The Art That I Bought & The Art That I Sold Lately

I bought these 2 paintings by my friend Christian Clemensha for my birthday.


These are the first original art works that I bought. I really like them so I hang them up at the staircase landing where everyone can see them.


And this seahorses drawing of mine was sold at Make Good in South Park, San Diego.


Actually the guy who bought it was my friend from high school back in Japan who was visiting San Diego. He bought this for his mom’s birthday.


Hopefully he won’t say, “She will try to sell you art, so be aware when you hang out with her,” or something like that to my friends from high school 😛  But, thanks anyway Joe 🙂 I hope he and his mom enjoy looking at this drawing.



Before I’ve heard someone say, “San Diego is an armpit where creativity dies.” But it is simply not true because I have so many friends who are making art and music and such. Creativity live where people create right? I don’t have to live in “YAY” area to be an artist. (No offense to SF) Actually I love San Francisco.




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