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March 28, 2013

Dogmatic And Biased San Diego Event Guide For The Next 2 Days By Kajiki Production

March 28th, 2013 -San Diego

Culture in San Diego does seem to hit the ceiling, but somehow sometimes there are too many good cultural events to go to. This Thursday and Friday nights are those nights. Let Kajiki Production help you decide which event and why with our insightful local knowledge.

Thursday, 3/28: “me vs.” vs “Damian vs DKC”

There are 2 conflicting events on Thursday nights. So Say We All‘s VAMP Showcase “me vs” at The Whistle Stop Bar in South Park, and a benefit show for a man named Damian who’s fighting rare bone disease DKC, “Damian vs. DKC (Dyskeratosis Congenita)” with a great lineup of local bands, Cuckoo Chaos, Grand Tarantula, and Buddy Banter at the propagandist in downtown.

VAMP Showcase, the last Thursday of every month at the Whistle Stop Bar, is a story telling event that features 8 story tellers each show with a different theme. This month’s theme is “me vs.” You can sip your drink, relax and listen to unique stories told by locals. It’s a humanizing experience to listen to stories of people’s lives. There are writing and performing coaches who help to make sure the stories are polished, so the performers won’t disappoint you. For this showcase, one of the hosts, Nathan Young is going to perform. On top of the writing workshop, revising the story and practicing the performance, he’s been jogging to get in shape for this performance. ($5 suggested donation)

A rivaling event on the same night is a great show as well. Needless to say, Cuckoo Chaos is a great sophisticated band. Even New York Times knows that. If you live in San Diego and haven’t seen them live, you definitely should go see them while you can. Grand Tarantula is also a great rock’n’roll band with a solid vocalist Jordan Clark. Buddy Banter, punk garage band, will show you a fun time for sure. And your donation money will help Damian get much needed marrow transplant. ($5 minimum donation)

A good news is, VAMP Showcase ends early. It ends around 10:30pm. So technically you can go to both events, get good stories, get humanized, get good music, get cultured, party hard and help a guy.

Friday, 3/29: Sioux Magazine’s Southern Sojourn vs. farewell pizza party for Jordan Hammond

Sioux Magazine‘s Southern Sojourn is presenting great psychedelic art & music from Southern California at Gregg’s Art & Surf .Co in Ocean Beach. California 666, JOY, Brian Ellis Group will satisfy your craving for quality psychedelic music. If you are tired of wussy indie rock, this event is for you. Classic Rock Magazine wrote about Brian Ellis’ other band Astra, “Along with the UK’s very own Diagonal, this San Diego quintet represent everything that’s cool about progressive rock in a classic -or should that be ‘timeless’ sense -The musicianship is stunning; lead guitarist Brian Ellis is this generation’s Steve Howe- but beyond. Can someone please tell me why Astra aren’t huge?” So that’s what you are going to see, stunning musicianship, at this event.

But if you are a great friend of Jordan Hammond from Primitive Noyes, you might want to go to his handcrafted vegan pizza party at Tree House to say goodbye to him. Yes, Mr. Hammond is moving to San Francisco. You might wonder, “Didn’t he move to Austin, Texas or something kinda recently?” Yes he did, but he came back to San Diego because he loves San Diego so much. You can read an article about the last time he left San Diego by Seth Comb here.

Again, this pizza party starts early, around 6 p.m. meaning you can go get tasty vegan pizza, say goodbye to Jordan, and go to Ocean Beach to get your mind blown by psychedelic music and art.

March 19, 2013

Baby Glendon Turns 30

March 19th, 2013 -San Diego, California

Glendon Romett, known as baby Glendon, turned 30 on March 15th this year. The anticipation for turning 30 was very high. In the days he was still in his late 20’s, he was showing uneasy and pensive feelings and told his girlfriend “I feel like 12” multiple times a week. And he kept changing the name of his music project from Balloons Guy to Balloons to BLLNZ to Recycled Dolphin. Recycled Dolphin is an current official name. “Most men feel like 12-year-old forever, so sometimes men have hard time coping with aging,” Dr. Jordan Peterpan Hammond says. On his birthday, Glendon seemed to be relieved and happy. He ordered a pizza and calzone from Pizzeria Luigi, and gave a fat tip to a delivery guy, and had a relaxing night with his close friends and girlfriend.


General public doesn’t know, but Baby Glendon is a prolific musician. He has been involved in many music projects such as Primitive Noyes, Bruisecaster, Space Chainsaw, and Paper Forest. Recycled Dolphin is his solo project he started to reflect his own ideas more in the music. He started playing drums when he was 12 years old back in Philadelphia. Music is his passion. And he is still going strong even though condescending Bill O’Reilly-type ex co-workers and conservative relatives with shallow perspective they got from watching too much bullshit on TV or something don’t value music and culture when it does not make money.

However Baby Glendon succeeded in surrounding himself with creative and supportive friends in San Diego. He also started Eagles Nest Production, a video production company, and the company produced over 100 videos since it started in 2012. He is currently learning Flash, animation software, and looking to become a multimedia artist.

“Life with passion and OK money is so much better and healthier than life with too much money but no real passion. Sometimes rich people realize that they are rich but they are not going anywhere. A pursuit of material wealth empties people out, make them unable to think profoundly and critically in favor of becoming an ‘economic animal.’ But creative people tend to keep their eyes open and keep learning. They embrace life better and become wiser as they age,” Dr. Hammond says.

Bruisecaster film

March 17, 2013

Mike Groves Falls Asleep In The Middle Of Conversation He Was Having With Brian Ellis マイク・グローブス、ブライアン・エリスとの会話の真っ最中に眠りに落ちる

March 17th, 2013 -San Diego, California

Mike Groves of The Sound Grove falls asleep in the middle of the conversation he was having with his best friend Brian Ellis. At the time he was holding a pink heart-shaped cushion.



Brian Ellis says he does not remember what they were talking about when it happened. “Then I started putting things around him,” Ellis says. The things he placed around Groves included a basketball, hat, high heels and a Nintendo 64 controller. An expert says it is universally really hard for people to not mess with their best friends when they are passed out so defenselessly on a couch. Things like writing something on someone’s face with a sharpie is a very typical act.


Groves has fallen asleep in Tokyo subway and lost track of time earlier this year as well. He also experienced sleep paralysis when he was a child. But sleep researchers say there is no clear relativity between sleep paralysis and falling asleep in the middle of action, such as talking with friends or playing the guitar.


Groves’ friend Shoko Hachiya says, “my little brother Shoto used to fall asleep while he was eating. My parents thought it was hilarious. They filmed it too. It was so cute.” Shoto Hachiya, now 23-year-old, says sometimes he still gets a little bit sleepy when he is eating.


Groves and Ellis both live in Escondido California, and they are both musicians. Groves has a music project called The Sound Grove. Ellis has many music projects going on such as Astra, Brian Ellis Group and Birdzilla so he can constantly play music. Astra has a European tour coming up in April. Scientists haven’t been able to prove a correlation between being a musician and falling-asleep-in-the middle-of-something-syndrome either.




March 15, 2013

Exploitation of Nuclear Power Plant Workers.

Post-Fukushima Stories

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March 14, 2013

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Tells Its Citizens To “Shut The Fuck Up And Forget About Fukushima” 浮かれ気分の安倍首相、英語で市民を罵倒

March 14th, 2013- Tokyo, Japan

On March 14th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, famous for not taking care of citizens after the 3.11 triple disaster and continuing wasting tax money to resume promoting very unpopular nuclear industry, told no more nukes protesters gathered around the Prime Minister’s residence, “Shut the fuck up! Forget about Fukushima!” in English. Mr. Abe who has been in a buoyant mood since the Japan-U.S. summit, has also been making delusional comments such as “I had good chemistry with Mr. Obama,” even though the summit was only a formality. If TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), one of the topics of the summit, becomes the reality, it will assure further corruption of democracy. Prime Minister Abe also commented with his creepy smile, “We have major corporations and the nuclear industry to take care of. Economy is the priority. Did you forget the Samurai spirit? Sometimes you have to die for the country!” as if it is still WWII.

地震・津波・福島原発事故のトリプルディザスター以降、国民の安全を二の次にし、国民に指示されていない原子力産業を国民の税金で再び立て直そうとするという愚行で有名になった日本政府の安倍首相は14日、首相官邸前に集まったプロテスター達に対して、英語で「シャット・ザ・ファック・アップ!フォーゲット・アバウト・フクシマ!」と叫び市民を罵倒した。安倍首相には先日のオバマ大統領との会談以来、会談は形式的なものに過ぎなかったにも関わらず、「オバマ氏とケミストリーが合った」などという浮かれた発言が目立つ。首脳会談でのトピックの一つであったTPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) が実現すれば、民主主義の堕落は更に決定的になる。さらに首相は気味の悪い笑顔を浮かべ、「日本は大企業と原子力産業をサポートし、経済を優先しなければいけない。侍魂を忘れたのか?日本国民は時には国の為に死を覚悟しなければいけない」とまるで戦時中のような発言をした。

March 9, 2013

Local Artists And Musicians Will Blast The Habitat House With Colorful Art And Music

March 9th, 2013- San Diego

On Saturday, March 9th, a group of local San Diego artists and musicians will blast the Habitat House (1008 21st Street, San Diego)  with colorful art and music. The initial plan was to charter a helicopter and dump 100 gallons of paints from the sky onto the house, then have people dance on the roof, have them walk around and leave the colorful footprints all over. However, it was way out of the budget and also Zack, an owner of Habitat House, declined the plan. Now the plan is to respect the house, art, music and the people and give out a good vibration and provide warm, fun and inspiring time.


Artists showing their work are Shoko Hachiya, Danica Molenaar, Hugo Fernando Fierro and Keith Milgaten. Hachiya is about to going back to her home country Japan to utilize the universal healthcare to fix her teeth and save her people from nuclear bullshit. “Japan needs me and my teeth need an affordable dentist,” she says. She also made two adorable stop motion animation flyers for this show. Molenaar, known for dark and psychedelic narrative pieces, will be showing her brand new pieces that are more experimental and abstract.

Three electronic music acts will be also very colorful. Keith Sweaty will blast his intricate party techno. Mystery Cave will take you to a magical mystery tour, and Recycled Dolphin (Balloons) has an elaborate plan to blow your mind with gameboy music and multi-media visual he is creating for this show. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Citybeat article about the show:

March 8, 2013

Post-Fukushima Stories


I am from Chiba, but my father is from Fukushima and my grandparents lived in Iwaki, Fukushima.  I always visited Fukushima during winter and summer vacation. They always gave us a feast from the sea when we visited. Sashimi, abalones, crabs and angler-fish hot pot. My grandfather used to be a fisherman. My grandmother worked at kamaboko factory.  Below is a photo I took when I went fishing with my family.  My father caught a rock-trout so I took a photo with my disposable camera. I don’t remember what year it was, but I think I was in high school. IMG_8508


I was looking through a photo album recently and this photo made me really sad. I know Fukushima is a beautiful place.  It’s a place that I spent a lot of time with my family. It is also a place that nurtured my heart. So I made this…

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March 4, 2013

Post-Fukushima Stories

こんにちは。このインターネット上の場所、ポスト福島ストーリーズは、福島の原発事故や原子力に関する皆さんの個人的なストー リーやアー トや音楽の為の場所です。世界はあなたの声を必要としています。原発事故によって人々や自然が危険にさらされている今、私たちは表現の自由や言論の自由を 駆使し、私達の受けた傷や不安や怒りや悲しみ、私たちの心が感じた生のものを表現し、それを世界に発信することは必要なことです。日本政府は日本国民を 守ってくれません。メディアは的確な情報を与えてはくれません。それは原発事故後の2年間で明確になったことです。村上春樹さんは「我々日本人は核に対す るノーを叫び続けるべきだった」と言いました。「福島の後に声を発しないことは野蛮である」と坂本龍一さんは言いました。権力やお金が価値基準である日本 政府やメディアが沈黙しても、私たちは沈黙してはいけません。私たち一人一人は尊い存在であり、民主主義国家が人権を蹂躙することは許されることではありません。

Hello. Post-Fukushima Stories is a place for your personal stories, art and music about the Fukushima nuclear disaster and nuclear power. The world needs your voice. In a time like this, when people and nature are in danger, it is necessary to exercise our freedom of speech/freedom of expression. We have to express our pain, uneasiness, anger, sadness and the raw feelings we perceive and let our voices be heard throughout the world. The Japanese government does not protect its citizens. The media does not provide good information. This has become very clear in the last 2 years after Fukushima. Haruki Murakami said, “We, Japanese people, should have kept saying ‘NO’ to nuclear power.” Ryuichi Sakamoto said, “Keeping silent after Fukushima is barbaric.” We must not keep silent, even though the government and the media, heavily influenced by money and the…

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