“Get Sweaty” Album Release Show

I am co-hosting a show with Glendon Romett tonight at the Propagandist (835 5th Ave) in downtown San Diego.


Making an album cover for my friend Keith Milgaten for his new project called “Keith Sweaty”  (http://soundcloud.com/keithsweaty) was one of the reasons I ended up hosting this event. Milgaten has been very active in music activity around San Diego, working on many projects such as Jamuel Saxon that is known for its intricate beats, catchy melody and high energy live shows (http://soundcloud.com/jamuelsaxon), and been very productive at making music as well as playing live shows.  If you look at the quality and quantity of music activity, his energy and talents are clearly out of common.


At tonight show, Other than Keith Sweaty, Mike Delgado (Ese & Zain/ Shark Attack) (http://soundcloud.com/eseandzain) , Totescity (LV) (http://soundcloud.com/totescity) , COLOUR VISION (Lip-Lock) (http://soundcloud.com/colourvision), Lion Cut (all vinyl opening set) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KmfSXvsjc8) are also going to be playing music for you.


I will be at the show, giving people artsy face painting, and Glen will be making balloon animals for guests. Hope you come to the show and enjoy music and art.




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