Mike Groves Falls Asleep In The Middle Of Conversation He Was Having With Brian Ellis マイク・グローブス、ブライアン・エリスとの会話の真っ最中に眠りに落ちる

March 17th, 2013 -San Diego, California

Mike Groves of The Sound Grove falls asleep in the middle of the conversation he was having with his best friend Brian Ellis. At the time he was holding a pink heart-shaped cushion.



Brian Ellis says he does not remember what they were talking about when it happened. “Then I started putting things around him,” Ellis says. The things he placed around Groves included a basketball, hat, high heels and a Nintendo 64 controller. An expert says it is universally really hard for people to not mess with their best friends when they are passed out so defenselessly on a couch. Things like writing something on someone’s face with a sharpie is a very typical act.


Groves has fallen asleep in Tokyo subway and lost track of time earlier this year as well. He also experienced sleep paralysis when he was a child. But sleep researchers say there is no clear relativity between sleep paralysis and falling asleep in the middle of action, such as talking with friends or playing the guitar.


Groves’ friend Shoko Hachiya says, “my little brother Shoto used to fall asleep while he was eating. My parents thought it was hilarious. They filmed it too. It was so cute.” Shoto Hachiya, now 23-year-old, says sometimes he still gets a little bit sleepy when he is eating.


Groves and Ellis both live in Escondido California, and they are both musicians. Groves has a music project called The Sound Grove. Ellis has many music projects going on such as Astra, Brian Ellis Group and Birdzilla so he can constantly play music. Astra has a European tour coming up in April. Scientists haven’t been able to prove a correlation between being a musician and falling-asleep-in-the middle-of-something-syndrome either.





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