Landscape In My Dream 夢の中の風景

This painting, consisting of 2 paintings, is my latest work.


I wanted to describe landscape in my dream where ratio of things are off, walls are huge and ceilings are high, and abstraction and realism mix.


The dog in the painting is my dog Kuri who is 15 years old now. I haven’t seen him for about 2 years because he is at my parents’ house in Japan. I asked my mom to send a picture of my dog, and couldn’t believe how fucking old he looked with his whiter fur in the picture my mom sent me. He is slowly becoming deaf too. One cold winter night, we adopted him when he was a puppy crying outside of our house. He was a very new and fresh puppy. And now he has become an very old dog. When I witness somebody’s life course, it makes me look at my own life simpler, and it is nice and serene feeling for me. I love my dog. Somehow he managed to knock up my friend’s dog too.


I am showing my art (mostly newer ones) at this event called Hostel Takeover. It is at Hostelling International in downtown San Diego this Saturday, 4/14. The address is 521 Market Street. Time is 6pm-11pm. If you happen to be around the area, you should come out. There will be over 25 artists and music acts. I believe there will be free food there too. You can park your car at City College’s parking lot, and there will be shuttle bus running during the event because the parking might be difficult in downtown. Hope to see you there!






2 Comments to “Landscape In My Dream 夢の中の風景”

  1. is your dog a shiba mix? He’s fucking cute 🙂

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