Bruisecaster Shows You Proper Music For Dark Times, Dystopian Noise Disco

April 18th- San Diego

If you are an conscious and thoughtful person, it is pretty clear that the things are fucked up. Paying attention, trying to care and take actions aren’t too easy when the ruling class is hijacked by corporate psychopath. Bruisecaster, local San Diego dystopian noise disco band, will show you how to party in such a dark time. Their sound might give you a joy that’s similar to reading Dostoyevsky in the war zone, swimming in the beautiful and radioactive water of the Pacific Ocean or throwing rocks at brain-dead cops in the massive riot to demand human rights.

The bassist Fernando Astorga, the back bone of the band, plays heavy distorted and irresistibly catchy and dancy bass lines. The drummer Glendon Romett’s crisp, punchy and groovy drums make your body and feet move. And the vocalist/ keyboard Peter Holslin’s raw and vigorous performance and lyrics make you feel good, alive and refreshed, in the dark age.

Listen to Bruisecaster.

Bruisecaster performs on April 21st at Griffin with Sound Lupus, Dark Globe, and Hoodrats.

On April 23rd Bruisecaster performs at Casbah with Marriages and Boris.



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