu.

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