Peter Holslin

Peter Holslin, one of my best friends in the entire world, a kind friend that you think of when you are at the lowest in your life after several months of doing heroine in NYC, is turning 26 years old in approximately 2 hours.

To express how much I appreciate the friendship, I sent him 2 drawings for his glorious birthday. One is called “chocolatecake on acid” and the other one is called “weather is nasty.”

And I also made a documentary of Mr. Holslin. Happy Birthday Peter.

Peter is an excellent writer, intelligent experimenter and also a raging musician that I believe you will notice in the documentary.

And another extraordinary thing about Holslin family is that nobody is lame or uncool or awkward. I know Peter’s mother, father and brother, and they are immediately likable and intelligent people. I tremendously appreciate the genes Holslin family carrie.

I was at Peter’s party an hour ago. I had to leave because I just got over nasty sickness, and beer was making me nauseous in the stuffy apartment. But I had a blast. I was very impressed with the cake. After people sang a happy birthday to Peter, Peter cut the cake and a miniature goat jumped out from inside the chocolate cake and performed progressive rock music.

Peter is a man full of surprise.

Happy Birthday Peter!


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