Neighbors Do Perfect 180° Flip With Their Opinion About A Band After The Band Became Famous

February 8th, 2013 -San Diego

Neighbors completely changed their opinions after San Diego based psychedelic band JOY got famous. Neighbors used to call police on the band all the time when the band was practicing. “It was just so loud when the band was playing music and I couldn’t watch FOX news in a quiet room. I don’t give a damn about those crazy musician kids making music. I just wanted to watch TV in a quiet environment, and I know I am entitled to watch TV because I am so special and have a right to watch TV,” Jayson Major says in 2011. Now Mr. Major says, “I love those guys. Their music is great, reminds me of Jimi Hendrix.”


An expert say “This is a terrifying thing. This proves that human beings are so natural at changing their opinions based on someone’s fame or power. There is no consistency or ideology or thought process that makes their opinions. Their intelligence is so damned down by mainstream media throughout their lives, now they have no brains or capability to think on their own. They are not capable of understanding what they are seeing right in front of their eyes. “They instinctively know it is safe to agree with the majority,” she says.

Cultural psychologist Paul Mayson says, “American people who are raised in heavy individualistic culture are sometimes a pain in the ass because their opinions are so mediocre and lacking in thought but they feel compelled to scream their opinions to the world just to prove that they have a damn opinion.” When people think they are “extra special”, it makes it harder for them to realize that they are contradicting themselves. “Oh yeah, JOY shreds so hard. They are legit,” Mayson says.

JOY, originally started with Zack Oakley (guitar and vocal) , Trevor Mast (bass) and Taylor Charter (drums) finished their first album last year. Now the band has a new bassist, Justin Hulson, and a drummer, Paul Marrone. “This band will keep evolving no matter how much culturally ignorant and boring their neighbors are. They are unstoppable.” a culture writer from New York Times says. Oakley also plays in a band Shaking Pyramid with Mike Eginton, a bassist from Earthless, and Paul Marrone. Currently Paul Marrone is on European tour with Radio Moscow.


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