Five Steps To Spend A Really Fun Thursday Night In San Diego

February 28th, 2013 -San Diego, California

1. Jenga. Start out the night by playing Jenga with good friends to get blood circulation going. Moderate amount of alcohol recommended at this stage. This is a crucial stage to get a momentum going for the night.


2. “Phantom Vernacular” closing reception at Disclosed Unlocation 6-9 p.m.

Disclosed Unlocation: 1925 30th Street, San Diego

After the Jenga session, go see some art, think and play with your perspective. Group Art Installation by Jfre Robot Coad, Andrea Giaier, William Goff, Shoko Hachiya, Daniel Headley, Annie Perkins and Cari Veach ,which had a opening back in December 2012, is going to have a closing reception tonight to say good-bye. J Doerck and Jason Sores are going to be playing audio component for the show.

3. VAMP Showcase “Dirty Talk vol.2” at Whistle Stop Bar 8:30-11p.m.

After getting some wine and cheese and art blast at the gallery, walk to Whistle Stop for some story time. Every last Thursday of the month is So Say We All’s VAMP Showcase at Whistle Stop Bar. Sip your drink, relax and listen to unique stories performed by cute intelligent locals. Tonight’s vamp features David Latham, Juliet Escoria, Marion Wilson, Justin Hudnall, Jennifer Jamall, Eddie Deull, Yesi Padilla, Holland Holzer, Delia Knight.

4. Drinking Whiskey on the beach

VAMP showcase ends early, around 11p.m. So why not go to the beach and drink some whiskey with friends, listen to the ocean, have some intellectual talks and look for UFO.


5. Someone’s birthday party in a random hotel room

After the beach, go to the random hotel birthday party that you were somehow invited to.



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