Monday after SXSW

About 10days ago, SXSW was over and boys and girls returned home from Austin.


Some of my friends from San Diego did an almost-whole day drive to Texas to join the festival.


Before leaving for Austin, Dave Mead (a drummer from Cuckoo Chaos) coined a beautiful analogy, “Austin during South By Southwest is like North Pole during Christmas.”

「SXSW中のオースティンは、クリスマスのノースポールのようなものだ」と 、オースティンに出発する前に、Cuckoo Chaosのドラマーのデイブ・ミードは美しい例示をしました。

But I didn’t go. However, I went to a show at Tin Can Ale House right here in San Diego on Monday after SXSW.

だけど、私は行きませんでした。が、しかしながら、SXSWの翌日の月曜日、ここサンディエゴでTin Can Ale Houseでのライブに行きました。

Line up: Balloons, Dustin Wong, Woodsman, Mystery Cave.

A show at one venue doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed by quantities, or make you forget which bands you saw, or makes you pass out with free alcohol all day and such as I imagine SXSW probably does to many attendees.  But this show at Tin Can was very satisfying and almost made me glad that I didn’t do 22 hour drive into one of the most awsome musical chaos.


I filmed all the bands played at Tin Can and made a 10 minutes video.


Dustin Wong ans Woodsman are on tour together right now, so they might play at a venue near you.



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