I was in NYC from 10/20 – 11/1. Thank you NYC friends for hanging out and letting me stay over! It was great to see my friends from Japan, San Diego and of course NYC while I was there. Meeting new people was very positive and exciting too.

I love density, diversity and the energy of NYC. Walking in Central park with beautiful autumn color was pleasing, walking around and riding subway felt great, eating at all kinds of restaurants such as African, Tibetan, French was fabulous, street musicians brightened me and amount of art in the city from street art to high-end art was amazing. I bought George Orwell’s 1984 and Franz Kafka’s The Trial on the street book venders when I was walking Bedford Ave. I ate bagel and read the Onion. I met artists at the high-tech interactive art opening and went to after party at a club blasting Polish pop music on Halloween weekend. I love how I can just walk around and almost always find something interesting in NYC.

Rather randomly coming across Jeremy Geddes exhibition “Exhale” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery was one of the highlights of this trip. (There are some photos of Mr. Geddes’ paintings below) His work is extremely meticulous and sophisticated. In this series, contrast of man-made urban environment and raw soft body is very vividly painted.  I thought his works were not only sophisticated but also very playful because of the concepts and how the buildings and bodies are in midst of radical movements. And most importantly his works made me feel very happy and satisfied. When I walked into the gallery it felt like warm water was filling up my heart and I was in awe for a while. It was very moving, memorable and inspiring experience.

Also, I worked on a film project while I was in NYC. I asked my friends to be in it and took lots of footage. I will share the short film when it’s done. If you are interested, you can watch my video project in NYC  from last year.

And of course the Hurricane Sandy… I had no knowledge that the storm was coming. But after a long night of Halloween parties on Saturday night, people started preparing for the storm. One of the supermarkets in Williamsburg I went with my friends before the storm had a pretty long line outside and also a door guy regulating the line. Subways were shut down prior to the storm, lots of school and businesses were closed and people in zone A had to evacuate.

I walked around the post storm Brooklyn and Manhattan. The area I was staying seemed mostly OK, no power outage, no flooding, no fallen trees. But lower Manhattan was out of power. And I heard about severe damages on different areas. I hope the city recovers quickly and people will be safe and warm.


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