Jill Holslin Party Harder Than Her Son Peter On The Both Sides Of The Boarder

June 12, 2013 -Tijuana

Jill Holslin, a professor, writer, photographer, mother, evidently party harder than her son Peter Holslin. Peter and his friends realized that recently. Jill Holslin, an intelligent, bright, curious and energetic lady is currently living in a house in Tijuana, actively writing, working and documenting the both sides of the boarder. She has a blog called At the Edges that features the boarder cultures, the boarder issues and such with her profound knowledge about San Diego/ Tijuana culture.


Peter and his friends at a house party

Last year, Peter invited his friends, co-workers and family members to his birthday party but Jill didn’t show up because she had “an event that she couldn’t miss in TJ.” That was the moment when Peter and his friends started to suspect that Jill might be partying harder than her 27-year-old son.

However, her son Peter also is quite a trooper. He worked for San Diego Citybeat as a music editor for the last couple of years and went to countless live music shows and wrote massive amount of music articles. He probably knows the most of the San Diego musicians in the music scene, their egos, struggles, charms, uniqueness and talents.

He recently left Citybeat because of his chronic headache. “I’m tired. Now I just want to work a really easy job,” Peter said. Now Peter is visiting his father in New Mexico and chilling super hard after a couple of years of non-stop hardworking as a music editor. “I honestly don’t remember much what happened during 2010 to 2013, so much had happened and it was just kinda crazy,” Peter’s close friend said.

Meanwhile, Jill Holslin is soaking up the happening culture on the both sides of the boarder.


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