A Day In September. 9月の1日。

It was the first week of September and the first rainy day after the summer faded.
I spent all morning having sex with my girlfriend in bed, on a chair, on a desk, on floor. It seems like I hate condoms more and more as I get older.


I love how her nose moves like a pink pig’s when she is shows affection. Today I got to see her lovable movement of her nose once. Although it is not as rare as rain in San Diego, she still does it only rarely.


I liked how the rain signed long summer’s declination and quiet but sure arrival of the fall like a poet. It hadn’t rained for very long time in San Diego. Season of change. It hits my every sense so I know.


I told that to my girlfriend, and she knew it too. So we had sex again. This time we set a mirror in front of the bed. We looked just like 2 snuggled up seals.


In the afternoon, I tried to add a symmetrical effect on my painting called “Where I Got Kidney Infection.” So far, I have spent 54 hours painting this piece, excluding 30 hours of staring.


I went out to Casbah with my friends at night. 7 more friends I wasn’t expecting to see were there.


Paul Remund was playing sharp and metallic drums behind 2 dancing girls dressed up in seductive Arabian styled costumes in a band called Carthedral X. Always liked Paul’s drumming. Somehow I felt like I was in San Francisco. But I was in San Diego. San Diego is a secret.


I realized that I didn’t like Chromatics that much when they were 30 minutes into their set. While I was telling that to my friend during the set, my feet and knees and head were still moving to their music. I could see the singer’s fake eyelashes from 20 meter away, and it pulled me.


Glass Candy was awesome. It pleased me every single time the singer screamed. I danced with my friends and all of us got all sweaty, and we laughed a lot.


After the show was over, I was chatting with my friends. Talked about new life. My friends moved to LA found needles on the ground in their new neighborhood. He took a picture of the needle and sent it out to his friends, “Welcome to the new neighborhood.”


When I stepped out from the building, night air was very fresh.


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