Phantom Vernacular- Group Art Installation- 12/1/12

*Photos are of Jefry Coad’s art works

I have 3 art shows coming up in December, 2 group shows and 1 solo show. The first one is only 2 weeks away, so I am going to tell you some info and what this project is like.

Phantom Vernacular (Exhibits A-Z)

is a group art installation by 6 San Diego local artists, Jefry Robot Coad, Andrea Giaier, William Goff, Shoko Hachiya, Frank Melendez and Cari Veach. At the opening night,  J Doerck and Jason Soares will be in charge of the audio component.

Opening Night: 12/1 (Sat) 6p.m.-10p.m.

Disclosed UnLocation: 1925 30th Street, San Diego CA92102

On this project every artist is using materials that are provided by Jefry Coad. He has a vast amount of categorized and well-organized materials that he collected over the years, which includes cut-outs from magazines, cut-outs from the packages of food, black-and-white photos of some IT companies back in 70’s, very shiny tapes, thick rolls of coupons, stickers, books, boxes, etc etc in addition to regular art supplies. And Mr. Coad found this a great opportunity for other artists to tap into his studio-full of art supplies.

Having access to different kinds of materials naturally leads me to make art differently compared to when I make art in my own studio with my own art supplies. So this project has been very fun and challenging and lots of wine drinking. Hanging out with other artists has been a very positive experience and I am looking forward to experiencing the whole process, witnessing how it is going to shape up in 2 weeks, and partying at the opening night.

UnLocation is a small art gallery located in South Park, San Diego, a very cute and artsy neighborhood. There are many small shops that sell unique things, coffee shops that ain’t Starbucks, bars with down-to earth bartenders, and restaurants serving tasty things. My friend described South Park “like a neighborhood for older hipsters who wanted to have kids and stuff.” And it’s like that. It’s a great neighborhood that’s peaceful and fun at the same time somehow. Children eating ice-cream, adults getting high, and warm sun shines over green South Park.

Hope to see you on Dec 1st!


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