A Young Couple Immediately Got Liberated When They Arrived In San Francisco

February 19th -San Francisco

A young couple from San Diego, Glen and Shoko, took a trip to San Francisco and immediately got liberated as soon as they arrived in the city. After the airplane landed the couple took a train to Mission district. They started walking to an oyster bar to eat some oysters and immediately smelled marijuana. They looked at each other and said, “this city smells like pot!”  Meanwhile they realized how San Diego’s public transportation system is absolutely horrible.


They went to a party and the party happened to be a “Rubik’s cube party.” People dressed in the colors of a  Rubik’s cube.  Some wore fuzzy things around their arms.  Some men wore skirts and some women danced in bras.  They were having blast. Shoko said, “I knew about symbolism in fashion, but I didn’t realize how refreshing it is to see men in skirts till I went to that party. Fashion could be a great way to break fixed thinking.” Meanwhile, Glen started picking basil leaves and wrapping pieces of chocolate with them.  He invented a new recipe for a coming up valentines day.

The next day, they went to UC Berkeley to hear a talk by Ryuichi Sakamoto and other scholars about eco-activism in Japan and the U.S. Post-Fukushima nuclear disaster. They felt a sense of hope because now they knew some very smart and talented people are making moves to push renewable energy even though Japanese politicians are still being useless, inhumane, wussy, delusional and irresponsible about Japanese people getting exposed to radiation and losing their health after Fukushima. Glen and Shoko also found out that UC Berkeley hosted many events so they decided to take advantage of the events to become more educated and cultured. They attended a symposium about Nikola Tesla, watched The Last Reef 3D, saw a multi-media exhibition Silence and saw Ryuichi Sakamoto solo piano recital at night. Glen said, “This makes me wanna live under the bridge on campus and go to these events like everyday.”

They also met new inspiring people at the event including Professor Goto from Fukushima University, a musician Christopher Willits (christopherwillits.com), a photographer Tomo Saito and their kind friends. After Sakamoto’s concert, they went to a bar with their new friends and talked about music, art, culture, media and activism and fun stuffs. At the bar, Shoko finally learned where Gifu prefecture (a minor prefecture in Japan) was because Tomo was from Gifu.

After the bar, Henrik, a Norwegian tourist, showed up out of nowhere without his shoes on saying, “I need grub! (food)” They ended up hanging out. Henrik highly criticized American water and invited all of them to come to Norway to taste the real water without fluoride in it and the cleanest-tasting vodka.

On Monday Feb 11th, Tommo Vee, San Francisco based artist, invited Glen to join a radio show, Eclectic Dyspepsia (radiovalencia.fm). Glen and Shoko visited the radio station, drank whiskey, played some tunes, and Shoko translated what Glen said to Japanese for no reasons at all.

Glen and Shoko’s adventure in San Francisco continued till Tuesday Feb 12th. They stayed up all night, walked up the highest and steepest hill, stayed at Rainbow Room at Red Victorian in Haight, did some shopping, went to parks, ate oysters and kept getting liberated.


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