Films and a Film in Progress

I started making a short film that I was talking about since the NYC trip. It is an experimental film and all of the music in the film is my friends’ and the girls in the film are also my friends from high school met up in NYC. This video is an intro for the film. Music (moon jam) is by Jamaal Clarke.


The reason why I decided to do this project was a short film by Hiroshi Teshigahara. Just before the NYC trip, I was watching his short film White Morning and got really inspired to make an experimental short film. His other works such as Woman in the Dunes, based on Kobo Abe’s novel, are very well done, artistic, interesting, and not typical.


Since this post is about films, I want to take this opportunity to introduce an animation and a film that are done by my friends around the town.


Kleeman and Mike is done by Randall Christopher. It is a comic animation about skateboarders, Kleeman and Mike. The movements of skating is based on Mr. Christopher’s pro-skater friends. It’s a show for children, but it is very intelligent, cleverly written and quick witted. So it is enjoyable for adults as well.


And this film is by my friend Samsy. The film consists of shots across California, Peru, the Yucatan, and Sindel’s bedroom. Sam said “it’s a life style movie.” Shots of nature are stunningly beautiful, and the pace of the film is easing and relaxing. Very unique film.


Hope you enjoy them.



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