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August 30, 2012

“Get Sweaty” Album Release Show

I am co-hosting a show with Glendon Romett tonight at the Propagandist (835 5th Ave) in downtown San Diego.


Making an album cover for my friend Keith Milgaten for his new project called “Keith Sweaty”  ( was one of the reasons I ended up hosting this event. Milgaten has been very active in music activity around San Diego, working on many projects such as Jamuel Saxon that is known for its intricate beats, catchy melody and high energy live shows (, and been very productive at making music as well as playing live shows.  If you look at the quality and quantity of music activity, his energy and talents are clearly out of common.


At tonight show, Other than Keith Sweaty, Mike Delgado (Ese & Zain/ Shark Attack) ( , Totescity (LV) ( , COLOUR VISION (Lip-Lock) (, Lion Cut (all vinyl opening set) ( are also going to be playing music for you.


I will be at the show, giving people artsy face painting, and Glen will be making balloon animals for guests. Hope you come to the show and enjoy music and art.



August 29, 2012

「時間と空間と可能性の観念」”Concept of time, space and possibilities”


I saw these words today. I think I’m gonna think about things like these when I wake up tomorrow.


By pondering about such things, some sort of air-like thing that is stagnating might be start to flow and circulate again.


By thinking alone like a kid.


A postman I met today at the bar, his name was Terrance. When he told me his name, it felt really funny as if  I never knew before that there were people in the world who shared the same names.

August 28, 2012

Eagles Nest 2nd art/ music/ film show

The place I live is called “Eagles Nest” because it is on the 3rd floor with a good view. We can see the city lights of Tijuana in distance at night because we are (San Diego is) close to the border.


The reason why Eagles Nest started having a show was because I made a 2 hour long film as my final project against my professor’s will last year, so we did a screening party/ art show. Last December’s show was a success, many people came out to the show, so we decided to do the 2nd one. All the roommates cooperated to make the 2nd show happen on 8/17. We converted the house into the galleries and made the living room a screening room. And this time more artists, musicians and filmmakers participated.


We wanted the show to be informal and unpretentious, and didn’t want people to feel a weird lump like I do sometimes at art shows. And I hope the show was a good stimulant for local artists. Overall I personally had a very good time organizing and hanging out with many friends at the show, and hope everyone else enjoyed the show as well.


You can watch the video of the show. ビデオはこちら。

List of the visual artists: Shoko Hachiya, Ayari Kanezashi, Sam Hears, Danica Molenaar, Robert Khasho, Jefry Coad, Josh Wessling, Jeremy Woodall, Jenni Simms, Kristy Hayden, Matthew Groves, Clay Kolts, Julie, Maria Cochina, M.R. Volpe

今回参加したビジュアル・アーティストはShoko Hachiya、Ayari Kanezashi、Sam Hears、Danica Molenaar、Robert Khasho、Jefry Coad、Josh Wessling、Jeremy Woodall、Jenni Simms、Kristy Hyden、Matthew Groves、Clay Kolts、Jury、Maria Cochina、M.R. Volpeの15人。

Live music performance was by The Napps and Tyler Daughn.

Jonathan Owens と彼の友達、それとTyler Daughnがライブミュージックパフォーマンスをしてくれました。

And films were Randall Christopher’s new animation, Maria Cochina’s music videos, Jeremiah Wessling’s Cheryl & Tammy, Clay Kolts’ music video and Shoko Hachiya’s The Bike Shop. After the screening, we showed Eagles Nest Productions’ local music showcase.
それからフィルムはRandall Christopherの新作アニメーションと、Maria Cochinaのミュージックビデオ、Jeremiah WesslingのCheryl & Tammyシリーズ、Clay Koltsのミュージックビデオと、Shoko HachiyaのThe bike shopのスクリーニングをしました。スクリーニングの後は、Eagles Nest ProductionsのLocal music showcaseを流しました。

Also Eagles Nest residents cooked lots of food for the party. I wasn’t used to cook that much food so my head got really confused, forgot what I was doing while I was cutting daikon radish, and the room temperature rose, but it was worth the effort. And of course the head chef Fernando Astorga’s moves in the kitchen was eye-openingly beautiful.


The day after the show, I was drinking coffee and trying to read a book at a cafe, but I realized I was severely hangover because I couldn’t understand anything that I was reading. All the hosts spent the day hooked to IB.



August 23, 2012

Rice Cooker/ Entrance to the other dimension

The rice cooker with ingenuity came to our house when my new roommate moved in.


This rice cooker is such an excellent product that plays a melody line from Japanese children’s folk music when it starts cooking and finishes cooking, and makes me feel warm. And of course its fundamental function as a rice cooker is perfect as well, it cooks rice and keeps rice warm and moist and tasty for extended time.


I was very happy that I was always able to enjoy tasty rice as any proud Japanese person should be. My life was up-graded.


However, seasons changed from Spring to Summer, and Summer is the prime season for bugs. A couple of month after we deployed the rice cooker to our kitchen, the roach issue started get worsen.


One day, roach babies were witnessed inside the display screen of the rice cooker. And it was the beginning. Two months later, when I turned on the rice cooker, the electric melody was played as usual. However, several minutes later, many roaches were witnessed around the rice cooker. I called my roommate for help, and everyone saw the scene was in awe.


Roaches were comfortably living inside the rice cooker.  Apparently, roaches evacuated outside the machine because they couldn’t tolerant the heat when the rice cooker was cooking rice.


The next day, my roommate took the rice cooker to the space 3 stories down from our place and conducted a dismantling operation. I was on standby at the 3rd floor and heard my roommate screamed. I couldn’t abandon my buddy so went downstairs to check on him. His roach combat spray was already empty, and he was agitated. I was also surprised at the number of roaches. However, they looked defenseless outside the kitchen, under the bright sun. The eerie powerful aura they wear in the kitchen at night was gone. So I gained courage to stomp them regardless of age or sex.


After the battle, we stared at the rice cooker. Dismantled rice cooker looked strangely bare. It looked like something that was not rice cooker. It looked like a time-machine to my eye. There were hundreds of roaches inside this small rice cooker. Perhaps, this rice cooker was an entrance to the other dimension. My imagination expanded.


Below are photos of the dismantled rice cooker.


August 6, 2012

Videos from Eagles Nest Night

Eagles Nest’s Glen hosted a show at the Tin Can on 7/17.

Line up was

Mystery Cave, Killer Swan, Californino, Rebuilder and The Sound Grove

It was Tuesday night but many friends came out and became a really fun night.

Fernando did live visual for the artists and I filmed the performance and later made videos.

I am happy documenting local music and art, and it is satisfying to consistently making media arts and piling them up 🙂

I made 4 videos from the night. I hope you enjoy watching them.

Mystery Cave + Killer Swan, Californino, Rebuilder and The Sound Grove