Good bye Jon Blaj and Neat Beats

When Jon visited my house a couple of days before he left San Diego, I pulled my gun from my waist and pointed at his head. Then, I turned the gun away from his head and shot the California Condor that was flying outside the window. It was the last wild California Condor alive, but of course it doesn’t matter to me. I asked “How much cash do you have?” And pale-faced Jon handed me all the money he had in his wallet. I thought that I could have thrown a rock in the air and cut it in half in the mid-air with a Samurai sword with Japanese Samurai soul, but I re-thought. Unfortunately Samurai sword is illegal in Japan, and merely possessing it is illegal. Also this is America, the country of cowboys. So I ended up choosing the most logical and legal and easiest option. Outside the window, crows were curiously staring at the fresh carcass of the last wild California Condor.

*This is a fiction



Thank you Jon for buying my art. Hope you enjoy them. And  I hope Jon, Tara and Alvin enjoy the new city and keep discovering the different and interesting aspects of life.


Looking forward to seeing Neat Beats again as well.



2 Comments to “Good bye Jon Blaj and Neat Beats”

  1. Does this mean you sold the insect series?

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