When Radio Sucks

Listen to podcast!  (http://thesoundgrove.com/)

Radio almost never plays local music, for some reasons they keep playing cutting edge rock music hits from 20 years ago over and over.


I don’t know how radio people think, but at least one of the stations should reflect more of what’s going on currently and locally. Everyone knows Nirvana, we all have heard their music and they were great.


I like listening old school tunes from radio, but it doesn’t really make sense to me that radio collectively ignores the current local musicians who are currently writing music, playing local shows and touring outside the town. What I know is big portion of Radio company’s revenue comes from advertisement. Maybe they are playing safe to keep their advertisers? They are afraid that listener is going to change the station if they play something too unfamiliar? They don’t care about local culture? I don’t know.


But especially after appearance of myspace music, bandcamp, and other internet places that you can discover new music on your own, discovering new artists has become a new cool and fun thing to do. And I believe many of us are doing that and ditching mainstream music. Many people have tastes for new things and know how to listen and think about music.


Anyway, this podcast saved me from Radio Attack when I was working on stuff at a cafe the other day. It’s all San Diego local music.


thesoundgrove.com has played following artists’ music since they started on March 22nd. You can download their music as well.


Adam Chini, Get Off The Map, Brian Ellis, Two Eyes Meets Redux, Neat Beats, Primitive Noyes, Astra, JOY, Sleep Lady, Woodsman, Shamu Soul, Mystery Cave.


4 Comments to “When Radio Sucks”

  1. I have always stayed away from the radio as they often play tracks that ain’t my cup of tea. Internet is definitely a better solution to discover music!

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