Ryuichi Sakamoto Shows What’s Up At UC Berkeley 坂本龍一、バークレー大学で粋な生き方を示す

February 16th, 2013 -Berkeley

Ryuichi Sakamoto, internationally acclaimed musician, gave a talk about eco-activism in Japan and the U.S. after Fukushima, and also had a solo piano recital on Feb 9th at UC Berkeley. Mr. Sakamoto is one of the few Japanese public figures who could speak out against nuclear energy industry and be the voice that Japanese people desperately need after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Many anti-nuke people who spoke about the nuclear disaster on Japanese television were silenced, eliminated from the television medium and practically lost their voice. However, Mr. Sakamoto is still going strong to push eco-activism for people and the planet and spreading positive hope for people. Nikki Cameron, local artist who was at the event says, “he is so punk and hardcore and charismatic!”


At the event, Mr. Sakamoto inspired the audience with his world-class musical talent, intelligence and heart and showed what’s up with formidable dignity and charisma. In addition, American rock star professors backed up Mr. Sakamoto. Fritjof Capra, author of Tao Of Physics, Barbara Rose Johnston and Brett L. Walker gave presentations about the issue from different aspects to give more profound and comprehensive understanding about the issue. The team of a world-class musician and professors gave the audience very high anticipation and they didn’t let them down. Glen Romett, one of the audience who flew from San Diego for this event, said with a beaming smile, “I feel like I am a teenager who are going to Radiohead concert! I’m that excited!” Greg Poland said, “those people are like Jedi!” He was single-mindedly taking a note during the presentation.

At his concert that night, Mr. Sakamoto showed his overwhelmingly precise and beautiful control of the sound. He performed many of his hit songs such as a song from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. But he also surprised the audience. At the very beginning of the concert, Mr. Sakamoto and Ken Ueno performed an experimental noise and vocal piece that sounded disturbing, intense, scary and highly intriguing. It sounded like as if the lid of the hell was removed and monsters were coming out. Keiko Sakata, one of the audience, said that she thought the piece was about the nuclear disaster and radiation.





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