Local Venue The Void Smells Amazing The Morning After Nite Ritual’s Performance

January 29th, 2013 -Normal Heights, San Diego

Alex Kacha, the new owner of a live music venue The Void, formerly known as Bar Eleven, noticed the venue had an extremely refreshing and delightful scent the morning after Nite Ritual, a local electric music act, performed at the venue.


Nite Ritual used props for the performance such as candles, a red wine glass, a board with symbols and sage burning that enhanced his layered dark electric sound. A local witch said the refreshing scent was from the sage that Nite Ritual burned before his performance. A vampire said he didn’t like it.

Other acts from last night were Polyphase (Brian Ellis), Professor Paradox and the Medicine Machine and Shamu Soul (Jamaal Clarke). This unique line-up brought a wide variety audience such as break dancers, elderly people, UCSD students, functional alcoholics, wizards, dog owners and musicians.

Lately San Diego musicians are taking the visual part of the show more into account. Cathedral X has done a variety of visual performances that involved dancers, artistic props, costumes and lights to the point that their shows were almost like experimental abstract conceptual theatrical pieces. Eagles Nest Productions have been providing live video projections to many musical acts. Operation Mindblow has been providing psychedelic visuals of flowing colors for deserving local bands such as JOY and Dahga Bloom.

Under the new ownership, the Void is starting fresh with a brand-new name and a great scent of sage. If you go to the Void tonight to see Primitive Noyes, Purple // Image (Alex Gray from Sun Araw), Mystery Cave, Asha, Bill Wesley, 100 LBS of Smoke, you will notice the freshness brought by Nite Ritual all around the venue. The show tonight (1/29/13) is FREE. The Void is located at 3519 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego.


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