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July 17, 2012

7/17: The 1st Eagles Nest Night at the Tin Can

Eagles Nest will be putting together a show tomorrow night at Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego.


You don’t have to underestimate it because it is Tuesday night. Tomorrow night will be a debut for The Sound Grove (Mike Groves). Unfortunately, he is not British Ex-police officer Michel Groves who is chosen for “The Badass of the Week” for fighting off Somali Pirates attacking British cruiser. But this Mike is a musician with high sensibility who starts to bake bread at home out of nowhere because he wanted to be competitive against local Mexican bakery and make a music video its main subject is his own foot. I also owe him because he fixed a dryer of my house. I’m sure he will pull out a great show tomorrow night.


Rebuilder is a mysterious musician. My roommate told me that he is a boy who was wasted and puking in and out of the bar when we all went out to see Matthewdavid, DIVA, Illuminauts and Balloons at Soda Bar. I am very looking forward to seeing him play tomorrow night.

Rebuilderはミステリアスなミュージシャンで、先月皆でSoda BarにMatthewdavid、DIVA、Illuminauts、Balloonsのラインアップのライブを観に行った日に泥酔してバーの外で吐き散らしていた男の子がそれだ、と私のルームメイトが教えてくれました。彼にもおおいに期待しています。

Californino is a solo project of Jesse from D/Wolves, and people say his musical sense is so keen that it makes crying babies shut up. Seeing young fearless talented musicians always makes us feel refreshed, so I highly recommend seeing Californino for people after work. Tin Can also has a great selection of beer and liquor.


Mystery Cave and Killer Swan are critically-acclaimed from local music critics and are necessary musicians for San Diego’s beats scene. They are childhood friends and they are inseparable like tacos and salsa, or pasta and tomato sauce.

Mystery CaveとKiller Swanは地元の音楽批評家からも、クレイジーだと絶賛され、サンディエゴのビートシーンにはなくてはならない存在となりました。彼らは幼なじみであり、タコスとサルサのように、もしくはスパゲティとトマトソースのように切っても離せない存在となっています。

In addition, DJ Recycled Dolphin will be spinning his precious old records, not MP3, and Eagles Nest Productions will be taking over the visual for the show. And Danica Molenaar’s art is on the display at the tine can.

その他にも、DJ Recycled DolphinはMP3ではなく古い彼のとっておきのレコードをDJし、Eagles Nest Productions によるビジュアルも行われます。そしてベニューにはDanica Molenaarのアートが展示されています。

It’s only $5, and it’s a great night to get in touch with local culture in San Diego.


*Reference about Michael Groves, ex-British police officer who fought Somali Pirates

Michael Groves on BBC (

Badass of the Week (


July 10, 2012

Real ART: Reflection of the reality

Lately I’ve been hearing lots of good news from Japan about anti-nukes movement that’s been going on after 3.11 nuclear power plant incident.


This street performance by Frying Dutchman is very informative, moving, poignant and straight to the point.


Country like Sweden is already progressing towards generating energy without nukes. We already have the technology to achieve it.


It is obviously wrong to put the country, citizens and the nature that keeps us alive in risk for the sake of some elites’ profits.


Support clean energy.


July 6, 2012

Sleep, Wake, Tendencies 眠り、覚醒、傾向

Sleeping is a rest for body and mind.


While people are sleeping, sleep fixes people’s “tendencies.”


If there are muscles that are tended to overworked, sleep will fix that part of muscle.


If there are heavy tendency in the thinking, sleep will disperse it as dreams.


I read things like that in TV People by Haruki Murakami



If the scientist program massive amount of data in the robot’s Artificial Intelligence, the robot won’t wake.


The scientist programmed 6 billion minds in the robots. There are too many varieties.


To wake the robot, the scientist needs to give it “tendencies”. Strong emotional tendency.


Strong emotion simplifies the world, and tendency sorts out information.


That was what needed to wake the robot up from sleeping in eternal varieties.




I read this last night in Japanese comic book series called Pluto, remake of Atom Boy by Osamu Tezuka.


In our sleep, tendencies are balanced out, cured, enhanced, added, and we wake.


The photo is a painting I finished lately. I tried to describe a boy falling into unconscious state.