Bear In Heaven/ Primitive Noyes/ Car Sick

(photo1) Primitive Noyes’ van and lady Jenni

April 4th and 5th were very musical days.


On 4th, My friends and I all hopped into the van and rolled to Casbah San Diego.


Bear In Heaven, Blouse, Doldrums and Primitive Noyes played that night.


As I got buzzed on whiskey, Doldrums played their set that sounded like full of love, 00’s style. (How do you say 2000’s?)


Blouse sounded trendy and 80’s. My friends whom I trust their music taste really liked them and even purchased a vinyl. yes! to the band.


(photo2) Jordan Hammond of Primitive Noyes

Primitive Noyes played 2 short sets in cozy atari lounge. I’m not gonna say anything about this band because they are my friends. (My blog has journalistic integrity! …but yeah I know I have my own brain and ears and stuffs too…) You can download their music for free. They are kind of like Explosions In The Sky. Everyone in this band has big nose and curly hair.


(photo3&4) Bear In Heaven

And Bear In Heaven was great. I like how they have their own sound. That’s what you need to make good art right? Vision? I hope they have a great tour.


Then the next day, I went to The Smell, all-age venue in downtown LA with Primitive Noyes crews. I felt like we were in the car for very long time that day because that’s LA. Seeing Colony was great. They had new songs and sounded great. Glen (drummer of Primitive Noyes) was getting jealous because Colony managed to write new songs in huge and smelly LA while Glen was drinking wine and playing video games in sunny, clean-air San Diego. But Glen too is slowly but surely making progress on his projects like a cow.


And I got car sick. Let’s keep it creative anywhere in the world.


(photos) inside the van.


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