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October 18, 2012

Head Space Series

I finished a new series called “Head Space” that consists of 5 paintings. When I started painting a few years ago, my approach to visual art was to create something that’s visually pleasing for me because visual art is visual art: it is good if I enjoy making art: putting meanings on paintings are not always necessary. But this time I consciously took a different approach. For this series, I created a main character and made the series around him. The approach was to create (paint) the space that doesn’t physically exist but does exist through his perceptions and experiences. I put commentaries for some of the paintings. Hope you enjoy the series.


(1)Attempt to Organize Information 情報整理の試み

In this painting, boxes and shapes are the information that floats in the reality, but they are unorganized and not making sense. He is reaching for the scene or some sort of point of view or understanding that he might be able to see by trying to connect pieces of information with the telephone-wire like wires.


(2)Resident in the Music 音楽の中の居住者

(3)Rain and the Window 雨と窓

(4)Childhood and Kokoro 子供時代とこころ

I think “Kokoro” is a unique Japanese word. English translation for “kokoro” would be mind or heart, but “kokoro” has a difference nuance and feel.


(5)Unbiased Yet Limited Sight 先入観のない、しかし限られた視覚

He is trying to see the world with unbiased eyes, but his sight is still limited.


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October 12, 2012

Hanging Garden 空中庭園

Rain fell this morning turned the air and the town transparent all together. In my sleep, I was listening to the transparent sound of rain falling from top-to-bottom.


In the afternoon, the town had become a cloud town. Big white crisp clouds surrounded every direction of the town, and transparent sunlight made the just-washed transparent town even more tightly crisp. I took a walk in the transparent cloud town and felt good like I was walking through a hanging garden.



10/11 Thu

It rained beautifully in San Diego. As Albert Hammond sings, “it never rains in Southern California.” But when it does, it is even memorable sometimes.  I did a photo project this afternoon to capture the town after the rare rain. Below are the photos. Enjoy.


October 5, 2012

Watching Tennis テニス観戦

My brother Shoki Hachiya is a pro tennis player. He came all the way from Japan to Southern California to play tournaments, so Glen and I got some wine and cheese and went out to support him. Glen voluntarily became a mascot for Shoki during the tournament. I bet it is such a cheering that there is a mascot fight with the player.


(Volunteer Mascot Glen ボランティアマスコットのグレン)

What’s really entertaining about watching tennis for me is to watch players’ change of emotions and meltdown. Tennis is a mental sports. Players have to fight not only their opponents but also themselves. You can’t survive in the tennis world without tough mental strength. I saw many players who looked extremely bummed during their matches. The way they get bummed is so obvious sometimes that I can’t help cheering them up in my head.


I saw many players flipped out as well. Some of them started fighting with referees. And the referee gave  them court violation and racket abuse, and they got even more angry.


Of course there were lots of great matches and good sportsmanship. It’s always great to see those.


Shoki Hachiya

Mitchell Krueger

Besides watching tennis, I really enjoyed staying at Ayres Hotel, one of the official hotels for the tennis tournaments. I never went out unless I had to because outside the hotel was just an identical demonic industrial maze of Costa Mesa/ Irvine. I was very happy and surprised to find a place I liked in Costa Mesa.


Court Yard

Free Cookies. Fuck Yeah!

I really should try Alibaba Motel that I drove by as well if I have another chance to stay in Orange County again.