The Skull Shop ガイコツ屋さん





Glen is getting really international lately. He goes to Tijuana on his day-offs and doggedly practice Japanese alone.


The last time he went to Mexico, he brought back 2 souvenir skulls. When I was kindergarten age, actually my dream was to own a skull shop, so this souvenir made me pretty happy. I used to imagine a shop full of real human skulls in my very young head. I don’t really have a desire to be a skull shop owner anymore. But I am still very interested in the concept of death, perception of death, different cultural approach about death, and how to live with death.


And my brother and mom are visiting San Diego right now, so Glen is trying to make the most out of it by practicing Japanese on them. My mom’s English and Glen’s Japanese are probably on the similar level, so they seem to be a good combo. But my brother seems to be apathetic about Glen’s Japanese skill improvement project. He is just acting too cool. It’s a mystery how he got so sassy.


My brother is in California to play some tennis tournaments. The first tournament starts on Friday. I’ve never seen him play as a pro so I’m pretty excited to see him play.






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