Good Ideas, Music and Art Are Brewing Harder in San Diego This Year

January 17, 2013 -San Diego


A mood to keep working toward transcending bullshit that humanity inherited from the past is brewing even harder in San Diego this year. Since the dark and gloomy year 2012 ended, young, talented, intelligent and beautiful artists, musicians and writers are preparing to thrive and “explode.” Here are some fresh voices from visionaries in San Diego.

Jordan Hammond, a guitarist from Primitive Noyes suggests one of the reasons why 2013 is going to be explosively awsome is something to do with a fact the age of Pisces is over, and cats are creating universe from the bottom up, and oysters also are rebuilding their kingdom up. His band Primitive Noyes also recently finished their finely produced 2nd album Slow Emergency ( The band plans to camp on some mountain peaks this year.

An anonymous medical marijuana patient profoundly says, “everything will be OK. At least people are realizing that the current world is the dystopia they fear so much. It’s time to make moves.” He recently made a confession that he was planning to slip DMT into major American corporate CEOs’ drinks in order to make them realize that there was no need to do evil deeds for profits and demolish ethics and human qualities. He made this conspiracy when he lived in San Francisco during the 80’s, but he got married and eventually forgot about the plan. His poetry book about Cold War is finally coming together.

City’s spokesman Josue Sunny Diego, who recently became a legal citizen after working below minimum wage for American Apparel and Forever 21, says the best live show he went this year so far was Jan 11th’s show at Bar Eleven with the Line up of Primitive Noyes, Psicomagia, Colony and Mystery Cave. It was actually the day his wife became a legal citizen and crossed the boarder, so he took her on a date to a local concert. He said Mystery Cave’s sound melted all the hardship away from his shoulders. His wife said all the American music was bullshit until she saw Psicomagia that night. She is very hopeful about her new life in San Diego and especially looking forward to going to see Studio Ghibli collections at Ken Cinema. “I was an fearless activist like Princess Mononoke when I was young,” she brightly said.

And of course there are more great events coming up in San Diego this weekend. Tomorrow Friday Jan 18th, JOY, Harsh Toke, Primitive Noyes are playing at the Tin Can (1863 5th Ave). DOODS FOODS’ (located inside the Tin Can) special for this week is LSDelicious sweet and spicy pulled pork sandwich, this highly creative sandwich is a collaborative effort of JOY and DOODS FOODS. On Sunday, Hostelling International downtown SD (521 Market Street) is having their first Hostel Takeover show of 2013. There will be hundreds of local art all over the hostel. Stay cultured San Diegans!


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