Purple//Image Trancends To A Super Saiyan

January 30th, 2013 -San Diego

Purple//Image, Alex Gray from Sun Araw, demolished walls, floor, ceiling, bottles of liquor with a single sampler at the venue he played last night. When he screamed, “My girlfriend just broke up with me!!!!!” in a brief silent moment between demolishing loud sound he was projecting, he transcended to a super Saiyan.

An expert says that sometimes strong emotional reaction brings out the human strength in unexplainable high level. When Goku transcended to a super Saiyan, the situation involved a death of his great friend Kuririn. “I think a similar emotional reaction happened to  Purple//Image during his set.”

Audience experienced a very untypical musical experience during the set. “It felt like I was an astronaut clinging to my seat waiting for the space shuttle to finally reach the space for like 30 minutes. It was like future of music. I was in an awe.” Jamaal Clarke said.




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